Path Between Worlds – Into the Fifth Density

Path Between Worlds - Into the Fifth Density

By  Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Yesterday I was at a favourite gorge here in Avalon (UK). The weather was spectacular: a still and crisp autumn day; the trees resplendent in greens, golds and oranges; clouds were flowing into the horizon, across blue sky, like an endless river. When I looked at the rocks, I couldn’t see them anymore; I couldn’t see the trees any longer as purely 3D. The air was no longer air, just passing into physical lungs. As I looked around me, I’d become as one with the consciousness, with the light; and as I looked into the setting sky, it’s like I was flowing into it. I was flowing into the 5D. This, I know as the Path Between Worlds.

Come join the journey…

Eye of the Needle

Much has been written about joining the 5D. Much of it distorted. You can get into the sense of it by temporarily distancing yourself from the 3D, yes. But in many cases, it’s only a bubble which eventually bursts. You have to pass through the 3D in order to finally arrive on the shore of the 5D.  It’s just like passing through the eye of a needle.

You have to confront all of the contractions, all of the lingering hooks that attach you into the density. It’s too hard for most. Most give up when the going gets tough. Or else distance themselves in illusionary realities. But if you’re reading this, you’re drawn because you resonate. You resonate with the truth that we have to pass through that which would limit us.

The paradox is, when we do this, the 3D melts away like a mirage in the desert.

Nothing to Fear But, Perhaps, Fear Itself

There is nothing to fear from this constant confrontation; except that is, perhaps our fear itself. Push past it, break through it, by looking it square in the eyes. Take a chance. Plunge into the deep end. You will not be disappointed, you will not be left wanting; seek and ye shall find.

Soften, open, penetrate through with subtle, inner intimacy. Softly, patiently, persistently, and you’ll burst through. Test the 3D with utmost commitment, absolute awareness. Then you’ll penetrate the illusion of it. You’ll drift right through the eye of the needle.

There is nothing like this feeling.

Louder Than Words

You see the rocks, but no longer only their solidity. You feel their quintessence, as if you are that; their light, their consciousness. You see the trees, but way beyond the separate limitation of 3D eyes. You talk to them, but way beyond the smallness of 3D vocabulary; there’s a knowing exchange, a meeting of souls – namaste – you see the One in them, they see the One in you, what else needs to be said?

And then there’s the sunset.

You’re driving in your car, a queue of traffic, all going about their busy day, a destination here and there, an objective to meet, lines to stay between, traffic lights to control you, the endless roundabout. But as you’re driving, the car merges into the sky, floating with the clouds, into the endless sun. Fortunately, you’re still driving the car! This is how you can feel the 5D through the 3D, not separated, not distant.

This is the Path between Worlds. Believe it is possible. Make your dream become the reality. The Fifth Density: it’s louder than words…

(on behalf of Openhand)

Editor’s note: Appropriately, yesterday was the first day of  Openhand’s 5-day  Path Between Worlds  course at  the new Openhand Centre in the energetic heart of Glastonbury. Openhand offers a range of courses and other services, all designed to  help you catalyse your own evolutionary growth.

Please feel welcome to visit  to learn more.

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 Bombogenesis   the Bomb of the Great RealignmentOpenhand  is the name we give to a highly evolved benevolent consciousness that has been around since the dawning of time. It is that energy which works within the weave of the fabric of life, helping to unravel blockages, rebalance disharmony and bring greater enlightenment to the universe. It works as a synchronistic mirror, revealing what is holding us back and how we can take the next evolutionary step.

My soul is intimately connected with the higher dimensions where I find myself in communion with this benevolent presence most of the time. We ‘speak’ through the language of telepathic synchronicity: plain knowing of signs and symbols, an intuitive, objective interpretation of the flow of the moment which helps me understand and realise the various underlying impulses that are activating and influencing people’s lives here in the lower realm.  The Openhand Foundation  works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

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