Can We Talk About Awakening, and Why It Can Be Crazy Hard?

By Stacy Vajta

Guest writer for Wake Up World

There’s an incredible amount of change in play. Oh yeah, the awakening. The dial has been cranked up in our personal and global up-leveling. And it ain’t always easy.

I’ve been talking about this “awakening” we are in now for over 10 years and have observed its evolution. Initially what was happening with us was so closely tied to our energetic systems shifting — all those weird energy symptoms were the headlines. Now, the work is about what we are doing.

Your biggest growth will happen by committing to what you know is truly aligned with your heart and spirit. That’s going to heal you and help you contribute to your world. Your inner work is literally helping you to create the personal changes you need to get out into the world and create an even bigger impact.

It sounds simple… just commit to what is aligned. Done. But you know what? It’s not. This seemingly simple task can be crazy hard. It boggles our minds that taking care of ourselves in this way can present so many challenges.

The changes people are making right now are simple in a sense. In my work, we’re distilling problems right down to the core pattern.

I talk about “stepping into your power” and “aligning to your spirit” a lot. What those phrases really translate to is you letting go of the insecurities you have around you being you.

Your work right now is about letting go of the fear you may have of speaking your own voice, being visible in the world, and showing people who you really are. It’s about letting go of feeling like you’ll be judged for making choices that you know are right. Or, it may be about you no longer putting other people’s needs above your own – to the detriment of you living a life you love. It might also be about you taking care of yourself in the best possible way, because you finally see your own value.

Aligning to that stuff means working through what has kept you from that. It means dealing with where your own energy, voice, and power have been diminished.

If you don’t know what’s keeping you from taking the steps you need to create this bigger vision of your life, then that’s where we can work. Let’s uncover what’s in your way. Let’s clear that so you can hold the energy and the awareness you need to feel safe, solid, and in your own power so you know what you are here to do and you have the capacity to do it. That’s the big beautiful work that you can be doing right now to come alive even more. It’s all about you moving into integrity with you. And that’s powerful.

What are you avoiding?

I know that’s a hard question, but I’ve gotta ask it. Being in integrity with yourself is the vibe right now.

  • Are you dismissing those thoughts that you must take better care of yourself?
  • How are you putting off your own inner exploration of why you are staying in work that you hate, or that burns you out, or that simply doesn’t allow you to shine in the way you know you are meant to?
  • Are you shying away from doing more with your life because you either don’t know how to make it happen… or you can’t even imagine what you want?

I’m working on me, just like you are working on you… or I hope you are. And I’ll be 100% honest with you; there are things I am watching myself do, where I just look at myself and think, “Man, I am so not doing what I know I need to.”

It’s time to deal with that sh*t. Really.

The good news is, we all can work this stuff through. We just have to get honest with what we are avoiding and resisting. We have to work with the stuff we are either unwilling or unable to see. So let’s work there. Consciously decide that now is the time to make a change that will take your life into a new direction – a better direction.

If you’re ready to tackle your stuff and get clear, I’m here to help. Let’s talk.

Leave me a comment. Are you finding things that you know you must change… but are finding it crazy hard to do so?

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Stacy Vajta is a transformational coach and intuitive healer, with over 30 years experience working with people to break through the core patterns that hold them back from living a life they love. Her work is a blend of powerful long-distance energy healing, intuitive work, coaching and mentoring, all designed to help you clarify what’s going on, break through what has you stuck and create an easier way to move you forward.

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