Synchronicity – Letting It Go

Letting It Go - Rethinking Synchronicity

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I love the expression, “What if they had a war and nobody came?” I feel the same about the matrix and the awakening.

What if the matrix had nowhere to manifest?

Our idea of self is contrived. It’s broadcast at us from birth and reinforced by the world around us. It’s on this false, heavily reinforced self-screen on which they are able to project their manipulated worldview. We cooperate, believe their paradigm to be the only one, and help pass it on to succeeding generations.

All the while asleep to the True reality within and without us.

Bugs on the Windshield

We use our egos like a windshield. The trouble is, it keeps us from fully experiencing the true reality. Imagine there was no windshield. You are spirit and not material. Those bugs would pass right through your field of vision instead of creating their artificial reality.

Which is exactly what happens. Your reality, what you see and perceive in life, becomes the crap stuck on your windshield with very little of the true picture getting through to you.

It’s the same with consciousness. When you wake up you realize you have nothing to defend, nothing to fear, nothing to strive for. You find out you’re already complete and connected to everything. No one can take your freedom because you are freedom. You realize this whole game of life that’s been meticulously laid out for us is built upon implanted wants and perceived needs based on amongst other things, a false sense of scarcity, and the impulse to strive to get what you are told you need.

None of this has to be. It’s all based on ignorance and the whims of a predator race that feeds off of the sleeping aphids they’ve co-created and manipulated.

Sad, but true.

Hooks and Hoops

That’s all Velcro is. Now if those little hooks were straightened out, nothing would stick to the the hoops, would it. Picture our manipulated idea of self is these bent attitudes and deformed ideas of reality. You can get “strung along” by just about anything. And when it sticks, your hooks feel useful and you start accumulating stuff. You grow and start to appear as though you are what is sticking to you.

Synchronicity - Letting It All Go - Hooks & HoopsEveryone else is mimicking the same thing, so you feel justified and even comforted. In fact you look for stuff to stick to you.

This is happening on several levels. You sit and watch TV and stringy Velcro balls are flying at you in all dimensions and you can’t even see most of them. You just come away with more crap clinging to your mind, heart and spirit and hardly notice.

The only reason this stuff sticks is because you’re “hooked”. Somehow, somewhere you and I were programmed with hooks and hoops that attach to stuff.


Letting go of this mindset is not an overnight thing, but your wake can be. It takes time to realize all the ways we’ve been programmed and the vast quantity of disinformation and wrong mechanisms we’ve been given. The beautiful thing is it’s actually a very simple process to get free. You just have to listen to your inner consciousness and dig into real and true information.

Then do what your awakened consciousness tells you to do.

That’s the “catch”. Unless you put what you’ve learned to be true into action you’ll be just another stillborn spiritual baby. That’s not what you want. Just get started one response at a time and it all just kicks in.

What makes it difficult is that waking up is cross-grain to society. The matrix is built to search out and smother dissent. It doesn’t like to be exposed, so it will activate all kinds of machinations to stop you; fear, guilt, humiliation, doubt, retribution, peer pressure, financial worries, and now even governmental threatenings.

It’s nothing new. That’s how they run everybody’s lives. But when you start speaking up as well as changing your life according to what you’ve learned to be true, you’ll see fantastic confirmations, but you’ll also see some weird stuff come up.

My advice is to just let it pass.

Don’t put the windshield back’s all a lie to get you to do that.

The Spider and the Fly

The central spider concept is a real one. Nasty forces are behind this Matrix web. The beauty of it is once you “get it” the Matrix loses its power over you. True Universal Consciousness, of which we are part, is beyond these lower level matrices and paradigms.

Synchronicity - Letting It Go - The Spider and The FlyHowever, those unaware are subject to many influences. I don’t fully understand the dynamics by any means, but those trapped in this web of deceit and control are not just subject to psychological, social, political and economic manipulation, but spirit manipulation as well. The worst of which is religion, but this has also morphed by manipulated “new age” dynamics. There’s much to beware of.

True spirituality is diametrically opposed to organized religion, doctrines or beliefs of any kind. Oddly enough, those entrapments feed off of this hunger for spirituality and then build their elaborate hierarchical structures to control and contain it.

Again, the matrix.

Warning – Cling-Ons Are Real

The warning though, is this. Beware the cling-ons… the real ones. Whatever you want to call these negative, parasitic socio-political “conventionals” and even inter-dimensionals. “Cling-ons” is simply appropriate because that’s exactly what they do. But the “hooks and hoops” need to be in place for the cling-ons to be effective.

You’ve seen dark and mean people who appear to be periodically powered by something outside themselves. This is real. And we’ll be seeing more and more of this in the days to come. It happens to people who invite these influences in, consciously or subconsciously. They either like the lusty lives they get into as a result, the psychopathic control over others, or their propensity for violence gives them a sense of power. It often manifests in outright Satanism or extreme religiosity of some such self-righteous exercise. Sexual deviance and child abuse “naturally” run rampant amongst these people.

Stay far away from anyone prone to these influences. Trust your instincts.

This is why we need to wake people up. The ignorant can not only be easily manipulated by the matrix, but they can get “jumped” by weird things going around. As I’ve been saying, these types of things are manifesting more and more as the Matrix falls apart and we’re bombarded with these vibrational changes.

This shouldn’t put fear into anyone, but we do need a healthy respect for the quickly evolving battleground we are in and aware of its many influences.

Letting Go

That’s the key. Detaching from everything. We are the only ones who let anything have power over us. It happens when we’re ignorant of the Truth and base our thoughts or actions on lies.

Synchronicity - Letting It All GoIt happens when we’re tense, overly left brained about something, in a hurry, or many other “reasons”.   All to be vigilantly monitored and avoided.

It happens when we try to defend ourselves and any sense of “who we are”. It happens when belief replaces knowledge and experience. It happens when we don’t respond to what Love tells us to do.

It happens when we’re attached to the outcome. This Velcro effect is a tough one, it keeps growing back and catches so many. When we get set in our minds that something needs to be a certain way, or we need to be in a certain place, or at a certain time when it’s actually arbitrary, or think our goals of any sort are “set in stone”, we’re setting ourselves up for trouble. That applies even more so to “beliefs”.

What if the Universe opens another door? We’re not free to enter it in that mindset. Our mind’s made up. In fact, in that state of mind we can’t even see the new door that opened, for any one of the reasons listed above.

In those states we’re “unconscious”.

Synchronicity for Fun and Prophet

My definition of personal freedom is when we’re free to follow life’s signs and live in synchronicity. This for me is a daily adventure and constant check for me whether I’m in the moment now, or somewhere else.

The wonderful thing is, following synchronicity is fun! Wrong turns become right turns. Delays become adventures. Red lights become free time…free to enjoy the scenery and look for something we might need to see.

Carl Jung defined synchronicity as the ”acausal connecting principle” that links mind and matter. It manifests as uncanny yet meaningful coincidences and serendipities. Since we’re all interconnected in a flowing field of information it makes perfect sense we should be able to see this inter-connectivity at work, and the more conscious we become and learn to fully live in the moment, the more we’ll see.

So keep an eye out for synchronicity—they’re extremely powerful experiences and really enhance your life.

This is a great time be alive..but not a good time to be asleep.

So keep the wake up rolling–if folks don’t listen now, they’ll remember what you said real soon!

Keep it loving.

Love, Zen

Updated August 2014

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I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold.  My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you…. just wondering. Love Zen.

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