7 Types of “Poverty Consciousness” and How to Unravel It

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We’re moving into times of great uncertainty as the old reality construct we’re living in is progressively unwinding. This is already making plenty of people anxious and to varying degrees, worried about their future. This in itself begins to close down the field around you, creating ‘poverty consciousness’, where abundance stops flowing. It’s essential you notice if this is happening to you, so that you may open the flow up once more with empowered possibility.

Here’s an exploration of how to do that…

Uncertainty and Not-Knowing

The great Earth Shift into 5D consciousness accelerates day by day, bringing about all manner of change and transformation within society and the environment. Even if people are not consciously aware of where it’s all leading to, nevertheless, in the deepest layers of your being, you’ll be feeling the uncertainty of it all.

Uncertainty and not-knowing are essential for change. Life is constantly breaking the old constructs down to make way for the new. You have to be prepared to surrender into the infinite potential of possibility for a new authentic creation to arise. But do be aware, as you unwind into this letting go, it will take you into your deepest uncomfort zones!

The sense of anxiety about losing the old will manifest in all manner of ways. Any fear of change, or of taking a chance by leaping into the unknown, will create manifesting reflections around – you may manifest a stuck situation. Or else not enough resources to fulfill what you yearn for in your heart. So it’s essential to examine your motivations for action right now and deal with any fear or anxiety about change and committing to the path forwards.

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Coming into the Singularity

There is a space in the core of you that I call The Sacred Ground of Being. It is where your soul connects into the infinite presence of the source. When you’re in it, it feels complete and whole, there’s a sense of belonging and at-one-ment – like you’ve reached home. It’s essential that you get to know what this place feels like for you.

When you come into times of uncertainty and change, you have to be prepared for loss to happen. In other words you have to be prepared to let go of something. Maybe it’s how you’ve lived and worked. Maybe its a particular form of a relationship. Maybe it’s the place you live. Each day is about letting go of the rigidity of how you did things yesterday. And so you create a more open internal space – open to the possibility that today things will be different.

You’re coming into the singularity within. It’s a hallowed place where literally anything can happen. Therefore in times of maximum change and uncertainty, it’s essential to know your process for accessing this deep inner space of belonging.

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Anxiety and Excitement

Now as you feel this unravelling into infinite potential, it’s highly possible that you’ll create anxiety at the same time. You’re stepping into the unknown. But rather than reacting to this fear, which ultimately crystalises as poverty consciousness, the key is to confront it and ‘reframe’ it. It’s all about becoming comfortable in the not-knowing – becoming excited by new possibility.

Anxiety and excitement are closely related, one can easily become the other. So next time you feel anxiety about change or sense of lack, I encourage you to breathe yourself into your inner Sacred Ground of Being and feel both the connection to the infinite and the excitement of infinite possibility.

So now progressively, you’re beginning to positively revel in the knowing that something new and exciting is coming your way. This excitement alone will then manifest and create around you. You simply won’t be able to stop it!

Beware these 7 Distortions that create Poverty Consciousness:

In working with people around the world, I witness 7 key distortions that create poverty consciousness. I’d say they’re common for most people emerging from the old density, and are essential to work with…

1) A subconscious feeling of worthlessness: from an early age, often the system of education tells people they’re not good enough. In striving to improve, even from tying your shoe laces, often people tell you, ‘you could do better’. Subconsciously this is telling you, ‘you’re not good enough’. When what you really are, at the core of your beingness, is perfection! So work into complete self-acceptance, by surrendering the need to improve. Yet watch that improvement can naturally come from not struggling to succeed.

2) Not trusting in the flow: we’re taught that things in society happen because ‘you make them happen’. There is a well embedded system of rules and logic – ‘things don’t simply magic out of thin air’, when in fact, if you truly believe, situations really will create from the magic. This lack of trust will also create poverty consciousness. So it’s essential to break this down by following signs and synchronicity – taking daily chances that somehow, things will work out.

3) Creation follows resources: you’re often told that you need the correct amount of resources to fulfill what you really yearn to. If you don’t yet have them, you should find a way to secure them first – the ‘right amount of money’, for example. When in fact resources (including money if necessary) follow your creative impulse. If you begin to create with what you have right now, then the resources start to flow to take you to the next level. But from the outset, you have to step in the direction of your passion, trusting that the right resources will follow this creative intent.

4) Lack of focus and commitment: society is awash with distraction, trying to pull you into situations and circumstances that don’t serve. It’s not helped by the reflections we constantly get from the masses who daily acquiesce to this. Thankfully more are waking up, but it’s essential that you’re clear about where you yearn to go at a soul level and to focus on this, not listening to the naysayers and doubters. Otherwise the distraction limits the build up of energy in your soul’s direction, which itself can lead to poverty consciousness. Keep focusing, being attentive to the growth and direction of your soul.

5) Taking ‘unpopular’ steps leads to aloneness: there’s often a fear that if you take a step into the unknown and leave old circumstances and relationships behind, that you’ll end up alone and unloved, which is again, a form of poverty consciousness. When in fact by creating the space for a new sense of beingness, you’ll draw to you ‘birds of a feather’ who more closely resonate on your new vibration. But you have to become comfortable in the aloneness first – the ‘all-one-ness’. Know that in the core of you, everything is complete and whole. Soften into this place.

6) That you need supportive feedback from those around you: when you make key changes in your life and express to step out in a certain direction, there’s no doubt about it, you will push buttons in those around you. They’ll often project their own limitations onto you because you’re action becomes threatening to the security of their ego. So its essential to be discerning as to what advice to take. Is it one that empowers you to make your own highest choices? Is it one that helps you move beyond fear and limitation? Look for feedback loops that increase sovereignty and expand your consciousness with possibility.

7) Failure means you’re not good enough: from an early age we’re programmed by society to want to succeed at things, and if you don’t, then you’re ‘failing’. This is itself can build poverty consciousness and a fear of making changes or stepping towards something you really yearn to do. In fact we learn most when things DON’T work out. Life learns from its mistakes. The key is to be prepared to ‘fail’ in a given situation, but then be clear to learn and grow from it. In which case you never fail at all. This in itself builds confidence and belief in yourself as a being, and that you can positively thrive in all situations.

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Leaping into the Unknown

There are plenty of people closing down and clinging on out there right now. Change is in the air and that’s generating a fair dose of subconscious fear. Now is NOT the time to let that define you by giving into it. It’s time to open your beingness up so that the Universe can flow through you.

I suggest this happens by taking chances in life, taking a risk. It can begin with the smallest of things – driving a different way to work, daring to speak to someone you don’t know, taking that trip you always wanted to make – doing a retreat that takes you to the edge of your comfort zone.

Dare to take the step you know you have some anxiety or fear about. When you do this, feel the tightness inside and work to unravel it. Breathe into it. Express it. Get to see your attachment and fear. Then settle right through it into your Sacred Ground of Being. Now let a new sense of freedom and excitement flow through you. Animate this new beingness out into the world – sing, dance. move, express!

Going Out on a Limb

What you’re now doing, by breaking down the old limitations and ways of doing things, is giving energy to a new expression of possibility and abundance, which the Universe is sure to manifest a reflective landscape around – you’ll create new opportunity backed by sufficient resources. Crucially though, you have to be prepared to take the chance, to step into the unknown.

To pick the best fruit in life, you have to be prepared to go out on a limb!

You can do it. And to overcome any poverty consciousness, it’s essential to do it. It’s time to open a wide internal space, right back to the singularity. And when you do this, you’ll be utterly stunned at the miracles you create. I wish you well in that endeavour.

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In loving support
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