Boost Your Frequency and MultiSensory Powers for Profound Healing, Abundance and Intuitive Insights – FREE Online Event

Energy medicine healer and medical intuitive Marie Manuchehri is a master at helping others learn how to make important shifts in their perceptions to raise their energetic vibrations AND become better manifesters and healers — for themselves and others.

To heal anything at the deepest level, your perception must change, Marie stresses. The leading cause of illness, in her experience, is related to repressed emotions and the misaligned perceptions that go with them. They lower the vibration of your energy and manifest all manner of negative health outcomes.

The higher your vibration and the longer you can maintain that elevated frequency, the easier it is to attract the outcomes you want and access your multisensory capabilities, including your medical intuition.

To get started on raising your vibration, you won’t want to miss this FREE online event:

Boost Your Frequency and Multisensory Powers: Generate Positive Perceptions For Profound Healing, Abundance and Intuitive Insights

At this inspirational event, Marie will teach you secrets for generating positive perceptions that energetically activate the outcomes you desire for yourself and others.

Positive thoughts generated by positive perceptions create the good vibes or higher frequencies you need to break past low-frequency (mind-made) perceptions and outdated beliefs that are tamping down your energy.

If you need to break through the low frequency in your life, this event will be the kickstart you’ve been waiting for.

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During this positivity-boosting hour, you’ll:

  • Discover how you may be “misusing” your brain and the intuitive breakthroughs you can have — when you understand what your mind is really for
  • Experience a powerful meditative visualization to shift your perception of a triggering childhood event and transform its low-frequency energy into a higher, healing vibration that promotes positivity and diffuses future reactivity
  • Consider what authentically makes you happy to zero in on what may be lowering your frequency — and what can consistently raise your vibration and promote healing
  • Learn how to quickly change your perception of what’s happening around you, even when you’re being triggered (a clue: It’s all about self-awareness)
  • Learn how to notice when your body is trying to get your attention — and how to instantly identify this and respond in a way that raises your vibration

When you join this powerful hour, you’ll learn that there are no limits to the shifts in perception you can make, and that the joy you can experience in opening to all the possibilities — which extend beyond your current belief system — can be profoundly transformative to you… and to those whose lives you touch.

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Are you ready to raise your vibration – and raise your life?

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