Is Modern Medicine Smarter than Mother Nature?

Is Modern Medicine Smarter Than Mother Nature14th September  2014

By  Dr. Michelle Kmiec

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Despite all the evidence to the contrary,  pharmaceutical mega-money machines would have you  believe  that modern medicine is far more advanced and knowledgeable than “mother nature”.

Really? Let’s see.

The Truth about Vitamin A

Vitamin A is not the toxic monster that the medical industry  portrays it to be. Vitamin A is not toxic when in  proportion  with Vitamin D and  only when the source is natural such as  cod liver oil; in other words,  not synthetic.

Synthetic Vitamin A is the form that is used when you see on a label the word, “Fortified”. This form is not the same as the natural form of  Vitamin A  that you can get from fruits and vegetables or from animal sources. The synthetic form of this vitamin is likely to promote toxicity and ill side effects. This is much like the recent bad press on  Vitamin E, which neglected to mention that the Vitamin E used was synthetic rather than Vitamin E from a natural source.

Of course this “minor” detail is routinely kept from the general public. Why is this such a problem? Because fat-soluble vitamins tend to be stored in the body. This becomes a dangerous situation when synthetic versions of Vitamin A are used.  Natural Vitamin A, on the other hand, is not toxic even at high dosages such as 100,000 IU per day.

Remarkably, the FDA – in all its wisdom – actually agreed to allow “foods”  like  ketchup, canned tomato soup, and other pseudo-vegetables to boast  the nutritional labeling of beta-carotene.  The following statement demonstrates the ridiculousness of this, as stated in the  Vitamin A Knavery, by  Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD:

“The label for a can of tomatoes says that tomatoes contain Vitamin A, even though the only source of true Vitamin A in the tomatoes is the microscopic insect parts.”

The truth is, both forms of Vitamin A (beta-carotene and retinol) are indeed important for health. But even in parts of the “holistic” community, this toxic myth lives on!

Cod Liver Oil vs. Medical Science

In our world, science has decided it can improve upon what nature has given us. Such is the case with cod liver oil. This highly nutritious fish oil is manually stripped of its Vitamin A content. This is modern medical sciences attempt to make what is natural “better”…  Since obviously nature “got it wrong!”

Between you and me, if people were seemingly healthier due to this selective wisdom, I’d be the first in line to advocate it. Sadly, it just isn’t so.

A study designed to see the effects of children whose mothers took cod liver oil versus corn oil showed remarkable differences. The study involved eighty-four infants who were born to mothers who took cod liver oil.  By the age of four, these children scored higher on intelligence tests that measured proficiency in problem solving and information processing skills than those born to mothers who took corn oil.

“Supplementing pregnant and lactating women with marine omega-3 fatty acids may increase their children’s intelligence at four years,” said Helland, from Rikshospitalet University Hospital in Oslo, Norway.

Two randomized, double blind controlled studies were done in northern Ghana on the effects of high dose Vitamin A and childhood mortality and morbidity. The studies involved the use of high dose Vitamin A (100,000-200,000 IU of retinol) every four months for two years.

Now, remember this is a dosage that has been proclaimed as “toxic” or even “fatal”. Yet, in this study;

“…  significantly lower number of children attended the mobile clinics or hospital in the Vitamin A group than in the placebo group.”

Some may argue that the study  involved  children and not adults.

Okay, here’s another study which examined the result of high dose Vitamin A and Menorrhagia (excessive menstrual bleeding); a condition that plagues a great deal of women. The result of this study was more than significant;  it was astonishing:

“Treatment with  megadoses of Vitamin A (100,000 IU per day)  resulted in a  92 percent cure rate of menorrhagia”

Now, these studies used  only  100,000 – 200,000 IU’s. How about a study with even higher dosages even higher…let’s say 300,000 IU?!

In fact, there was a study to see the effects of 300,000 IU’s of Vitamin A per day on tumors in stage I cancer patients. The conclusion is as follows:

Daily oral administration of high-dose Vitamin A is effective in reducing the number of new primary tumors  related to tobacco consumption and may improve the disease-free interval in patients curatively resected for stage I lung cancer.”

