Robin Williams: the Spiritual Significance of Your Barbaric Yawp

Robin Williams - the Spiritual Significance of Your Barbaric Yawp19th August 2014

By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

An Inspirational Soul ~ R.I.P.

Occasionally a person comes along and touches deep into the core of your soul. Robin Williams had the capacity to do that. You very much got the sense that, although he was a brilliant character actor, he was touching intimately-authentic moments in life. That’s what made him so special.

My heart is heavy with his death, yet simultaneously uplifted by the genius he left behind in his films.  Here’s a clip that I find particularly inspiring from “Dead Poets Society”…

In the work that I do with Openhand, I notice just how many people are limited in their ability to truly express the depths of their soul. It’s because people find themselves so repressed – society is just too ‘good’ at conditioning people to enslaved lifestyles; an integral part of the synthetic reality we’re living in. I find you often have to push people; to take them beyond the limit of their comfort zone. When you do that, frequently something spectacular will arise.

We all have genius within the depths of our being. It’s simply a question of activating it and letting it out.

Robin Williams, your soul is pure genius. My heart is warmed in the knowing that you’re with the angelic realms now and will live on again; to inspire and captivate as you did here…

From my heart to yours.

(on behalf of  Openhand)

A Barbaric Yawp ~ Dead Poets Society

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OpenOpenhand  is the name we give to a highly evolved benevolent consciousness that has been around since the dawning of time. It is that energy which works within the weave of the fabric of life, helping to unravel blockages, rebalance disharmony and bring greater enlightenment to the universe. It works as a synchronistic mirror, revealing what is holding us back and how we can take the next evolutionary step.

My soul is intimately connected with the higher dimensions where I find myself in communion with this benevolent presence most of the time. We ‘speak’ through the language of telepathic synchronicity: plain knowing of signs and symbols, an intuitive, objective interpretation of the flow of the moment which helps me understand and realise the various underlying impulses that are activating and influencing people’s lives here in the lower realm.  The Openhand Foundation works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

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