Setting Your Spiritual Compass to THRIVE in 2023

January 9th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

These are highly challenging times on the planet in society. A great deal of ancient karmic density is being stirred up. It’s so easy to get pulled into the various dramas, which then perpetuates that struggle in your life. It’s important to witness the boulders, yes, BUT – then utterly crucial to focus on the path between them.

The soul is working to unwind through the karmic density and create from a higher vibration. Then the clouds will clear and you’ll shape a new, more harmonious landscape. This is how we can thrive in 2023.

The Bluffer’s Game of Smoke and Mirrors

There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity available to folk on the spiritual path as we set sail into 2023. Providing that is, we can see past the humungous veils of obscuring clouds. The density of the old paradigm is being well and truly stirred up. There’s a broad emergence of soul consciousness, precipitated by the heightening of galactic energies that are inbound. The shadowstate is well aware of this, and so it continues to shape-shift through new dramas and machinations.

It’s all about distraction – the bluffer’s game of smoke and mirrors: hike the energy bills here, generate some fear and anxiety there, distract into another debilitating round of high-tech soft comfort. It’s becoming all too obvious to those with the eyes that are determined to see.

The trouble is that it’s still compelling, especially with so many people around you still acquiescing to it, those still playing by the old paradigm agendas and rules. It’s right there, the old energy, hooked into your friends and family, at work, and even where you play. But where we see it, if we summon the determination, we can break the hold, open the inner energetic space, and instead, wait for the truth to flood through our inner doorways like the rising, refreshing tide. We can do it. In 2023, we just have to open to it.

The key is to be sure you’re doing from being, not just doing. What do I mean exactly?

Forging Soul in the Spiritual Gym

The shadow is well skilled in creating artificial agendas that you simply must adhere to. Apparently. You must do things to fit into society, to get necessary resources, to be appreciated and validated. It plays on some very natural yearnings of the soul. It takes soulful expression, but then fools it into believing the prize is out there, to be acquired. Now the tail is wagging the dog.

It’s about forging the soul in this environment. Like going to the spiritual gym. The soul simply wants to express and actualise the next grandest version of the One. In any given moment, that’s really the true dynamic of the universe at play within you. When you unleash this authentic expression, the quantum field that we’re living in, will bend and crystallise around this expression. It creates a new landscape. Resources are really energy, separation consciousness, that is woven together by the memory of the original condition of Oneness – that which is inherent in soul expression.

The shadow cons people from this revelation, this actualisation. It’s terrified of it. Because for every soul  daring to step out and truly express themselves, your very beingness becomes an act of rebellion. As you step into the crystallising quantum field that you’re now divinely co-creating, it sends ripples and waves far and wide through the old reality construct. Each step begins to rock and crack the walls of limitation. You’re creating differently now, from signs and synchronicity, from flows, patterns and numerology, from inner pulls nuances and intuitions. Some will even be weaving reality from sacred geometry.

These are the star-being skills, born of soul frequencies, that are activating widely and wanting to come fully alive in us. The giant of lilliput is pulling on the tethering and steadily breaking free.

The 9 Soul Frequencies of Authentic Expression

What frequency of expression am I talking about exactly?

The soul in you is a harmonic – a basket of different resonances, and nuances: surrender, trust, accepting, drive, will, courage, diplomacy, alchemy, translation, and creation. These are expressions of the natural rays of unity consciousness of the soul. When expressed, these are what weave the quantum field into form.

Here at Openhand, we’ve committed a huge amount of time, attention, and observation of these inherent soul frequencies, both in our own lives and working with people around the world. Here’s a summary of 9 rays we’ve worked on and the essence of what they’re about…

What we’re also realising is that different star being nations express particularly on different frequencies: the Pleiadians on the Ray 2 of joy for example; the Andromedans on the science ray 5; the Arcturians on the altruistic ray 6; the Lyrans on the alchemy of ray 7. Realigning groups from the intervention are liberating other rays too. As I’ve expressed in the video in the conclusion, what we’re witnessing is the beginnings of reconciliation between these various groups and an essential inquiry toward collaboration.

This all bodes extremely well, since the various Star Being Nations have greatly influenced the trajectory of the planet both positively and negatively. Until now, it’s been the shadow that’s held the upper hand. Now the tables are turning.

How do we each benefit?

In 2023, Taking Ownership of Every Single Moment

It’s time to go to work! In the spiritual gym each day and each moment present. Whether with your family and friends, whether at work or play, it’s now crucial that you liberate authentic soul expression. How do you do this?

Watch where you slip into repetitive throughts, actions and emotions that close you down into the old ways of doing and being. Watch especially where you get tight and reactive inside. If you’re honest and watching yourself, you’ll notice. Stop blaming the other for these triggers – because you’ve given your power away, handing over your mastery to someone or something else.

Take ownership of every single moment. Why did you create it that way? What have you been afraid of, what outcome are you avoiding? Break the tightness by daring to confront the attachment of what might “go wrong”. The soul is not afraid of the outcome of authentic expression. It’s only the ego that is. It fragments the soul into the old behaviour patterns instead. But with commitment and determination you can interrupt these patterns and break them open, crucially, inside of yourself. Feel the constractions, don’t give in to what’s expected, pause in the moment, and break them open into complete self acceptance. Dare the moment to shape differently.

Now, once you’ve created the space of complete self-acceptance, watch for that all-new frequency of feeling and expression to come through. Watch for the external reflections: maybe in a creature that appears on your landscape; maybe up in the skies with the sun breaking through or clouds creating emotive patterns. Maybe it’s in a song lyric you hear, vibrant colours that make you feel lively; maybe it’s in numerology that inspires the sense of intrigue and being divinely cared for. Give voice, movement and creative expression to these feelings. And now, watch in your life for the situations and circumstances to shape differently. Watch for the new opportunities appearing on your landscape. Step positively into them.

Message for 2023: Oodles of Opportunity and Possibility

Put succinctly, this is how we can shape new realities that are more fulfilling, abundant and harmonious as we step into 2023. You’ve got to work for it. It won’t just happen without your commitment into it. But it’s all there within you. It’s natural and authentic. It is positively yearning to come alive in you and break out.

The opportunity is there in every single choice and moment. In 2023 you have endless possibility to activate it. And what’s more, our Star Being brothers and sisters are there in the ether illuminating the way, backing up our every step. I’m feeling tremendously inspired and enthused by this new sense of the quantum field unfolding before us. That’s what I’ve communicated in Openhand’s New Year message for 2023. Be inspired…

Bright blessings for 2023 from all at Openhand.

If you feel inspired and intrigued, to want to create from this new opportunity in 2023…
Explore the evolutionary work of Openhand

See you along the flow.


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