Living with Kundalini – Bringing You Alive Again

By Open

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Kundalini is the entirely natural phenomenon of life force — flowing ‘down’ from the source, into sentient life, animating it, and then connecting back to the source once more. It’s like a circuit of electricity, and when you’re fully plugged into it, then it brings you fully alive.

In society most have been disconnected from it, for a vast variety of reasons, from the processed foods that cause disharmonious internal vibrations, to electrosmog and distorted behaviourisms that cut across the natural flow. It leads to a lesser life-style, where you’re constantly searching for something but have forgotten exactly what it is you were originally looking for.

Well, it’s time to come alive again!

Moving past small “I” identification

When you’re plugged into Kundalini it’s like all the lights in the universe suddenly come on. But you have to move beyond identity and control to get there, for these are what disconnect from the flow and cut across it. If you’re holding some kind of intention… “the moment has to be this way and go like that”, then you’ve already made the decision NOT to follow the natural flow.

So to benefit from activated kundalini in your life, you have to move progressively past such limited small “I” identification.

It’s not easy to do that though is it? Let’s be honest — because then you can see what you’re up against and work with it. There’s a myriad of reasons that occur daily of what you ‘should do’ and have ‘got to do’, or ‘if I don’t, then such and such will happen’. That’s the problem, life force has flowed into a vast eddy current called ‘society’ and gotten stuck there.

So we have to progressively wean ourselves of the out-dated behaviourisms and tune into the soul instead — coming increasingly from the insistent inner voice.

Challenging the ‘norms’ in your life

The old conditioning that’s gotten stuck in society’s massive eddy current, creates the false self, which most people then live confined within. It’s the progressive breaking down of this which reconnects lower with higher self. Progressively, powerful flows of consciousness — like waves — are unleashed within.

And as this energy activates, it’s going to take you in directions that challenge the ‘norms’ in your life. This is where we must learn to let go. The classic conditioning is within relationships: a ‘mother’ with her children; a ‘husband’ and ‘wife’; ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. All too often, people allow themselves to be labeled and then act accordingly. Rather that coming from what the soul is inviting.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be in such relationships; what I’m saying is that it’s counterproductive for your behavioursims to then be conditioned by the sense of obligation to another. Let’s be clear, no soul wants you to be obligated to be a certain way. Only egos do that. Your freedom — and the wondrous reflection of that — is what each and every soul that comes in contact with you is truly yearning for.

Living with Kundalini - Bringing You Alive Again 1

What brings them alive, is what brings you alive. I’m not saying the other will immediately embrace your kundalini freedom, it will indeed cause them to confront all their own limitations. But progressively, your freedom will cause those around you to explore what is real and true for them too. Even if ultimately, that means they have to walk a separate path and head off in another direction.

Kundalini can be there for you in every single moment. It’s not just a meditation practice, it’s a practice — a living prayer — for every waking moment.

It’s the continual Breakthrough of what appears to be ‘normal’, ‘fixed’ and ‘solid’, into constantly finding the natural flow and responding to it. You’re watching the TV of an evening, but you know something’s not right, that somehow you’re cutting off to presence. Or you’re eating processed food, which that quiet voice is advising you not to. Or it’s being too locked into social media and mobile phones. Instead, question — ‘do you really need to be doing that?’ And instead…

Show me! What would you have me do now?

Bringing you alive again

Don’t worry if you can’t be living that way the whole time. Kundalini builds progressively, as you turn more of your attention to it. The important thing is not to let life settle into some lesser way of being. You may not have the immediate answer, but the question is what you’re really looking for…

What will bring you alive again?

Last night, my energy was feeling a bit flat, a bit heavy. But instead of giving into the feeling, I took myself off to my cabin to meditate, then to sing and play some music. Within twenty minutes or so, I felt reconnected again, alive and vibrant. A song came on my ipod which had me dancing in joy. I felt to share it with you here, in case it inspires you in your daily life to look beyond the obligation of what you think you should or shouldn’t do, how you should or shouldn’t be…

And here’s the Openhand Philosophy on Activating Kundalini for a more indepth view… What is Kundalini and How to Activate it. So what brings you alive? What activates that universal joy inside of you? Do share below and let’s inspire each other to breakthrough the boundaries.



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