The Fire Trine, Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse – The Gateway to Love

The Fire Trine, Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse - The Gateway to Love

29th March 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Can you feel the intensity rising?

A very concentrated and potent influx of energy is flooding in for us right now. Starting with January of this year, the vibration of Earth began amplifying. The 7th and final Pluto Uranus Square alignment (March 17) followed by the total Solar Eclipse in Pisces (March 20) raised the frequencies to become ever more noticeable and influential.

We are in the midst of a very significant astrological gateway. The challenge I am sure many of you are feeling at this point is to stay present and balanced. The awareness of all distortions that reflect separateness are being made apparent. This processes is allowing us to strengthen our 5th dimensional connection and the unity consciousness that has emerged within ourselves (individually and collectively).

Our Evolutionary Growth

So what is going on?

On a very complex and deep level, the current influx of energy on Earth right now is aligning and balancing various energy patterns in our energetic fields. All outdated patterns that reinforce illusions of separateness and pain are needing to finally be rinsed out of our energetic being. Thoughts, ideas and emotional attachments that are fear-based expressions of ourselves are no longer being supported in our lives.

This outdated but lingering energetic debris is needing a final flush. The balance and frequency of Earth is no longer supportive of this lower vibration, and as you and she are interconnected, this process right now is about becoming adjusted to these new levels of being.

It can seem overwhelming. It can feel as if experiences spiral out of control, even feelings of disruption. It may also feel as if you are just constantly rushed off your feet trying to keep up with all the demands of these changing vibrations. This process is forcing the issue of seeking to find genuine harmony and balance; coming into alignment. The more this is balance is embodied in our lives, the greater the feeling of serenity we will experience. We are literally learning to balance and integrate the multidimensional Self in every moment; in heart, mind, body and soul.

The Gateway to Love

As our connection to Earth grows and we become more aligned to the frequency she is vibrating on now, we begin to notice that we are faced with a lot of inner ‘shadow work‘ to do. The path to inner mastery is present and illuminated for us now. Each of us are being faced with the challenge of dealing with these very high vibrational energies and rising to the opportunity we are being presented in every moment — to become more aligned with the Self and anchored in the emergent unity consciousness.

Going with the flow of things and allowing situations to unfold as they are is so vital at the moment. A process of inner integration, the 3rd dimensional ego is becoming aligned and connected with the 5th dimensional higher self. We are, in each and every moment, being asked to speak and act from the heart-centered space within us. This is such a powerful time as this processes of stepping into one’s true self, the awakened self, is unfolding.

These energetic challenges we are experiencing right now require our full attention. Things can seem volatile and chaotic at times. When this is being experienced is it important to remind yourself of your connection to Earth. It is important to take a step back, to breathe and regain our balance (Libra). When things seem to be spinning, fast, go with the flow.

The Fire Trine, Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse

We are in the midst of a very powerful Fire Trine, with Uranus and the Sun in Aries trine Jupiter in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius. Fire reflects the energy of cleansing and rebirth. Take a time out when needed and try to spend as much time in nature as you can. And when you are not able to step away completely from the chaos, connect to the space of tranquility and peace within you.

The Fire Trine, Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse - The Gateway to Love 3As we approach the Full Moon in Libra, which will be a Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon (April 4), these energetic patterns will continue to amplify. This is mainly because the Moon will conjunct the Lunar Nodes which have been moving through Libra/Aries since February last year.

This is a time of mastery and perfecting, and will require us to reflect and adjust if we are to make use of this wonderful opportunity. The energy frequency on Earth will be demanding the unity consciousness be integrated into our physical reality. Although it has not yet manifested into our 3rd dimensional reality, the vibration of unity consciousness, the 5th dimension, is now present. Our job now is to become comfortable with how that feels and works, and to adjust our lives (individually and collectively) to reflect and align with that energy.

This transition is the gateway to our future of living in love and unity. Our job at this time is to align and balance our outer reality to this unity consciousness. This will be the only vibration that will be supported as we move further into this new vibration.

In all situations during this transition, anything that reflects or causes us pain or suffering demands more love. I cannot stress the importance of this enough right now… Give more love to yourself! Give more love to everyone! Embrace, accept and heal the shadow aspects of yourself and those around you, as they continue to arise. Do not try to reject, suppress or ignore the shadow aspects of yourself for it will not work. This energy is being driven from the shadows to the surface right now in order to finally be healed and released. When faced with the shadow, self-exploration, acceptance and love is the only solution.

Allow the light to transform the darkness.

Please watch the video below for an ever deeper explanation.


The Gateway: The Equinox, Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Full Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra

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  • Allie Graff

    That was one of the most beautifully written articles I have ever read. It was almost hypnotic to read. I loved every word of it. Thank you for sharing your light!

  • After the Tetrad and the Blood Super Moon comes the torrential rains of the Godzilla El Nino. Almost like some monster movie: Godzilla vs the Super Blood Moon.