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Wake Up World articles on a range of topics, from consciousness and meditative practices to energetic healing and the exploration of our 5-dimensional reality.

Sex and the Transcendence of Self

January 19th, 2017 By Sofo Archon Guest writer for Wake Up World Why are people so obsessed with sex? Sexual intercourse is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have. Through the communion...

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The Warrior in the Modern Age

January 13th, 2017 By Stefan H. Verstappen Guest writer for Wake Up World Just as they did in civilizations throughout history, our current regimes are doing everything in their power to rid our...

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How Fear Keeps The Matrix Running

January 9th, 2016 By Arno Pienaar Guest writer for Wake Up World Hatred, fear, resistance and persistence follow each other in a chain reaction, which is the main cause of keeping our reality...

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Stay Strong

January 6th, 2017 By Wes Annac Guest writer for Wake Up World “The people who [are] trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?” – Bob Marley To say life is hard is an...

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