Instability and Unrest are Part of Our Unconscious Programming. Let’s Change It!


By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This is the state of the world today: In the financial realm, we chose short-term profit over long-term sustainable growth. When it comes to beauty, we look for quick fixes with plastic surgery and cosmetics over inner radiance. In relationships, we look for “One” over the recognition that no matter the end result, all relationships provide valuable lessons.

Why have we been programmed to look for the quick and dirty fix? Why don’t we take time to apply logic, assess facts, and adopt what makes sense? What’s in the way of us stepping back and looking at the bigger picture?

Do we fear that the right way into abundance, beauty, and love might take too long… that we only have a limited time on earth so we may as well take short cuts, look ageless, take on debt, and grasp at love to feel good about ourselves?

Try this perspective on: This is all a part of unconscious programming.

We were programmed with a sense of urgency, and we live with the false interpretation of what is termed “living in the Now”.

When you tune into how you are feeling right now, ask yourself, “Am I completely relaxed? Is there a person, event, time and place that is pulling at me? Am I completely present?” Then answer honestly.

You might find that most of the time when you are in the Now, there is a pull from another “time and place”…. a feeling of where you should be next or what you should be doing instead.

We seldom fully embody who we are. Note the word embody. This is a very powerful word, for it is actually the true version of living in the now. Embody = I AM IN BODY.

If we can sever the strings that are constantly tugging at us, we find that we naturally return to  Homeostasis,  which is defined as  “a process in which the body’s internal environment is kept stable.” (Source- Wikipedia).

We are constantly craving stability…. financial, emotional, and mental stability. We as a human culture have rejected the stability of homeostasis and embrace the instability and dissatisfaction that comes from wanting a time, space, or situation other than the one you are in right now.  Instability breeds dissatisfaction, and stability puts an end to it. With stability, you can jump off the hamster wheel and start enjoying your  emBODYment.

Please be aware that the programing is subtle. Most of us don’t even know when or how it happened.

The truth is, programming started at a deeper root  level… with the glands and organs.  Our glands have been attacked with Genetically Modified foods, low frequency-generating technologies like power plants, pollutants like chemtrails, and “brain washing” happening in the educational system and through media. We have been bombarded with information that shuts down our inner power, and replaces it with servitude and obedience to the CULTure.

Our glands have been structurally changed to “not function” in their natural state. There is agitation and unrest programmed into the deepest cellular levels of the body. Hence we find it impossible to Embody the body. And it’s not just the Pineal gland we’re talking about. All of the glands are calcified and programmed with fear, disharmony, and a sense of urgency to want and need more.

Returning the glands and organs to their natural state is the work we have to do. We have to take control of the paradigms we unconsciously signed on for and begin to revert the damage. When the organs and glands return to their natural state, the body reaches homeostasis. True stability comes with physical stability of all the organs.

As quoted in  The Emerald Tablet of  Hermes: “As within, so without”. So if we start correcting the problem at its source, the effects of these changes are ubiquitous. Stability emerges and guides your life’s choices and perceptions. Off the rat wheel you go of wanting more, better, different. Then and only then will you finally begin to experience your natural state of bliss.

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