Money – The Lifeblood of the Fear Exchange Network

Money Blood of the Fear Exchange NetworkBy Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Aren’t you getting a kick out of this financial meltdown? What a sham! What self induced insanity, and all as if they didn’t know this was what they were in for. It’s the inevitable result of intoxicated psycho-pathetic leeches living off the manipulated matrix of the whirled system, thinking they can crank themselves into eternal material bliss with hardly a glitch.

Nothing could be more moronic, on this scale or any other measuring system. Yet they keep trying.

We all know money is arguably the most blatantly weaponized life force on planet earth. This entire structure of centrally controlled money is a life-sucking, fear- and scarcity-mongering force, installed simply for domination and human energy siphoning. It is so readily manipulated it would make any investor or pitiful stock broker crap their pants to realize it, never mind the ignorant consumer entrapped in this vortex of endless deceit and designed futility.

What a massive joke it would be, were it not for those who suffer under this oppressive false paradigm.

The Slow Release Avalanche

If you’ve ever watched a mountain slide you’ll notice they don’t happen immediately. There are clear warning signs. Not always, but usually. Rocks start to fall; conditions such as heavy rain or earthquakes and the like almost always precede.

When it starts to go you never know how huge the movement will be.

The somewhat awake keep a look out for potential disasters and act somewhat cautiously. But generally most are still subject to the manipulated mainframe paradigm in which they are embedded. Why? Because they are “invested” in it.

Clearly the potential for a huge financial meltdown has been front and center for some time, and obviously accelerating of late. What’s amazing is watching the knee jerk reactions of those attached to this monstrous core of control. It boggles the mind that so many have continued to stay invested in such a contrived contraption of theft and deceit, which is what gives this latest flash of market insanity its seeming swan dive panache.

This has very real applications for all of us; for those still in stupid investment funds “hoping” for an increase in their net worth, those “betting” on the rise of certain stocks or bonds with their hard earned credits it’s sad indeed. First that there should be such a dependency, and second, the willingness to give over their energy.

Just the posture of these poor people, hoping and almost begging the system to “do them good” is a heartbreak in itself. It’s like a hapless yet hoping one armed bandit handle-cranker in a Las Vegas casino drinking himself to death as he tosses his energy coins into the machine hoping for a jackpot.

Which is exactly what it is. And who takes the cake? The “house” – no matter what silly gains you make in the interim. You won’t “win” in their contrived system. Getting the hell out and getting a real life is the only wise decision.

But who’s looking and really paying attention? That’s the ongoing question that plagues me.

That’s How Money Works

It’s all a sham, and a parasitic one, designed by people much smarter and more cunning than all of us. The money system is not only rigged, it is fundamentally created by slime-masters who only intend to profit and control.

Know that, and you’re on your way. Ignore it, and meet your fate.

The current stock market and otherwise controlled money manipulation is nothing more than massive rock moving, setting things in place for the next step of their agenda. Much like the civilizations of old building their mega monoliths, this breed of manipulators operate on an entirely different scale and agenda but nonetheless move massive socio-economic blocks in their sly maneuvers to control the human psyche.

They move paradigms. Or so they’d like to think. We simply wake up to them and “poof”! They’re gone. But there needs to be more of us to swing the tide.

Take Control

Like the rebelling Egyptian slaves of old, we don’t accept their imposed juggernauts of power. We won’t carry their bricks or mortar, or in our case massive psychological projections. That’s a profound statement and a very true one, but how do we carry that out?

So much can be addressed regarding this that has truly profound ramifications. That might sound naive or simplistic but really, how do we shrug this imposing seeming monolith of oppression?

Well, if you ask me, there are a lot of ways. The first thing that comes to mind is to disengage – and laugh at them. Identify the bastards for who and what they are and mock the shit out of them. The insanity of these psychopathic power mongers is enough fodder for a lightyear of comedy routines. Honestly!

Second and perhaps also first: Expose the fuckers! They are sick and wicked and anti-human to the core, of that there is no doubt. Do your damnedest to expose and screw up these bastards to their very wick!

True enlightened information is the antidote.

It’s A War – Know You Are Important

This is all out war, for body, mind and spirit. The financial attribute is only a symptom, but a clear one. Money has been introduced into the human social exchange meme as a supposed means of commerce, but quickly became one of control. It now has psychic power despite its seeming personal economic power. That is a temporary illusion to keep the rats feeding at the trough as they run the treadmill.

It’s time to let it all go. Just let it go. And it seems the crashing system itself will be an aid to this.

They may come up with some kind of “new world order” energy exchange system but simply treat it the same way. They’re desperate power mongers looking to control. Stay clear of whatever they come up with, as best you can. The next phase will be another parasitic treadmill system disguised as a “better way”. Beware.

It’s all a blood-sucking sham. Know that and you’re well on your way.

Much love,


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