Gaia’s Torus Accelerates: Time to Begin the Ascension

October 11th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Gaia’s Torus is accelerating. The length of days shortening, which you may not notice physically. Except the earth’s crust is detaching a degree more from the mantle, due to the increasing spin. Hence the increase in earthquakes and sinkholes. It’s another milestone up the mountain that’s largely going unnoticed in the mainstream. We’ve got to equalise with these momumental steps, to normalise the real multidimensional landscape. It’s the only thing that can prepare you for what is to come.

Gaia Shifts Through 5D Gears

Here’s a great video by Suspicious Observers who really do have their finger on the pulse. They’re explaining the recent increase in Earth’s spin causing an increasing detachment of the crust from the mantle…  Suspicious Observers

And if you explore the headlines of this site by The Watchers, then amongst the latest news of volcanoes triggering, you’ll see the plentiful evidence of earthquakes and the curious phenomenon of the sinkholes, which to me, are clearly caused by the increasing detachment of the mantle….The Watchers

There’s no doubt about it, the earth’s Torus is speeding up, which I have been certain it progressively would do since the arrival of the Draconian starfleet a few weeks back. Yes, as out there as it may sound, they’re here to unleash the natural spin of the planet. One that has been slowed down by the intervention so as to control every aspect of life here. That control is now diminishing in strength… Arrival, Draconian Starfleet

Gaia is gearing up. You can clearly see it when you take a glimpse at the massive climate shifts going on, the volcanoes and earthquakes firing off. But this has precious little to do with manmade fossil fuel emissions as the controllers of society would position. The great galactic cog is turning: cosmic radiation is streaming into the solar system at a time when the Solar Logos is lowering his magnetic shield. Gaia is doing the same, as we move inexorably towards the completion of the Pole Shift.

Get up to speed on the nature of 11:11 and the Pole Shift

So where does that leave you and I?

A Mountain To Climb

You’d be entirely forgiven for burying your head in shifting sands, as many still are. But since you’re here with Openhand, I assume you’re inclined not to do that. Good. ?

Imagine everything you’ve experienced thus far has brought you to Everest Spiritual Base Camp – now it’s time to begin the real climb. Everything you’ve done thus far has prepared you for this point. You look up, take a deep breath and step out. Or rather step deeper in. Each day must consist now of the inner climb: in your meditation practice, in aligned diet, nature, bodywork. It’s all about integration and every single moment offers that tremendous opportunity for your spiritual mastery.

As you get deeper in, during the stillness, the soul’s connection to the source will infuse deeper within you. Often it will appear if nothing much is happening. But then from time to time, you’ll hit a massive block, that puts you in some fear, resistance or breakdown. It’s the ecstatic freedom of the Torus uprooting itself in you. This is what you’ve got to equalise with. It’s like standing in the way of a hurricane, but then stepping into the eye itself. Whereupon, you discover the majesty of divine natural grace. The hurricane integrates through you.

Let’s be clear, if you’re not “climbing”, if you’re not digging through the inner layers, then you’re either standing still or slip-sliding backwards. Now is not the time to be fooling yourself. We don’t have that luxury.

The Stargates are Opening for DIVINICUS

Back in 2021 (gosh how time flies!) I reported from Avebury that the Stargates were opening as our ET helpers were progressively stripping out the limiting 4D technology in the ether. If you’re tuning into the field, the REAL source of planetary news, then you’ll feel the massive shifts and unwindings that are taking place. There are no two ways about it: you’re either in the truth of it or not. There’s no place for just dipping your toes in the water at this juncture. It’s high time to dive into centre stream.

Does this all sound full-on?!

It’s meant to! It’s necessary to inspire a deepening of spiritual commitment now. It’s necessary for the climb to begin in earnest. You’ve done the practice. Now’s time for the real transition: the forging of the Merkabah, your divine new DIVINICUS form leading into the New 5D Paradigm, anytime between now and the culminating Event, where the sun goes dark for 3 days before firing the Solar Nova Trigger.

For those tuning into the quantum field, the dreamstate before reality crystallises, you’ll be well aligned with what unfolds. The physical body is becoming progressively more wave like. The soul will be downloading from the huge influx of energy. You’ll be blissed, ecstatic, uplifted, reborn. This is what awaits us at the Everest Summit.

Actualise your 5D Divine Being: An Essential Roadmap

Becoming the Divine Co-Creator

So forge on my friends. Dig in. Let every moment become that of transcendence. You’re walking through the old 3D/4D construct, with its shenanigans and charades. But only pay attention to what truly affects you or binds you in karmically. Unwind out – then you’ve dispensed with that illusion, you’ve stripped off that veil.

Keep centering in the truth of the moment and equalising with it so you can expand out – you’re moving into the dreamstate, ultra awake, here and now, shaping the moment: for now you’re becoming the divine co-creator.

And it’s okay to pause as well. This is tiring work. Even meditation can be draining as you’re deepening your focus through the layers, opening new channels and downloading light. So it’s fine at times to take your foot off the gas pedal too. Take some well-earned comfort – some of your favourite soul food, connection with kindreds, a night cosied up with an inspiring movie. Let your rest become purposeful deep rest, ready for the next phase of the climb to begin once more.

The 5D Human – a Daily Activation

Each unfolding, each unwinding brings you a step further. But it’s not about waiting for the end Event. It’s a paradox: we know it’s coming, there is something to move towards, BUT – it’s each heavenly step in that direction which counts.

You’re doing the work where each shift brings a magnificent benefit. It’s not measured in terms of some physical outcome in the 3D. Things will be transforming, yes, but what this is about, is the forging and integration of soul.

You witness it in the interrelation of reality, the patterning: in signs and synchronicity, in numerology, nature, and sacred geometry – this is the weaving landscape that creates a life in 5D, a life that is truly worth living.

This is what it means to be truly activating the 5D Human in you. We’re all in now. There’s simply nowhere else to go.

The spiritual master in you is beckoning. Can you hear her call from across the great divide?

We’ve still got places on our upcoming 5D Human Activation Events in October. There’s no better time like the present, to dive full in. See you there…

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright Blessings


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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