Evolved Insight into Processing the Grief of Loss

October 25th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We’re undergoing a turbulent planetary transformation and shift of consciousness. That’s likely to involve leaving behind old reality constructs that may include places you’ve lived, your career and relationships. Whenever you feel deeply emotive experiences like these, there’s always the flip side, with a doorway through it. Grief of loss, and the incredible potential of something new now ready to manifest, are two sides of the same coin. Here’s a powerful way of honouring the grief and breaking through to the other side…

The Doorway is opened through the feeling of emptiness

Sense of loss happens because some external person or ‘object’ has helped fulfill something in us (which always was in us) but that reality is now at the point of conclusion. Loss is the feeling of deprivation of that – it feels like you’re losing that part of you that was being activated by them. Maybe they passed on, or a relationship broke down? The pain can seem almost unbearable. It is not, providing you can summon the courage to go right into the centre of the pain, and through the eye of the needle, reclaim that aspect of you that was buried there, so that you come out shining on the other side.

Grief is not the problem of itself. The problem is resistance to the feeling of grief – not wanting to go there. Yet it is merely a relativistic experience. Once you immerse yourself fully in it, then there comes a point where it loses its grip on you. By taking the place of the witnesser in it, you become the absolute through it. It ceases to define you. You’re now ready to let it go and move on.

The doorway through to the other side is opened through the feeling of emptiness, which is concealed within the well of grief. It’s your understandable resistance to this feeling which keeps you from locating the doorway. Your resistance builds internal polarity – you’re distanced from the experience and so can’t normalise in it. The suffering becomes too great to find your way through it.

You have to become intimately intimate with the grief – sob your heart out, and keep right on sobbing, but AT THE SAME TIME, it’s important not to just wallow in it and become victimised by it. Be attentive. Feel deep into the pain and express it fully, till you become as-one with it. That’s the time to look for the emptiness, because in this lies an incredible opportunity.

Go Right into the Heart of Grief

There’s a challenge in the emptiness too – one to watch out for. That’s the sense of desolation, of hopelessness, that there’s nothing to live for. When you touch the desolation, you’re right at the bottom of the well. That’s especially the time to look for, and embody, the emptiness. Let the emptiness of the Void – of the One – consume the experience of desolation.

The point is that every experience consists of energy – of consciousness. It’s your investment with the issue itself that locks you into that experience. But what if you could create something entirely new and better for you as a being? Then you’ll have to process out and release the ties and the energy that have been holding you in that old construct.

Are you truly ready to let go of grief? Then go right into the epicentre of it. Feel it fully. Witness yourself in it – discoiate from it a degree. Know yourself as the eternal presence. Finally, give the energy back to the universe. Let it disssolve and recreate as something entirely new.

Breaking through into something Entirely New

At Openhand we apply the Breakthrough Approach to work with density such as the grief of loss:

Now you’re ready to unleash the infinite potential of The One. The energy that was contained within the previous manifestation is now breaking down in its old form. Watch it break up in your mind’s eye. Then breathe the fragmented ‘strings’ of energy back inside of you. Your kundalini energy will strengthen. Its magnitude will rise to the extent of the energy in the grief you released…

That means the greater the strength of the grief, the greater the potential to create something fantastically new.

Creating a New Narrative

A new narrative is ready to be born from this potential. Work inside yourself – break down any resistant neural pathways that attached you to the old reality – get inside those loops of behaviour and with determination, break them open. Now watch for the possibility, concealed within any emotional anxiety – which in itself, also conceals the nervous anticipation of something wonderful ready to create itself.

Look for this new manifestation all around you. But don’t expect it to exactly replace what you had. Let yourself innovate. Let an entirely new creation flow through you and out into your life. Step positively in the direction of the forming energy. Give yourself fully to the new narrative.

This way, the grief of loss, leads to the unexpectedly exquisite. Let’s make sure we seize the opportunity. It makes the pain of the lesson worthwhile. It gives it value and meaning. You are propelled positively forwards.
Here’s how to unleash your Cosmic Self

Time to Greet Yourself in Your own Mirror

When grief arises at sense of loss, it’s because you’ve lost yourself in the mirror of life that you manifested.

But this also tells you something: you’re ready to greet yourself again!

So let go of the grief now, and welcome yourself, back into your own loving embrace, so that love in the external, may be reborn once more…

If you would like to explore this advanced approach of dealing with grief, then get involved with the evolutionary work of Openhand.

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Bright blessings


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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