Energy Medicine: FREE 5-Day Online Event – Activate Your Body’s Energetic Language

Imagine being so in tune with the subtle energies that course through your being that you could assess and treat energetic imbalances on the spot. Picture yourself releasing challenging energetic buildups and blockages arising from stress, illness, or difficult relationships.

The latest evidence-based research reveals that YOU have the power to restore your energetic balance when you’re feeling off physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

There’s a powerful life-force energy that’s within and all around you at all times. You can activate this well of pure potentiality and gain a higher perspective on your life through the potent workings of energy medicine.

Join us to learn from over 30 world experts in energy medicine at this unmissable – and FREE – online event:

Energy Medicine: FREE 5-Day Online Event – Activate Your Body’s Energetic Language

Energy medicine is based on the understanding that physical, mental, and behavioral problems have a counterpart in the body’s energies, and can be treated at this level. It provides a holistic approach to healing — by addressing not only your physical self but by also working with your emotions, past trauma, and your connections to others both present and past.

As you attune to the factors that are muddling your energy, you move closer to the quantum field that holds your true blueprint for divine wisdom.

You can cultivate this exquisite web of energy using therapeutic practices that empower you to access your vagus nerve, release emotional baggage, transform the stored energies created from living through a global pandemic, and much more.

New science-based research shows the myriad ways that we are interconnected energetically, while also supporting the different forms of energy medicine that promote healing. During this 5-day online event, you’ll learn how to access and activate the electromagnetic web of your body for therapeutic purposes.

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At this event, you will learn from experts in diverse areas of energy medicine and healing — including acclaimed doctors, researchers, authors, holistic coaches, intuitive energy healers, and true pioneers in this field — so you can replenish every organ and system in your body and deepen your inner peace.

You’ll learn simple energy medicine techniques that can help you heal from the inside out.

You’ll have access to timely techniques — such as ways to clear the energies and emotions of this past year from your lungs — as well as simple practices to understand the meaningful origins of energetic and physical imbalances.

And you’ll be given techniques you can use right away, such as helping you access the vagus nerve, so you have the power to address a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

You’ll discover how to awaken your life-force energy, while restoring balance, rejuvenating your entire body, and promoting emotional wellbeing and spiritual healing.

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During this groundbreaking 5-day event with more than 30 incredible speakers, you’ll discover:

  • How to align your pristine blueprint with the unified field to radically transform your life
  • Four practices to start activating your inner healer by tapping into “radical intuition”
  • A powerful guided meditation to heal deep subconscious wounds, accessing your soul’s light to release energy that no longer serves you
  • Effective ways to raise the electromagnetic vibrational voltage of your human biofield to increase health, resiliency, and immunity
  • Your soul’s “signature energy,” empowering you to sustain higher levels of consciousness by transmuting shadow aspects
  • How to access your own medical intuitive abilities by clearing blockages that obscure intuitive information about your physical health
  • Simple methods showing you how to quickly access zero-point energy and your inner divine wisdom so you can seed the quantum field with your desired intentions
  • How EFT (a.ka. tapping) can help to regulate your nervous system in minutes, reduce stress and anxiety, and transform chaos to calm
  • How to tap into the vagus nerve to release childhood trauma and stress that created a negative imprint in your energy field
  • Clearing as a gentle but powerful way to create healthy energetic boundaries by releasing other people’s energy and unresolved past issues
  • Ways to open your lungs, shift your alignment, and soften your ribcage, so you can begin to transform and finally discharge the stored energies of this past year
  • How to use “healing keys” to foster health, longevity, and happiness

And much more!

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With a wealth of information from leading experts at your fingertips, this fantastic online event empowers you to discover the tools that work best for you, from tapping and meditation to grounding, yoga, and more.

You’ll find sessions and speakers that will inspire, educate, and empower you… with expertise you can trust! They’ll wade through the misinformation and clearly lay out best practices and reliable resources for this emergent field.

We’ll see you there!