Find Inner Peace and Resilient Vitality Through Sufi Breathwork and Healing Mantras – FREE Online Video Event

Did you know that the root cause of every disease can be traced to the loss of the rhythm of your breath? That’s because breath is life — and absolutely essential to the health and vitality of our bodies on the journey to fulfill the divine purpose of our lives. Sufi breathwork techniques can help you to set your breath to a perfect rhythm, enabling you to stay calm, strong and powerful, even during these trying times.

Join us to find out more at a FREE video event:

Find Inner Peace and Resilient Vitality Through Sufi Breathwork and Healing Mantras

At this empowering event, Pir Shabda Kahn, a devoted disciple of Sufism for more than 50 years, will share a Sufi breathwork practice to help you gain and retain peace and vitality.

Register here for this powerful hour, where you’ll:

  • Discover the sound healing practice of placing a sacred sound on the breath — and why these sacred sounds (mostly in the root languages of Sanskrit, Tibetan, Aramaic, Arabic, and Hebrew) are so transformative when chanted with an open heart
  • Explore the many applicable lessons from Sufi mystics about keeping your thoughts in order, your will strong and powerful, your memory sharp, and your feelings calm and “normal” — even when you’re dealing with the very serious pandemic we’re facing
  • Learn the essential process of transcending your limited self (ego) so you merge with the greater Self — the divine presence
  • Explore how your breath goes on rhythmically whether you’re asleep or awake, keeping all pulsations in rhythm — and understand why your whole-body health depends on it
  • Be treated to a spirited song Shabda will perform for you and your fellow participants: “Drink With the Beloved”

Across the ages, mystics understood disease and suffering from the point of view of breath — and mastered ways to remedy the causes and conditions through rhythmic and refined breath work.

With more tumultuous events unfolding by the day, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover why creating a rhythmic breath practice can help you create a calm, peaceful inner life, no matter what’s happening around you.

Sign up here for this free event – and get started on your journey towards peace. If you can’t attend the event live, you’ll receive a downloadable recording to keep.