Close Encounters with the Mayan Feathered Serpent God: Quetzalcoatl

November 8th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

You can feel the balance of power shifting in America. But it won’t go the way the controllers plan. Above all, the spiritual energies that have shaped the field from ancient times are realigning. This was clearly evident on retreat in Mexico recently, with direct encounters of the powerful shamanic entity known as the Quetzalcoatl: the mythical feathered Serpent God, dating back to Aztec times, binding into the Black Snake sub-fabric of society. The energy is still very much active today, weaving across much of the Americas.

Humanity’s Ancient Karma Being Triggered

Life on the planet is transforming rapidly due to the elevation of consciousness caused by the convergence of great galactic, solar and earth pole shift cycles. It’s challenging the very energetic bedrock of the current construct we live in, and activating all manner of ancient human karma: it’s a fundamental opportunity for people to let go of the past and evolve into the new 5D human consciousness. It is this accelerating process of enlightenment that the shadowstate is trying desperately to lock down.

It’s too easy to be distracted by the surface-level shenanigans, the dramas and the agendas, which is where they want your attention. When in actual fact, it’s the unwinding of dense outdated karmic consciousness that activates the process of soul liberation. Gain help unwinding your karma: Essential Openhand.

Spiritual facilitators and activists around the planet are working diligently and selflessly behind the scenes to level the energetic playing field, providing essential breathing space for the emergence of a new humanity in chaotic times. On retreat recently in Mexico, a shamanic deity, Quetzalcoatl, entered our studio on the astral planes to project influence. Adorned in classic Mayan headdress, he was revered throughout Mesoamerica as the feathered serpent God, dating back to Aztec times.

Wayward Earth Energies Reintegrating with the Torus

The shift of consciousness on the planet is now confronting and unwinding the very bedrock of the karmic construct in which humanity resides. It is the “Black Snake” quantum energy, metaphored in the Garden of Eden, and also referred to as “satanic”, which is now very active and needs to be dug up at the energetic roots. The serpent is riving and reveling in its final acts of desperation.

Rather than demonising, which only perpetuates division, polarity and struggle, in the Openhand facilitator group, we are mastering the art of reuniting wayward energies back into the natural fold of the universal Torus. This is what restores balance and harmony, evolution and emergence. We’ve been working diligently to bring these wayward Black Snake energies back into alignment – with reasonable success.

Prior to our Mexcian Retreat, it was made aware to me by the benevolent mission supporting the shift, that the ancient Mayan entity, the Quetzalcoatl, was still very much active in the 4D karmic field and direct encounters would likely happen. Especially since our venue was in Tepoztlán, known as his birthplace. He entered on the astral plane, made himself known in his feathered regalia, and sought to take control of the proceedings.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Black Snake Energy underpinning society

Where “God” is merely a Fractal of the One

The Quetzalcoatl made it clear that he was a “God” and demanded the respect and acquiescence he was accustomed to. Influence at the 4D level will shape reality in the 3D. But in these engagements, truth will always vanquish even the most wayward and “powerful”. It’s only ever identity that tries to control, and no matter how grandiose, all separated identity will eventually perish as the earth’s Torus gathers strength once more.

If you’re able to hold the Torus energy in any given location, and amplify it, then identity will rapidly unravel in its irresistible presence.

A direct communication channel opened as one of the facilitators took on the Quetzalcoatl energy. First, it was necessary for me to reflect to the entity the suffering it had caused throughout Mesoamerican history, from the Aztecs to the Mayans. It became evident in past-life journeying that human sacrifice by removing the heart was a common ceremony – victims were persuaded it would lead to deification. In fact it sent souls into an earth-bound 4D bubble. This is the pain I empathically reflected to the Quetzalcoatl.

He tried to persuade me it was an act of deification, that he was a God whom people revered. A dialogue ensued. I explored with the entity the delusion of identity – that ultimate power is attained by becoming as one with the absolute – the pure presence of the Universal Torus; that everything else is merely a fractal of this energy. Most importantly, I resonated the energy of the Torus. After some time the dance of truth was felt and the entity began to unravel.

A Deep Unwinding in the 4D Karmic Field

Later on, with a small group of intrepid pioneers, we visited the revered birthplace of the Quetzalcoatl, a waterfall in a nearby valley, and worked to realign the field energies there. I came to understand that the soul began life in human form, but that shamanic ritual ceremony transformed him into an etheric entity.

Much healing took place, many earthbound souls were also released. It was a heartwarming blessing to experience.

It precipitated a tremendous unwinding in the field – an opening, that would ripple that sense of letting go throughout the consciousness that had been bound into it. My belief was that this precedent would begin to unravel energetic Black Snake intervention far and wide – due to the elevated nature of the Quetzalcoatl entity.

It’s essential to understand that the expression of universal truth, fully embodied, is the realigning antidote to all of the convolution happening at the surface level of society right now. It’s only distorted consciousness that holds the injustice and disharmony in place. But by embodying the Torus and empressing it, the distortion progressively unravels.

Crucially we must recognise that we manifest the shadow in our midst because of ancient karma we’re working with – it’s a part of you, and therefore to polarise and demonise is ultimately self-defeating. We must diligently work to reflect truth. Thus, realignment of any wayward being can happen.

Facilitating the 5D Shift

I offer this as insight and encouragement to shift facilitators across the planet working selflessly behind the scenes. You can do it. You are seeded to do it. No matter that few understand your work. Keep embodying and expressing the truth – it will ripple freedom across the surface of society. Have no doubt we are succeeding. It’s only a question of time before the new 5D Paradigm on Earth is realised.

If you’ve been intrigued and inspired by my sharing, get involved with the work of Openhand’s Ascension Academy:

Facilitating the 5D Shift

Bright blessings


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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