The Liberating and Empowering Effect of Absolute Forgiveness

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On Openhand’s level 3 course DIVINICUS, we explore deeply into the importance of not apportioning blame and instead taking full responsibility for the lives only we are creating — at a soul level, we draw everything to ourselves in order to learn, evolve and grow.

One vital aspect of this approach is that of forgiveness: realising the other person is not to blame for their distortion (and my creation) and therefore being able to forgive them. In my experience, this is one of the most liberating and empowering things we can do. But if EVERY situation is purposefully designed by the natural flow for us to self-realise, then is there truly a need for forgiveness, and if so, what might that look like?

Taking Responsibility

This is an important realisation in the Openhand book 5GATEWAYS: that to blame another is to disempower ourselves because basically we’re saying: “something outside of myself, over which I have no control, is the cause of my beingness.”

To truly empower yourself as a being of the Universe, is to realise and accept, that you are the creator and therefore the master, of every single situation you manifest — that nothing is ‘being done to you’. By the natural Law of Attraction, you draw every experience your soul requires, in order to learn, evolve and grow – to be able to be integrated as an experience of The One, through all universal possibilities.

When this realisation dawns, as we give it breathing space, we might look back through our lives with profound self honesty, looking at every situation from the perspective of, “What was I being invited to realise?” Then, if you inquire deeply enough into any karmic source pain you were carrying (see later), I believe you’ll surely see, how synchronistic patterning guided EXACTLY those situations and circumstances to you. It appears that every person who comes into our lives is helping us self-realise in this way and has a “sacred agreement” to help us evolve.

Finding the Blessing

So if this is the case, then it begs the question, if every person who ‘commits a crime against me’ has a sacred agreement to help me evolve, then what is there to forgive?

If in these circumstances we’re being offered a priceless gift of self-realisation, even if it can, at times, seem almost impossible to integrate and be accepting of.

Consider the biblical story of Jesus and his relationship with Judas (it matters not whether you believe the story to be true, it’s the story itself that can reveal an important realisation). Judas was castigated as a ‘traitor’ in the story, taking his thirty pieces of silver to identify Jesus to the Romans. But we might consider the crucifixion helped Jesus move beyond his own shadow identity (“why have you forsaken me father?”); he was caused to realise that he and the father are one (just as we all are), that he could never be abandoned even in the midst of total violation. It was his own shadow identity seeing itself as separate from the all that is, that was being crucified, and therefore dissolved, leading to Jesus’ enlightenment. So then, if my take on the story bears water, Judas was actually performing an invaluable service not a ‘sin’ — yes he certainly had his own distortions, but the engagement was created in order for the various parties to expose their own shadows.

Absolute Forgiveness

The story also illuminates another crucial aspect of this. It is to realise that each of us manifests the situations we need at a soul level, to expose karmic ‘shadows’, where in a past life, the soul has identified with a particularly traumatic situation, and has then become fragmented into the trauma. The fragment of soul gets buried under layers of repression, retraction and denial — avoidance of the original source pain.

It’s utterly essential therefore, that we regress into these karmic past life situations when they arise. Not to try to push away the pain, to bury it, or placate it. And neither to simply gloss over it, by painting some premature layer of spiritual acceptance on top. To be truly The One, is to be able to accept the fullness of the Universe, both the darkness and the light, without needing to change it. So by regressing into one’s trauma, provides the possibility of complete acceptance by becoming as-one with the pain. Only then do you come to realise, it does not define you. At this point, you discover yourself as The One, and reclaim the fragment of soul gold that was buried in that inner karmic sediment.

This is why I call the approach “Absolute Forgiveness”, because you really have to soften into the absolute in order to process any buried karma and become as-one with it, so as to liberate the aspect of soul that was buried there.

Consider this 9 step healing process for dealing with karmic source pain.

Digging for the Shadows

How might we apply this approach in daily life? Well I invite everyone reading to deeply confront situations where we might consider another has ‘sinned against us’; to see the possibility for deeper self realisation that was presenting itself — What were you attached to? What did you need from the other person? How were you needing them to be?

And most importantly, what inner reaction, what ‘shadow’ does it activate, that I must now work into? Here’s an Openhand video on dealing with those inner contractions and how they present an amazing opportunity to unleash the soul through them…

Is Forgiveness Even Necessary?

When we’re able to empower ourselves in these situations and reintegrate soul through them, it begs the question, “Is there a need to forgive?” I would say that when you’ve reached the point of complete acceptance, where that’s helped you find The One in the situation and reclaim a lost aspect of soul, then the answer would be no, there is no need to forgive. At the same time, at that point of surrender, in the work that we do at Openhand, we still find offering the sense of forgiveness can be valuable — it lets each party know that acceptance and integration has been attained.

At this point, you might say something like…

I accept what took place, thank you for helping me become whole and complete. I see the light in you. I forgive you.

But crucially, only AFTER complete regression into the incident, acceptance of it, and liberation of the soul from the situation.

Absolute Forgiveness then is actually to become awesomely okay with what took place, becoming The One in it by finding peace within your heart, seeing the blessing within the event, taking ownership of the gifts of beingness offered, and then finally, when all judgment has dissolved, forgiving the other person. In a way, it becomes a blessing.

Meditation for Forgiving Another

On Openhand’s level 3 DIVINICUS course, we guide people through Absolute Forgiveness meditations, by regressing them into the original situations and guiding them through the density. People always find them exceptionally liberating. So here below is the kind of meditation approach we apply, that you might also like to work with. It’s taken from the 5GATEWAYS book…

Forgiving another meditation: Create a loving, warm and protected space with incense, candles and soft music. Relax, using deep breathing and visualisation. Allow an experience to arise in the past where you have suffered or were abused at the hands of someone else. Contemplate deeply the situation where you suffered, visualising what you would have seen, hearing the sounds and feeling the feelings. What thoughts and emotions are arising for you? Watch them, feel them, fully express them, so as to become as-one with them.

Go deeper into the situation and contemplate the main perpetrator/s. What was it that caused you to suffer? What were you attached to? How were you forgetting this is all an illusion? Now contemplate what was the blessing? What was the lesson? What were you being invited to realise? What aspect of soul is now wanting to come through? (maybe will and power for example). Can you now integrate that aspect of soul and let go of the suffering and pain?

When you know you are ready, feel the darkness gathering into a heavy, dense ball in your right hand and then next see the ball dissolving into light. Then visualise the perpetrator. Connect with the soul in them. See firstly their perfected light. Can you now let go of your resentment, fear or hate? Can you release yourself from judgment? Keep working at it until you can let go of all such negativity.

If you would like help applying the Openhand Approach to Forgiveness, feel free to contact us.

In loving support,

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