Actualising your 5D Divine Being: An Essential Roadmap Through the Density

June 14th, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

These are earth-shattering times to be alive. Whilst plenty are sleep walking into the synthetic agenda of the shadowstate, others are compelled to shatter the illusion and unleash their Divine Self. First you progressively surrender into your Sacred Ground of Being, at the core of you. Then you’re untethering the soul as it emerges and expresses from this hallowed space. Finally, you’re breathing into reality your 5D Divine Being, here and now, with tremendous alchemical and mystical skills. It’s far from easy. But then forging the diamond never is. Explore the essential multidimensional landscape we must unravel through…

From 3D to 4D to 5D and Beyond

When you expand out of the 3D and feel the blessed interconnectivity of life in 4D consciousness, you may be forgiven for thinking you’ve arrived. Yes, it’s the beginning, yes it feels like that mystical state of Enlightenment that the masters have spoken of. But it becomes a trap if you linger there, a bubble, an eddy current disconnected from the enlightened flow. We must not rest on plateaus, there is so much more to experience and be aware of.

The source of the absolute will compel you and that’s essential – that inner hallowed place of pure presence, the singularity from whence this all arose. But even that’s not attainable if you’re aiming for it. Being the seeker defines you as not there. And in the layers of pure consciousness, truth is the key… and the lock. Whatever statement you’ve made, “I’m seeking”, renders that as your reality. You are not there!

From Seeking to Realising

Rather than seeking, there is realising. Realising, expressing and embodying a new aspect of your divine beingness. The entire Universe is based on the predication of divine expression. For what else is the Universe doing if not effortlessly expressing itself? The soul is a wave, and when you untether it, then it flows, which completes a kundalini loop, right back to the welcome shores of The One. You’re fervently and passionately engaged in your joy, that which crumbles your cookie, like the finest chocolate simply melting on your tongue. Suddenly time has elapsed. Hours slipped by. And there in the background, the blank canvas of presence, simply emerges. Everything you ever inquired about, efforted for, struggled to achieve, everything you ever wanted is suddenly answered. All the lights in the Universe come on. You’ve arrived.

So stop seeking. Start realising.

And so the story truly begins. The enlightened state is merely the beginning. After that there is much to untether and then actualise with the soul. But with each unwinding, with each revelation, the flow is resumed and The One flickers into view yet again, like an old filament lamp, struggling to stay on in the darkness.

So, in your deepest depths who are you? What can you truly be?

11:11 Alarm Clock

You might well ask what else is there to do when you’ve found the hallowed Space of the One? As the saying goes, “Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water; after Enlightenment chop wood carry water!” If there is anything in you still resisting the continuing flow of self-actualisation, then you recreate identity and the presence of the One vanishes like a desert mirage. I put it to you that the next chapter for humanity and the planet is to evolve, to shift into 5D consciousness. Many trail blazers are sharing this vision as they actualise it within themselves. Why should it be necessary?

I am blessed. I spend a big part of my life travelling the world connecting and working with emergent souls, the divergents, who’ve tired of the system. The insurgents who came here to blaze a trail that others might also shake off the delusion. Often these are quiet, unassuming people, who, thus far, led ‘normal’ lives – house wives, office staffers, health care workers, gas pump attendants and yes, bankers too. The onset of a Galactic Superwave, triggering our solar system, firing off the 11:11 alarm clock, is calling us, with a sense of urgency.

Humanity has a lot to wake up from. An unholy alliance of Alien Intervention Groups, from Nibiru, Orion and Draco honed in on this bounteous earth, with its resplendent form and abundance of resource.  It needed a ‘space suit’ for this atmosphere, a vehicle through which to incarnate. Enter stage left Homo Erectus. A sparkling new diamond, with all the potential to become the Cosmic Multidimensional Being. But in a consciousness sense, in an expansive universal sense, just a kinder garden pup too.

And so the Intervention, with all its cosmic travelling experience, these old sea dogs, with knowledge and almost unimaginable energy manipulation skills set about adapting this space suit, bending this being to their own ends. Decoding DNA, inserting disconnecting energy implants, exploiting the inner density of past life karma. These are engineers, builders, manipulators, controllers. They know that if you squeeze the soul out to at least a reasonable degree, then they can infuse their own consciousness through – that of control, consumption, manipulation, supression. They know that to skew the original vibration, is to be able to infuse it with their own. And thus they succeeded in owning the Earth and everything on it. Almost. That is until the Atlantean flood sunk their schemes.

Exactly this controlling dynamic is taking over yet again, in the artificially created “pandemic”. Let’s be really clear what this is all about – it’s called “The Harvest”, where souls are sucked into a collective consciousness in order to further the agenda of this alien alliance and continue to provide it with energy. That’s what we’re battling against right now, that’s what we’re working to unravel. Fortunately there are plenty here with previous experience of this harvesting dynamic from other constellations: starseeds from the Pleiadies, from Andromeda and Arcturus, the Angels and Higher Dimensionals who’ve seen this happening and are here in support. That’s exactly what the Great Realignment, triggered by the Galactic Superwave, is all about – levelling the playing field once more.

