What If You Did Things Differently Today?

What If You Did Things Differently Today

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We’re living in two worlds right now. The one of the old rules, the old systems, the soft synthetic shoulder to park your dreams on. But then there’s another world; one that is forming from the light cracking through the old system. It’s a magical place of infinite possibility. It rejuvenates your soul and breathes you back alive.

But you’ve got to look for it; you’ve got to work for it. The path isn’t easy, it’s a constant conscious choice to find it in every moment, then to open out into it. It’s about challenging previously accepted norms, approaching life differently then you have done before. It’s looking for something new — searching deep for that vibe that brings you alive…

The Shafts of Light are Peeking Through

Imagine the soul has been encased within a concrete box, one that through your inquiry, is now beginning to crumble. The shafts of light are beginning to peek through. But the old consciousness is still there, very heavy, and it’s not always easy to trust in the new reality, the new choice, the new way of doing things.

You have to dig deep; keep looking for those soft shafts of light; keep allowing them to infuse you and your life — and you do it by bringing attention to them. Allowing them to connect up within you.

It’s about breaking the rules. It’s looking at the moment differently, intently, searching for that little breakthrough, that can unleash a streaming flow of light.

Something Different Today

It might be something as simple as choosing a new route to work. What do you notice? What jumps out? And most importantly, how do you feel about that?

The soul is all about integrating feelings of rightness inside. If it lands as that kind of “aha” moment, where your inner beingness just seems to click in, then you know you’re flowing with the soul.

Sometimes you’ve got to wait for the experience that is you.
Sometimes you have to wait for the right vehicle to shape around you.
It means not necessarily jumping on the first bandwagon that shows up.

Shafts of Light Connecting in Your Future

Have the courage to keep breaking down the layers, keep chipping away at your behaviours to unleash authentic you. Then most definitely, you’ll create a flow, which sweeps you up, into the New World. All the shafts of light will connect somewhere in your future.

Did I say it was easy?

Easy it is not!

It requires the constant exploration, the constant attention, the constant unwinding and peeling away of the old world consciousness.

But if you’re reading this, it’s because you were drawn to it; and that means you can do it.

Don’t Settle for Less

So try something different today. Let the tired old world of ‘should do‘ and ‘have to do’ progressively fall from your shoulders and your landscape.

If you’re reading this, the old world is not for you anymore. Your soul’s calling out for the different way, the new vibrancy, the new way of being that honours the depths of your individuality and cherishes the whole of life.

So don’t settle for less than. Keep searching for the superlative in you.

That’s why I love this video. For me, it catches the sense of that cherished inquiry really well…


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