These are just a few examples of studies, among many, which prove that if high dose Vitamin A was as toxic as scientists and medical doctors would have you believe, the patients in these studies would have  died from toxic side-effects?

Time and time again, we are led to believe that only toxic prescription drugs with countless side-effects are the “healthy” choice for us whereas natural nutrients are worthless or worse, “toxic”.

How can this upside-down reasoning possibly make sense to anyone? How could there not be more (or any) outrage? How can there not be more questions?

Here’s a list with the approximate levels of Vitamin A (retinol) in some common foods, in IU’s per 100 grams (from  Vitamin A Knavery)

  • Regular cod liver oil: 100,000
  • Duck liver: 40,000
  • Beef liver: 35,000
  • Goose liver: 31,000
  • Liverwurst sausage (pork): 28,000
  • Lamb liver: 25,000

And don’t forget that some decades ago, cod liver oil was the golden standard that mother’s gave their children on a daily basis. One could argue that this practice was based on faulty knowledge of “less-than-modern medical science”.

Well, all I have to say is,  really?

Health conditions are increasing in children and adults, while  the medical establishment  would have you believe that drugs are the only answer.

Cod liver oil is known to have prevented infection and many ailments in children during tough times such as during World I & II. Nothing is written of these children dying of hypervitaminosis A (Vitamin A toxicity).  But nevertheless, today, cod liver oil is being vilified,  while being  stripped of its  natural levels of Vitamin A,  sold with only  minimal  levels.

Wear a Helmet!

An article by  Don Strange,  President of Physical Fitness Forum,  simply entitled “Vitamin A” summed up the ridiculous fears surround so-called “Vitamin A toxicity” in the following passage:

“Unfortunately the good things that Vitamin A does are overshadowed by a web of misinformation regarding its toxicity. As you well know Vitamin A is TOXIC. While handling Vitamin A latex gloves should be worn at all times. You should not look directly at Vitamin A with the naked eye do to its bright golden color. If Vitamin A fumes are inhaled contact the poison control center immediately. People suffering from Vitamin A toxicity have been know to experience temporary psychotic episodes, so extreme caution should be used if you are treating someone who has fallen victim to Vitamin A. As a precautionary measurement anyone who is suspected to have had a Vitamin A encounter in the last 24 hours should be isolated in a small air tight space preferably sound proof.

“In closing always take the necessary precautions when working with Vitamin A. As a means of minimizing the potential for exposure, pursue opportunities for product substitution such as ice cream and Tylenol. Also reduce quantities on hand as much as is possible. Always store Vitamin A at room temperature. And as always make sure you wear a helmet…”

[I highly recommended reading the entire article (see  Vitamin A)]

This may funny, but the  underlying  reality is that we are being told  lies about the effectiveness natural substances  and inundated  with even more lies – that pharmaceutical drugs are the one and only “safe” or “proven” path to good health.

When looking at  myths  such as “vitamins are toxic” with logic instead of  believing  medical fear  tactics, doesn’t it make you wonder what their true motives really are?

Here are some facts:

Fact 1:  Science generally doesn’t  distinguish between synthetic and natural vitamins. Why not is beyond me! That  distinction is vital  to assessing their benefits. But then again, we are being groomed as a society not to  think twice about eating something full of chemicals, preservatives, dyes and waxes, irradiated and highly processed, and prepared  fast. In the next fifty years we may laugh at the thought,  “You mean people actually ate REAL food?”

Fact 2: Health conditions that are on the increase today such as:  cancer, heart disease, arthritic conditions, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes  were nowhere near the  epidemic in the past as they are today. In those times, foods such as butter, eggs, livers, and cod liver oil were standard. Processed corn oils were not.  And if the current modern of medical dogma is right in its  basic premises, then  shouldn’t these disease rates be going down instead of increasing?

Isn’t  it time that we start asking more questions?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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dr michelle kmiecDr. Michelle Kmiec is a licensed chiropractor who also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology. She is life-long athlete who after curing herself 100% naturally from autoimmune neurological symptoms and anxiety, became an avid nutrition health researcher/promoter, Founder of the natural health website  Online Holistic Health  and  author of  Healthcare Freedom Revolution: Exposing the Lies, Deceit and Greed of the Medical Profession.

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