Explore The Extraordinary Diversity of ET Star Souls on and Around the Earth

Freedom that Goes Viral

How do you right this humungous wrong? Truth is the key. The most powerful weapon in the Universe is a simple meme of truth. Take it right back to first principles and you’re immediately armed with a nuke. Freedom that goes viral: “Control does not work”. How can it? Is the entirety of the Universe controlled? Then you’d need to insist that some Creator God intended and designed it. So who preceeded the creator? How was the matter formed that created ‘him’? Yet you can successfully postulate it came from the infinite potential of pure presence – the nothing/everything, what the Buddhists call “The Brahman”. The postulation becomes reality for you when you touch the enlightened state.

From The Brahman springs the Toroidal Flow of the Universe, flowing, creating, expressing, and you – as the soul – are an intrinsic element of that. Express yourself as the Torus, in your own way, your immaculate own form, then you become the most incredible unravelling, Great Realigning possibility.

I have sat with people who’re being influenced by the intervention, ‘possessed’ without hardly knowing it – in a way, that is the Homo Sapiens condition. The soul is like the wind blowing through the trees, you only know it by the trace it leaves. And if there’s a sideways gust, then it becomes possible to divert, to redirect. This is what the Intervention does. But if you direct attention inwards and follow the trail of rightness, then you can strip out this intervention frequency. You become able to speak into it, to commune with it and play back that meme of truth…

“Control does not work!”

Hence even the most powerful reptilian recognises, realises and shrinks back. Before long, they’re wanting the long forgotten freedom they see in your ridiculously free eyes too – they can feel it, in the ecstatically uncontrollable vortex that you are. This is the irresistable power of the Divine Being – what happens when you follow the three stages of unravelling: 1) surrendering into the One. 2) Untethering the soul in everything that you do. 3) Actualising your 5D being, expressing from the toroidal dlow – from fully flowing kundalini.

Explore the ground-breaking 5GATEWAYS that lead to full opening of the Divine Being

The Ocean Merges into the Drop

Coherency is the key. Know yourself. Know your vibration. Embody it. Express it. Without limitation. Your note becomes a bell, penetrating into the far recesses of your inner universe. Nothing can then influence you. You’ve decided who you are, an authentic expression of self, the Universe realising the fullness of itself through you.

The drop has merged into the ocean. And now the ocean is merging into the drop.

You’re walking along the street, houses to the left of you cars to the right, people coming onwards, walking to offices and shops and telecall centres in skirts and suits. All the familiar lines, boxes and shapes you’ve come to expect. In the mind there’s an interrelation going on. Are you still being that identity that’s interrelating? Are you still forming that comfortable Homo Sapiens map? The safe one. The comfortable coffee shop one. The one that will get you to where you’re ‘supposed’ to go. The gold fish bowl. Or, are you constantly surrendering that, coming into the stream of pure flow. Are you courageously ripping up the anchor of security, for the world of subtle multidimensional-sense-interplay; one of nuances and nudges – go here now, express in this way now. You have to keep pinching yourself awake that somehow, this crazy maverick freedom will succeed. Somehow, the light you’re shining will find a way. You’ve reached the point where you simply know…there is no other way!

And so now this newly forged 5D Human, this DIVINICUS as I call it, has resounded to the bell. And for everyone else inspired to follow suit, the galactic 11:11 trigger the Torus is saying, “Wake up!” “Come alive!” “Be Yourself!”

Suddenly you find yourself drawn to a place where you’re dry heaving, crying, laughing, coughing up density – before remembering, yes, this is how we process karma. This is how we unblock the density to untether the soul with greater possibility. This is how we dispatch the intervention. And now you’re speaking a curious language that you’ve never learned before, where did that come from? Well it’s light language, that speaks all of its own accord. And so you’re rewiring DNA in someone, bringing their original divine possibility alive. Or else you’re going inwards, realising the entirety of the Universe is to be found there. So you can open a window, a portal, into another constellation. And now you’re channelling the wayward souls of the intervention back home, that they may begin their own healing process.

Changing Reality with a Splutter!

So often I hear the incredulity from the activated DIVINICUS: “did I really do that? Just by coughing, spluttering, crying and yawning?” Well, yes you did!

Now is NOT the time for us to play it small. The stage has been set for the final act. Gaia is gathering, gearing up for the big Shift, crunching through the climate gears. But she’s doing so as gently as she can. She wants as many of her children as possible reborn there with her in the Ascension Shift to 5th Density (and the 6th and the 7th).

Here it is. Almost unimaginable. We’re going back to the future. Unravelling all this karmic history, returning to the brink of where Original Humans became multidimensional Divine Beings – almost. They were tantalisingly close, before the intervention that was. But history has a tendency to repeat itself. Thus here you and I stand. On the brink. Once more. Quivering like bright new pins.

Ready to dive into the centre stream of your immaculate home coming?
Back to the start.
Back to the future.

Let’s do it!


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