The Spiritual Significance of Brexit in the Great 5D Earth Shift

The Spiritual Significance of Brexit in the Great 5D Earth Shift

30th June 2016

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The ‘unthinkable’ happened in the UK when a majority voted against the EU ‘big brother’ state. No doubt there was a great complexity of reasons why the people decided to go that way, including fear, nationalism and small-self interest. But there were also many others who voted for greater personal sovereignty — rather than handing over their conscious choice to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

During the polling I went into my heart and asked… “What does the natural flow want?” As Gaia deluged the financial capital of London, to me, the mirror was saying… “Look what the global consumption machine is doing to the planet!”

So what is the greater significance of Brexit going forwards?…

Institutionalised Environmental Catastophe

I observe the Planet has been influenced and controlled by an Interdimensional Intervention. One that has sought dominion of the earth through the hearts and minds of the people. This “raptor consciousness” of excessive consumption has been driving the biosphere into terminal decline. On the surface it is all neatly packaged and sanitised, so that we may think such institutionalised exploitation is ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’. But for those who really care to look up from the mainstream media and witness the results, the facts, I believe, are stark-staringly obvious…

  • Environmental catastrophe that will soon see the arctic without ice resulting in increasingly destructive global weather patterns
  • CO2 emissions escalating through the 400 parts per million dangerous red line and the accelerating release of 50 Gigatonnes of permafrost methane, leading to perilous global warming
  • Global droughts, fires and flooding (see: The Himalayas are Burning)
  • Oceans that are acidifying at their fastest for 300 million years, which has always previously precipitated collapse of the global eco-system
  • Between 100 and 200 entire species of creature going extinct daily
  • 50% of the world’s wildlife gone in just the 200 years since the beginning of the industrial revolution and 50% of the earth’s trees.
  • 65 million refugees worldwide and rapidly growing — the effect of the relentless scrabble to grab land and resources, sparking war and civil unrest.

I put it to you, the writing is very clearly on the wall for those moving beyond resistance or denial. World leadership in tackling these fundamental issues of existence has been woefully inadequate. If humanity does not willingly break down the global trading systems that are systematically raping Mother Earth, ultimately life will have to realign itself. It always does.

An Essential Part of Unravelling the Intervention

The wholesale exploitation of the Earth has been presided over by a controlling New World Order — the human level of that Interdimensional Intervention. The overall agenda (according to its actions, effects and past history) is control, in order to exploit people and resources before then moving on to other realities elsewhere. It’s a perspective that many are increasingly agreeing with.

The EU is clearly a key fulcrum within this NWO. It ‘neatly’ packages and sanitises the exploitation of Earth, it’s people and resources, based on the engine of ever escalating consumption. Whilst people may feel more financially abundant in the short term, the effect on the natural ecosystems going forward is catastrophic.

This intervention has been engaged at the deepest levels by benevolence. Such that the foundationary 4D field matrix has been unwound and dispatched. What was left, was the controlling levels on the plane of the 3D intellect – the “New World Order” – of which the EU is a critical part. I believe how ever unpopular Brexit might be in the wider world, it signals the terminal decline of that controlling layer, which to me, can only be a good thing.

With the deluge on polling day Gaia was clearly signifying her own conscious choice — to reclaim the planet for the good of the majority of sentient life, not just the human kind. The process of that reclamation is her Shift into 5D consciousness, a more equitable and just New Paradigm in a higher vibrational frequency. For that to happen, the old structures of consciousness in the lower densities must be unraveled and realigned. (See this fundamental exploration… The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth.)

It means an unraveling of any level of control that would resist the higher consciousness shift, like for example the NWO. For whatever personal reasons people eventually voted, I believe Brexit is a natural consequence of this underlying energy shift.

Finding the Universal Language of Love

Of course, it is going to provoke fear and uncertainty, when the foundations society has based itself upon are increasingly unraveled. There will be countless people who don’t see or understand it. But I put it to you that it is necessary in order for a Great Realignment with the natural flow of life to happen.

These are phenomenal forces at play. But I know that the shift is being conducted as gently as possible, so as not to wreak immediate havoc and chaos. An opportunity is now emerging for all lightworkers to step up, become more visible and step out — to make sense of the wider shift in a way that can be more generally understood.

