5D Shift: Earth’s Ascension Timeline Speeds Up

October 4th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

For anyone at all concerned with the bigger picture of the Shift and what’s really going on, if you’re wondering what the real timeline is and how much we have left, then this 5-minute video below is absolutely essential today. Take a quality 5 minutes out to watch, and then for sure, you’re going to need to take some deep breaths and to process through. It is hard-hitting. Watch the video then jump right into the inquiry with me so I can help you soften the blow…

The Next Great Cycle Conclusion

The Shift is What I incarnated to Share

Since my soul-exchange incarnation 20 years ago that began during a car crash, I have persistently spoken of the grand conclusion the 3D reality on our planet is speeding towards. I saw it, in spectacular visions – the world bathed in a ball of orange fire, that no sophisticated life in the 3D would survive. Instead, I saw souls ascending out into 5D.

Few wanted to listen. Each time I shared, they simply glazed over. I researched the science to back me up – clear evidence of the Galactic Superwave cycle of 12,000 years, the last of which happened 12,000 years ago that brought the then mini Ice Age to a rapid melt inside 3 days. It precipitated a deluge of water around the earth that brought the epoch of Atlantis to a rapid close – Dr Robert Shock in Egypt has uncovered clear evidence that it was precipitated by a Solar Nova that blasted the casing off the pyramids.

My visit to the Hopi prophecy stone in 2012 confirmed that the 9th sign described in their prophecy for the Earth’s “Great Purification”, would be the return of the Blue Star Kachina – the Galactic Superwave will appear blue as it enters our atmosphere.

All of which I’ve detailed in the Openhand Book DIVINICUS.

Too few are listening.
Too few are paying attention.
Too few are positively doing anything about it.
Too many are distracted by the shadowstate charade.

Clear Evidence of Accelerating Shift

The Shift is speeding up. Literally the earth is starting to rotate faster, hence the days becoming shorter. In the video at the beginning, you saw strong evidence of the immanent arrival in our Solar System of the Galactic Superwave. Here’s the big one…

Our closest three stars, all of which have aligned with the Galactic centre, have ALREADY gone into a nova event. On Proxima Centura, it was the largest ever recorded.

The atmospheres on all the other planets in our solar system are strongly changing…

Venus: the windspeed has increased by 33 %. If that happened on earth, we’d be experiencing 300 mph hurricanes
Mars: increasing seismicity and the mantel is now active
Jupiter: strong atmospheric changes that you witness through the rapid shrinking of its “eye”
Saturn: super storm cycle arrives a decade early
Uranus: record storms and aurora
Neptune: major storm reversal patterns and temperature shift
Pluto: collapse of its atmosphere

The Sun’s magnetic field is diminishing strongly during its Grand Solar Minimum. Hence more solar wind and highly charged particles are escaping into the solar system – Earth’s jetstreams are highly affected, leading to extreme weather conditions precipitating the planet soon into climate crisis: 1/3 of Pakistan is under water; severe drought in the horn of Africa; food destruction in China; flooding in Australia; increase in storms USA; more earthquakes and volcanoes triggering. Cosmic dust is intensifying through the solar system – this is the final trigger that takes the sun into three days of darkness before exploding into Nova – The Event.

The Herd of Elephants No One is Talking about

Hardly anyone is talking about this, when it needs to become the central theme of exchange. It’s the Herd of Elephants in the Room. The shadowstate knows exactly what is happening – that’s the real reason behind their acceleration of measures through what i call the “Plandemonium”. They are in disarray about it and desperately exposing themselves to catch up.

We need to equalise with the enormity of it so we can each deal with it – that’s our real way through. We need to embrace the meditative Ascension processes that we can practice to help us mediate smoothly through. The final conclusion of the Event will be catastrophic – literally, no stone left unturned on 3D earth. BUT, through the practice of ancient yogic techniques, it becomes possible to undertake “Maha Samadhi”, what Openhand calls Maya Samadhi. We learn how to transcend the Maya, create the Merkabah, and then at the requisite moment, the soul extracts from the 3D Lower Self in an empowered way. We shift into the 5D Light Body.

Past Masters

Past masters, like Paramahansa Yogananda, have clearly demonstrated this. It’s my experience from the Openhand seminars and retreats that now “regular” people are getting closer and closer to it. I’ve witnessed a number of people already successfully pass on that way – consciously, by an empowered choice.

You escape the karmic cycle of unconscious death and rebirth.
You consciously create the conditions and bodily vehicle for your onward journey.
You learn to consciously choose your incarnation and landscape for inquiry.
You cease to grow old.

This is true mastery. And it’s possible for a growing number of souls here.
HOWEVER, to achieve it, your focus and orientation must be geared in the right direction – on a daily basis you must be going inwards and processing out activating karma. You must be tuning into the soul and aligning with it. Your daily choices must be informed by the higher self.

If you’re aims and objectives are still determined by what’s happening in the 3D matrix, if you’re still orientated in trying to fix it, make it better, or somehow succeed in a 3D way, if you’re still being distracted by the shadowstate drama, you will miss the great opportunity this 5D Ascension Shift offers.

That’s my heartfelt calling to all who have ears. Let’s seize the opportunity. Let’s seize the day. Let’s seize the moment. You’ll not fix the 3D. The Galactic Superwave will do that! You can’t turn it all back. BUT, you can move positively forwards. You can escape the unconscious cycle of death and rebirth. You evolve into the next possibility. That’s what the singular focus the Openhand work has been geared towards these last 20 years here. If you feel compelled by the opportunity, do jump into the work.

There’s no time to waste!

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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