Developing Your Daily Shift Practice and the Torus

November 30th, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Hi Folks – How are your daily shift practices that keep you emerging going?

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to have those patterns and rhythms in focus. Whether it’s your meditation practice, your diet, connection to nature, deep consciousness bodywork, clearing your personal space, reducing electrosmog, clearing entities and implants. These must all be a part of a daily integrated practice that is constantly developing, learning, evolving, and growing. How will I possibly fit it all in? (you might ask!).

It’s essential to recognise this is the main theme that’s happening right now in terms of the shift – you’re either in that ascending movement or not. Yes we’ll have connections into the Old Paradigm, yes we’ll interrelate with it still, but do be clear on your orientation and focus. We simply don’t have that time to waste these days. ??

A crucial thing to contemplate and work with is the Universal Torus. Why? Because quite succinctly it is the flower of life itself – it’s what gets and keeps the energy moving and transforming. It comes through you as active kundalini. When you have blockages, resistances, and disharmony in any aspect of your outer life, then it’s certain it’s because of a blockage in how the Torus flows in you.

So what do we need to work with in order to help unleash the Torus? Here are 5 points of focus to consider and work with…

1) A good solid breathing practice – that gets the energy moving through you – like Openhand’s Breakthrough Breathing
2) Chakra opening and attuning – is necessary so as to keep the energy moving through the various inner layers and inter-dimensionally… Chakra opening and attunement meditation
3) Dealing with karmic density -You’ll immediately start to stir up karmic density with the first two practices. So you’ll need to consider how you breakthrough and unravel karma… explore daily karmic processing
4) Entities and implants – will also come active as you move energy through the layers. So if you feel this happening inside, if you feel dense, down or stuck in patterns, then it’s quite likely there’ll be some kind of this limitation that’s bleeding energy within. So make sure you have a good means of removing them… here’s Openhand’s approach to removing implants and entities
5) Bring in higher dimensional benevolence – and the angelic realm – form a heart-felt connection into the benevolent support around us in the ether. Invite their help to keep the energy moving and to channel away density – you must be doing the work in your own field, but you can certainly call on them to lend a hand!

So let’s keep the Torus active and flowing in our lives folks. The benefits will be simply enormous. ?

To close with, here’s a video on just that subject which I shot at the conclusion of one of my previous trips to Australia…

Bright Blessings


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