Truth in a Forest of Lies

By Jennie Ankney

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is so much information available to us now, and a lot of it is conflicting. Who are we supposed to believe? The world can be very scary with lock downs, mask wearing, heated politics, violent eruptions as corruption at the highest levels become more and more apparent.

What is going on? And why do things feel crazy sometimes in my own life? So many are fearful, angry, anxious, sad and confused. It’s no wonder stress levels are high, and depression and suicides are becoming unprecedented as the covid virus causes people to isolate for greater lengths of time. How do we maneuver through this extraordinary time in our lives?

No matter what we decide to believe, there is certainly a call to all of humanity to re-check ourselves. Is this the world we want? Do we hold the power to create a world that we decide we want? The second question holds the answer and power to create exactly what we want. And so, what is true? What needs to change?

The best way I’ve found my truth is to use and sharpen my internal guide, my true north…my intuition. In many ways, that’s easy to figure out because just hearing and reading about today’s news can usually cause a gut-wrenching reaction. However, most of us are probably knee deep in preconceptions and opinions. To be able to ensure that we are standing on a solid ground of truth, we need at minimum to re-evaluate our assumptions and at most, question everything. It requires investigation and re-investigation in order to really get an understanding of what is going on. This is not something someone is going to spoon feed us. It’s time to ask questions and to answer them for ourselves.

As we dig into the layers, we can find information that is quite upsetting. Do we keep looking at this kind of information? How to navigate? What I’ve learned about myself is when I discover something alarming or even potentially traumatic even to see, I know my triggers, so I know not to expose myself to information that could possibly re-create trauma for me. I’ve discerned that I only need to learn generally about it. This is not “head-in-the-sand” mentality. I believe this approach honors the power of attention and focus of my mind and the energy my body creates around a subject. Do I want to project that into my experience and the experience of others around me? Everything is energy, so I am careful to emanate what I want to feel, as often as I can.

There is news not worthy of focusing on. After all, many news outlets only offer fearful information. That reeks of deception to me. Not all news is bad and there are many more good people in the world, helping each other through this crisis every day, but why don’t we see more of that? Why don’t we see more solutions being offered? If most of the news coming out of a news station or even a citizen journalist is all scary or bad, then it doesn’t feel as honest. I refuse to believe there is only bad and scary news in our world. That is not balanced.

How much can we truly know about all the different things happening in the world today? Rules are changing rapidly, and many things can’t be known. Why do we need to know? Can there be things that we just don’t know for sure? Why do we need to have so much control? The feelings under the need to control is inadequacy, scarcity, fear, survival and fight energy. The energy on earth is too high for control to end well anymore. Does control make us happy anyway? I wanted to let go of scarcity and fear, and my experiences last year helped me face those and let another deep layer of fear and scarcity go. I am not afraid of the world around me. I believe I am safe because I am. And I am so much more at peace as a result. That’s saying something during the national and global upheaval today.

Control is not going to bring us to our truth. Even using logic is like walking through a labyrinth. Walls move and it’s hard to keep things straight, especially when information conflicts. Scientific results are constantly corrected. Discernment isn’t deciding that a piece of news is true based on its source. Yes, there is a bit of logic involved like presenting all bad news smells funny. If they’re trying to scare me, I don’t trust it. But what is potentially more important and a bit finer to decipher is using our inner knowing of what is true. This is our superpower.

What can we trust? What is left? Perhaps the heart can tell us what is true? Have you had the sensation of knowing something is true but not knowing how? This knowing is the language of the heart. You feel something is true. It can take sitting and being quiet to let the truth land on you like a butterfly. Other times, you let go of the question, and awaken one morning with an answer, or a hunch to look something up or to read a book. Sometimes it answers quickly and others longer. I’ve learned to not question the timing of answers and truths. It will all be revealed in divine and perfect timing.

If using intuition is not natural to you, know that it will grow as you focus on it. Ask and you shall receive. What do we know is true in our hearts? Sometimes you just need to go general. Take a step back from the mayhem, check in, make sure you are ok. Breathe…Breathe again. Follow the feelings. Breathe them in and let them go. Count your blessings. Realize how lucky you are! Whisper:  You’ll get luckier.

Can we place our faith in the idea that everything can work out well? Can we believe that Life is NOT just suffering? It comes down to asking ourselves, what do we want? It is such a simple, but important question. What do I want? Keep asking to get answers.

I would go as far as to say that what is happening on earth today is a call to humanity. We are being called to awaken to not only the state of our world, but back to the starting point. We are being called to awaken to the life within ourselves. That creator zero point in our hearts. This is the great awakening. If you can believe it, we clamored to be here at this moment in time. Enjoy these moments as we all witness the greatest positive change that is dawning on all life on earth. Some call it the greatest show on earth. We are being called to awaken the bigger part of ourselves and let it shine.

Do you have an active inner life? Have you made efforts to heal, forgive and continue to love? Loving others is wonderful, but it can also be a distraction. Do you actively give yourself the love you need too on a daily basis? Do you have compassion for yourself when you have acted out your feelings vs expressing them responsibly? Can you forgive yourself for the things past? Did you remember to lighten up and laugh today?

Our cultures, especially in the Western world, has us moving at neck breaking speeds so that we don’t have time to slow down and answer these important questions for ourselves. We rarely seem to find the time to do some of the things we enjoy. When will we find the time to volunteer to help others in need? Is that important? Could that be why there is a growing population of people living on the streets, and lonely elders in old folks’ homes? People sick and dying alone? Are we all just living in survival mode? Take care of your own? Wash-rinse-repeat? Is this OK with us?

As we find our truth from within, we will find that we need to do the work of clearing out the ill feelings from the past. These stuck feelings cloud our ability to see clearly. Letting go and letting God guide us to our healing and our truth will bring that clarity. What I suggest here is a work in progress and often it will be our life’s work. It’s each our own journey. Our truth then becomes our own. When we are honest with ourselves, no one can throw our truth  into question.

Are you willing to do the work? Are you ready? Start small. Start with something that you can do for yourself. What can I do to help myself feel better? Pretty soon, you’ll have an arsenal of what makes you feel fantastic. If you have things that you like to do, add one more. Include others if that’s fun for you. When we take care of ourselves, we have more capacity to take care of others.

We are a community. Let’s create one in our own backyards. If you ask me, my truth is that I am loved and things work out for me. I have a beautiful community around me with precious family and friends. I appreciate so many things in my life and I enjoy counting them.

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About the author:

Jennie has been an empath before she knew what that meant. She picked up the emotions of others without realizing what was happening, and it was quite confusing. As an adult, Jennie dove into the mystical world of the occult, astrology, numerology and self-help books to find who she really is, and what this world is about … at least, according to Jennie Sue. This was the start of a journey that continues for 25 plus years, calling it her own “Hero’s Journey.” She believes that everyone has this wisdom within, and when we tap into this self-guidance, we become empowered to direct our lives to fulfill our dreams. She truly feels that is why we are here, to find our own power – and when we do, we will have amazing powers beyond comic superhero’s. Jennie lives with her husband, two sons and two cats in Southern California. She loves to be in her garden and go on bike rides and hikes with her family. She has enjoyed working at home and raising her own family and continues her journey of self-realization and fulfillment.

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