How to Open Your Third Eye and Never Be Fooled Again

By Paul Lenda

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Those who are conscious cannot be fooled. Opening your third eye visionary center blows open your narrow reality tunnel and shows you the wider horizon of Reality. Once you have activated the full spectrum of what your pineal gland can do, you will never be fooled again.

All is not as it seems. Be vigilant or you may end up unknowingly embracing the illusions around you, unable to become truly liberated from control. There is a great deal of deception these days, and many who believe themselves to be “woke” or “conscious” are showing themselves to still be a far cry away from being so. If principles are not kept universal, such as increased sovereignty, reduced suffering, and so on, then we are deceiving ourselves to be something we are not.

Now, more than ever, it has become clear who lacks expanded perception and who has done the inner work to open their third eye and avoid being fooled, no matter what. Once that door is opened, no amount of fear or misrepresentation of reality can close it. Unfortunately, what recent events have shown us is that a sizable part of the collective consciousness is still learning the basics of conscious awareness.

On the bright side, there are a few ways to speed up the process of opening your third eye and never being fooled again. As long as you have the intention of doing so, the rest should come more easily for you.

Here are some of the essential components of a wide-open third eye:

  • Detox From Fluoride

Even if you avoid synthetic fluoride that gets added to water, toothpaste, and other things, you may still have quite a bit accumulated in your body, including the pineal gland. Fluoride has this remarkable feature to it in that it loves attaching itself to the pineal gland, creating a rock-hard coating that “calcifies” it. In fact, by the time you turned 12, it was probably already heavily calcified. I have put together instructions for detoxing from fluoride and then keeping it healthy and operational that can help you.

  • Maintain Acceptance of Universal Ethics

There are universal ethics, such as doing harm to none, that you should hold onto no matter what. Regardless of the circumstances, if you stay principled and keep conscious of the interconnected wholeness of all, you will not be manipulated into going along with something that violates those ethics. For example, when you carry with you the belief that physical, mental, and emotional abuse is never OK, then you will not support actions imposed, threatened, or rationalized in any way that lead to these kinds of violations.

  • Use All 3 Brains

You have three brains: the brain itself, heart, and gut.

Your brain is where you have your logical mind and intellect. It is also the center of the unconscious mind, which governs 90% of all your actions.

Your heart will “feel” into anything within your environment before your brain will. That’s why you can get a good idea about the truth of something by following your heart. There are also more neural pathways going from the heart to the head than there are from the head to the heart.

Your gut, like your heart, provides helpful intuitive responses to anything you interact with, be it something physical or just a statement.

All three of your brains have neurons, hormones, and neurotransmitters that communicate with one another. They help form your perceptions, mental processes, and feelings. When you can tap into the clear channel of communication between them, you will never be steered wrong.

When you apply these three to your life, you will become conscious, stay conscious, and reinforce that expanded awareness no matter what.

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About the author:

Paul Lenda is a conscious evolution guide, founder & director of SHIFT, author, writer, speaker, meditation teacher, life coach, and ambassador for the New Paradigm wishing to provide an integral role in personal transformation and the collective social transformation of humanity. Paul offers private one-on-one holistic life counseling & conscious evolution sessions, via Skype or phone. Paul takes into account all aspects of the hyperdimensional matrix when providing guidance, counseling, and coaching.

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