Is Your Work Your Spiritual Teacher?

May 14th, 2018

By Stacy Vajta

Guest writer for Wake Up World

From the moment I realized I was a healer, I knew my work was going to be my biggest teacher. Initially it felt like a calling, although the moment I made it my business, “it” as a teacher kicked into high gear.

I think some of us grow the most through our work. Others are tested in life from their relationships or their bodies. And certainly there is a myriad of cross-over experiences that teach us, but it seems like there’s usually one path or another that pushes our buttons and invites the biggest growth.

For me, right from the beginning, it was work.

Years ago I had an intuitive teacher of mine look at something for me. I was struggling with my work. Every core pattern seemed to be lit-up, looking to be looked at. In our work together, we found the energetic footprint of a wish that had been placed on me at birth. It was from my Grandmother, saying, “I never want you to have to work as much, and as hard, as I have.”

I remember distinctly feeling panicked when I saw that energy and how it was impacting me. Something deep inside of me welled up in fear because I wanted to work… I was meant to work. I raised my hand somewhere along the way and said, “Yes, I’ll let work be the thing that shows me the most of who I am.”

The struggle then was: How do I honor her beautiful wish for me and my own spiritual journey? Something had to give.

Needless to say, I blessed her blessing and anchored into my own path: my work and my spiritual evolution.

Work as the new spiritual frontier.

I actually believe work is showing up right now as a teacher for a whole lot of people. It’s part of the shift that’s in play. You’re being asked to show up and do what matters, and work plays a big part of that.

People are waking up and can no longer tolerate what doesn’t vibe with their old selves. To be in alignment with your heart and spirit, you need to be doing work that is in alignment — work that lets you be you, in your greatest form.

There are a whole lot of people all of a sudden seeking work that feels purposeful… where they step into their calling.

It’s such a big issue that all of my work now revolves around support people in creating that clarity of self (their up-leveled self) and then what their new work in the world is, as that new self.

And so whether or not work is your main vehicle for spiritual growth, it’s super-charged right now.

What you “do” needs to matter. Your work must be in integrity with who you are.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Your work becomes a teacher as soon as you begin to recognize that before you can find work you love, you must find yourself; when you realize that you need to take the next step in your own evolution to even see what’s next with your work.

And if you take that challenge and let your work be a tool for your continual growth, you’ll constantly be asked to keep showing up in more empowered ways, for your work to work.

This is true for everyone, not just if you have your own conscious business (which by the way, will rely on you being aligned, empowered, and in the flow, for things to flow). You, showing up as your most empowered self is important for that corporate gig you might have, too.

Work is often the place where we get to practice being seen as our most empowered self. We get to own what we know, own and express our gifts and skills, and accept responsibility for how we can contribute. We get to see how well we balance all the areas of our lives with work, and occasionally go to the mat for what we deserve — be that money or respect.

Work truly can be a rigorous teacher.

Spiritual teachers aren’t always kind.

Sometimes they kick your butt. Sometimes the lessons are hard and the way through, challenging. And, when your teacher is your work, it can mean your work-life feels a little volatile at times.

Expect constant change and constant up-leveling.

At first, I thought I was crazy. It seemed as though my healing practice was changing constantly. Every time I’d get clear on what I was doing, the next level showed up. I’d move through my own massive growth and then my business changed to reflect that.

I was in constant expansion. What I learned along the way was, I needed that. I needed to be changing; that’s how I was bringing in the new information that I then passed on to those I worked with.

The cycle was: my growth, then their growth… over and over. What I initially saw as a nuisance — this sense of constantly reinventing myself and what I was doing — became more about evolving and learning to weave not only myself, but my business, into its next form. And in time, it felt less like change and more like life.

I see this work evolution with clients too. As they grow, their work needs to grow.

That may mean they leave their jobs for what is next or they recognize how they can contribute in new ways where they are by stepping things up there.

But there’s nothing wrong with you if your work is morphing into something new faster than the Average Joe.

There’s a level of learning in this constant growth and change. You may need to figure out how you find continuity in what you do or how you can find meaning in a job that feels out of date for you when the new one isn’t ready.

Change is a given, but when your work is the conduit of change, expect there to be a few more twists and turns in what you do 9-5.

The bottom line.

I think no matter what you do, if you’re present and mindful you can learn a lot about who you are and how you can grow and evolve. For some, though, work will be an ever-present hot-spot.

Your growth might be around getting work, keeping work, creating a business, or being a leader in what you do. Some days it might feel like all that all rolled up as one.

So, here’s something to think about: how are you showing up to your work. Are you doing what feels meaningful? Are you expressing your true self at work? Are you growing through what you do? What might need to change to get you up to speed with what your spirit wants for you through your work?

From one whose work is a massive teacher, I love those kinds of questions.

Consider what’s important in your answers and you’ll get a peek at your own work-growth.

Ah, work… just by thinking about it, it might already be doing its magic on you; getting you to grow.

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About the author:

Stacy Vajta is an energy coach and intuitive healer who loves nothing more than helping people love their (work) lives. She’s here for one big purpose: to help you figure out who you are meant to be and what you are meant to be doing.

You can find out more about her by visiting her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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