5D Ascension: The Pleiadians and the Toroidal Flow

July 22nd, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The Openhand Facilitator Conference begins this week in Avebury, where just a short while ago, a wonderful crop circle appeared amongst the ancient stone circles, just out from the centre of the village. When you look at the image below, it speaks strongly of the Toroidal Flow, but what in particular might it be telling us right now about the 5D Ascension as we work to unwind from the synthetic shadowstate agenda?

Authentic Crop-circles – an Interdimensional Communication

At first I was a little dubious about whether the crop circle was real. From the image it looks very simple and people have become quite skilled at faking them. Even the Guardian newspaper has been instructing people how to make them, with planks and rope, but really to me this is none other than a purposeful distraction (The Guardian is funded by the G@tes Foundation!), to discredit these tremendous interdimensional communication tools – the authentic ones that is.

Why do I believe this one is indeed authentic?…

You could imagine that the standard hexagon and the 6 spiral arms might be reasonably okay to mimic, assuming you had a team of people, the time, the tools and the light to do it – without being seen of course, at a place which is quite close to the village itself, where plenty of people often walk. But on entering the circle, what drew my attention most, was the small lines interconnecting each spiral arm. You can make them out faintly in the image.

What’s fascinating is that they’re so slim it would be impossible for a human to pass down them, carefully bending down to neatly enfold the crops (they’re not flattened with boards as the Guardian article suggests, but carefully enfolded and interwoven). But even if this was possible, you’d need to do it once the outer spiral arms were already in place – the challenge to this logic being that at each end of the line, the crops are enfolded UNDERNEATH the spiral arms; meaning they had to be done BEFORE the arms had been constructed. It made it incredulous to think that the circle was faked.

The realisation caused me to dive deeper into what might the crop circle be telling us?

The Flower of Life

Immediately the sense of the Toroidal Flow came to mind – the spiral mechanism that creates and holds the universe, plus all sentient life, in place. It’s what drives the flower of life pictoral dynamic – a scared geometry passed down by the ancients.

Understanding the Metphysics of the Toroidal Flow

My sense is that to get the full understanding of the crop circle message, is to consider it physically from above, but that the image is geometrically inverted – so you’re looking upwards through it. What you’ll see is an ascending anti clockwise spiral. It’s like you’re travelling through the earth into higher dimensions.

So why the hexagon?

The Pleiadians shift gears into 6D

This is a question I offered up to the Benevolent Team in the ether supporting our shift. Firstly the connection came with a sense of joy. I realised I was connecting with Pleiadian energy – they were involved in the crop circle creation. When I connected with the group, it felt like they were coming from the 6th density, whereas previously I’d felt them more in the 5th. However, what I was shown, is that this higher dimensional shift by this particular group was a means of accelerating the earth’s Toroidal flow – to really amp up the human awakening. Thus the smaller lines in the crop circle represent the torsional pulling effect on the lower densities.

For those tuning in, it became clear this “pulling effect” of the increased impetus is going to impact us in very earthly ways…

1). There’s a separation going on right now in society, with plenty going the path of the synthetic pandemic agenda. At some level, karmically, that is their choice. But those that are knowingly on an ascending pathway must be clear to maintain healthy boundaries in our lives. Compassionately of course, and with as much care as possible. But that is not to deny our own destiny.

2). As the vibration of the asending energy rises, then you’re going to feel it challenge the old 3D construct you’ve lived and created. It’s going to invite change, most likely in your living or working circumstances. It’s crucial not to resist this change, not to fight it. Let the flow help you break apart the bonds of the old reality. Something new is calling you from across the divide.

3). Be clear to create more from the weaving flow of signs and synchronicity. What do signs and numerology inform you? What sacred geometry do you observe around you? What is nature illuminating and informing you?

5D Ascension and the Simple Joy of Living

What’s wonderful about the Pleiadian energy is it’s a joyful, light hearted playfulness that defines it – think Dolphin energy. Chris Matin from the band Coldplay (amongst others) embodies this energy so well. It might be a challenge to consider how we might live with joy when so many around us are living in fear and control. But my friends, that’s exactly the point. To counteract fear and control is to express love and joy. Amongst all these challenges around us, what makes your heart sing? What simple things light up your life?

The Return of the Pleiadians and Earth Energies Reconciliation

All this week we’re conducting the Openhand Facilitator Conference amongst the stone circles,sacred site and crop circles of the ancient Avebury. You can be sure we’ll be having plenty of adventure and fun. And we’d love to share the sense of this with you all through our ongoing journal, which will contain blogs, vlogs, images and music. Let’s see if we can experience some joy in life, connect with the Pleiadian energy, and get the ascending Toroidal Flow really spinning!

To conclude here’s a video from a previous Openhand Facilitator Event in Avebury…

Joyful blessings to all!


Originally published at www.openhandweb.org and reproduced here with permission.

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