Equanimity, Crown Activation and a Gift

By Indra

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

I will be the first to admit: It’s quite the ride! I mean, it’s hardly anything new, as this entire year has been one big expansive journey (for many of us, at least) but more than ever do I feel the energies of breakdowns, breakthroughs, upgrades and new exciting ways.

It’s not all a walk in the park, though. I see and hear people – friends, family and clients alike – who are struggling to stay balanced as they surf these massive swells of change. Even in my own life, I feel the need to be extra diligent with following my bliss instinct and staying in that space of acceptance and equanimity. A dear friend of mine reminded me how much easier it had made his life, once he accepted that everything is exactly how it should be, and so I pass that simply wisdom on:

There is divine grace in  everything  we go through in life,  and you are  just  where you’re supposed to be.

I’m sure you already know, but sometimes it’s just nice with a reminder.

Another thing I wanted to share with you that might make it easier to find acceptance of what is going on – right now and in general in your life – is a crown center activation. This is the center of ultimate self-acceptance.

Your brain is the super center that governs all other parts of you body. By making a commitment to evolve at this level, you send that information to all aspects of your being.

By activating and accepting your higher self and the crown energy,  you inherently accept all parts of your body. By accepting all parts of your body, you also accept all parts of your life.

You activate this center by sending your blood flow to the very top of your brain, and surrender to the sensations. In many ways, this activation is what will open all other doors for you. If you want to connect with you true self, you will need something to make sure your lower self doesn’t stand a chance – you need commitment. This activation empowers your higher self to shine and lets every other system in your body know the new standard by which you have committed to live your life.

Now, the last thing I wanted to share with you this time is something very exciting.

I have a gift for you:  The LumenOctave Booklet  

It highlights ALL the different aspects within your LumenOctave  (the interplay between your soul and your body) and covers all the activations you can do to upgrade your life.

I offer this information to you for free because I want to support you as much as I can, especially right now, when everything is being shaken and stirred in a big, big way.  I really hope you enjoy it. Also, if you feel like sending it to friends, please feel free; it’s yours to do with whatever you please  🙂

I send you much love and look forward to sharing more cool information with you on how to stay tuned in with your bliss.

Till next time


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