Put simply, it is the language of love, compassion for all sentient life, overcoming fear, reconnecting with our divinity and surrendering to the natural flow of universal realignment.

This is a language which many understand in their heart.

Energy Workers Unite!

As I spoke of in DIVINICUS (rise of the divine human), I believe the breakdown of the current system will steadily encourage and facilitate groups of people coming together in more localised communities — “Islands in the Storm” — to support and help one another as life on 3D Earth becomes increasingly challenged in the years ahead. I am greatly heartened by the rapid rise of the Transition Towns Movement, quietly beavering away in the background. These are groups of conscious people everywhere, looking for more sustainable and resilient ways of living, more at one with Mother Earth and the natural harmony of life.

I wish I could say this was going to be easy. I cannot! This Great 5D shift is going to activate and bring to the surface humanity’s shadow side. But such a mirror also provides great opportunity for people to express the goodness and compassion in their hearts too. We get to self-actualise through it – we’re encouraged to decide who we are, through our own soul-sovereignty.

There will be turmoil ahead. Of that there is no doubt. Other societal systems will come and go. The new systems will be a necessary counterbalancing essence of stability in this Great Shift. But the ‘end game’ is a transition into 5D consciousness. That is well underway now. As lightworkers, let’s step up to that challenge, and be all that we can be.

(on behalf of Openhand)

About the author:

OpenOpenhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living.

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  • Michael Howard

    Your article articulates a absolute truth . How ever we must organize into Spiritual Warfare Groups. Any attempt by various factions to come together to effect change thru protest or organizing new political institutions is like re arranging the chairs on the Titanic so to speak. . It is Spiritual Warfare we must organize and engage in. There can be no change unless it is based on righteousness thru a Spiritual understanding. Our battle is not against flesh blood in the form of a Clinton or a Trump who I personally call aka Emanuel Goldstein Ala the book “1984”: The flesh and blood is guided by an Enemy who is part of the wrong intervention going on in our plane of the universe.The weapons of our Warfare are not carnal but mighty in Spirit and are against wickedness in high places (paraphrased)

    Whether you ascribe that Enemy from the intervention ; or as in John 10:10, the Archons of the Gnostic’s or modern cultural the Sith Imperative as portrayed in Star Wars book 13 Darth Plegueis. The battle is ancient and extending over 1000’s of years. That Enemy operates from places outside of physical consciousness yet but has control of it. “As above so below”

    By example the call for naming radical Islam as a way of defining an enemy by those on the right is not as important as defining the real Enemy i.e. Evil. The under penning of the EU foundations spring from evil/an enemy which engineered (In part in 1871 by Albert Pike the Satanist, Masonic and Klu Klux Clan founder which documented by his groups actions despite Nay Sayers and researchers who say he did not write about it) 2 World Wars in order to create an environment, by which to force conditions that would lead to One World Governing Body/Order out of Chaos (New World Order emanation ) . It could then offer a younger generation hope thru various subterfuge by eliminating any symbolism of Nationality. Whether Nationalism is good or bad belies the point. As you point out personnel Sovereignty is eliminated by the NWO. Guess Star Wars Episodes 1 -3 along with the books was wasted on the young. They missed the message over gaining things thru chaos is designed to eliminate personnel sovereignty and more importunately righteousness is which is in the human DNA deign (see below) by a sovereign creative force.

    Thus the young are upset about Brexit. There can be little unity to create any change of which you speak of with out building on a strong foundation. Not like the one built on the sinking sand , order out of chaos, of which the Star Wars tale is emblematic of. No lasting success for change will come until : (1) the body politic defines the Enemy as evil arrayed against the principals of how humanities DNA Which equals = righteousness as is designed through/by: love , harmony, cooperation; excellence vs competition as defined by industry; forgiveness; happiness i.e. joy. (2) join in prayer of the religious groups or directed intentions as defined by New age groups to shake and expose the spiritual weakness in high places. (3) Only they can you establish an order built on a foundation of righteousness which is how human kind was designed to function in the first place.