Planetary Shift: Mighty Metatron Commences Star Being Collaboration

January 24th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Lift your eyes up from the fakestream media being trodden underfoot. Turn your attention for more than 1 minute from the social media metaverse. Something stupendous has begun. But you’ll have to look with your inner eye to perceive it. Wholesale transformation is upon us. The Archangel, Mighty Metatron, is descending from the higher dimensions, anchoring on planet earth, and commencing the Star Being Collaborations that will transform the planetary field for good.

Reconciliation through Past Life Regression

In a recent Openhand Advanced Facilitator Group we were exploring how reconciliations between the various Star Being Nations influencing the earth could happen? To be clear, practically every single aspect of life here on the planet is being influenced down to the DNA level, both malevolently and benevolently. There will be no solutions to the problems we face without resolutions and realignments in the field. That’s where transformation must begin. Can only begin.

Over the last few years especially, something marvellous has been happening in the Openhand facilitator group: various of the intervention species, the Annunaki, Reptilians and Greys for example, have been surrendering into past life regressions – karmic healing work. They’re being shown the Grand Galactic Convergence we’re sailing into, realising there’s no way to avoid it, and are now ready to come back to the Galactic Family of Light. It’s a fundamental development in the shift.

Now we’re considering what collaboration looks like? Get that going and you’ve got the potential for powerful quantum shifts in the healing, realigning process.

That’s where the Mighty Metatron comes in.

Heaven meets the Earth

Since around the time of the 10-year anniversary of the 2012 Galactic Alignment, I’d been feeling the presence of a heavenly archangel, which didn’t take long to realise. At just about every sunset leading up to the solstice of 2022 I was shown golden light descending to earth from the heavens. The word “Metatron” was materialising all around me and coming in through the dreamtime. The energy was ready to anchor and being supported by coherent, aligned and benevolent Draconian energies that had already arrived here… heaven meets the earth!!

At another Facilitator Gathering Metatron materialised as an energy, speaking into our group consciousness, activating new frequencies of aliveness. It was breath-taking to behold.

The question remained: how do you get dissonant Star Being Groups that have vied and even warred with each other to come to reconciliation and collaboration?

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An Orchestral Ensemble

I was shown an orchestra, where each group could play its part in a wider ensemble. But who would be the conductor, the facilitator group asked? The answer was clear: none other than the Torus itself and the realigning convergence connecting the Earth’s Shift to that of the Solar System and High Energy segment of the Galaxy. Metatron would provide the baton – the energies that can dance within the Torus and provide the energies of connection – multiple frequencies will activate in its golden light.

Consider each Star Being Nation is aligned on a particular harmonic of soul frequencies – 9 in all. Metatron, as a divine paternal energy, brings alive resonances in a dancing weave that can connect all into the Grand Galactic Convergence. He is not the conductor. He provides animation to the conductor – enhanced power in a given location.

To be clear, no negotiation is necessary. No negotiation is possible. You cannot negotiate with the Torus. The Flower of Life is re-generating and with the tremendous power behind it, nothing will prevent it. The density will be stirred up by this Mighty Metatron dance. Its coherency will progressively break down the shadow. The only sensible approach is to align with the movement – the feeling pull in the depth of your soul. In every single moment.

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Dancing with Metatron: Activating the Merkabah

Let’s be clear though, as you may have picked up from the tone of my article, as Metatron channels through me, this is no woolly or fluffy energy. No rose-tinted love n light. Imagine a galactic washing machine on speed. The density is rapidly thrown to the outer edge of the drum. Metaphorically all the density in you is activated and stirred up. The light is barreling through you, cascading in. It requires you to purify the lower self and activate the Merkabah so you can harness the infusing light.

The Metatron Energy is a fast vibration that’s highly activating, bringing you awake and alive – with the sense of adventure, creativity and soul expression. It will point your eyes to the heavens to witness the dancing flows of light and bring them alive within you. You can harness it with crystals of golden, amber light. But then to really benefit from it, we must render the Merkabah, to be a crucible of high alchemy within.

To activate the Merkbah you’ve also got to purify the lower self: physically, emotionally, mentally and karmically. It requires a dedicated day-by-day approach over a considerable number of years. That way the lower self can merge with higher – the Merkabah forms, and becomes a crucible for the inflow of cascading light.

Sounds full on right? It is. But that’s what’s necessary now. We have a steep climb to make as the Ascension now accelerates. Collaboration begins with surrender to this Grand Galactic Convergence that you feel in the 11:11 calling of your own soul. Reconciliation with the wayward karma of the past is immediately initiated. Thus allowing the infusing light to bring your soul-ray-harmonic alive. This is what the Mighty Metatron is here to deliver.

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The True Meaning of 11:11

Awakening people across the planet have been witnessing the 11:11 synchronicity, but what does it actually mean? I’m clearly informed by benevolence it is the alignment of four key centres of consciousness: 1) you with your twin flame; 2) your dancing connection into Gaia’s Torus; 3) connection with the sun, our solar logos; 4) connection to the galactic core.

This is what all souls are now called to as we move toward the Grand Galactic Convergence – the reconnection of all the Torodial fields within what is called the Flower of Life. The arrival of the 12,000 year Galactic Superwave, during the time of the Grand Solar Minimum, as the Earth completes the Pole Shift – it’s the perfect convergence to break down redundant karmic constructs and restore the Flower of Life.

That’s what the Solar Nova “Event” that some alternatives are speaking of actually refers to – it is the culmination, the convergence, of these grand galactic cycles, which we’re moving into right now.

Explore further the true meaning of the 11:11 Synchronicity leading to the Event

Harnessing the Metatron Light

The Mighty Metatron has arrived. It’s a strong paternal energy to activate and enhance the dance within our souls, to this Grand Galactic Convergence. It’s an energy that fills you with joy, excitement, adventure and creativity – a dance with the natural flow of life. You feel held in a powerful heavenly embrace. But make no mistake, for all those committing to the realigning flow, it will be challenging too. It will precipitate the sense of urgency to purify the lower self and activate the Merkabah.

Metatron is also here to bring about a mighty collaboration of the various Star Being Nations that have vied for control here. You cannot control the Torus. But you can dance with it! Each has their part to play, each can be brought alive to their authentic frequencies in this incredible reactivation. It’s already marvellous to behold.

We’re in two worlds now not one. The old is quickly disintegrating in its last gasp death throws – like the distracting melodrama of social media.

Meanwhile, the new is establishing itself through the mighty 11:11 synchronicity in the depths of our emergent souls. It’s calling you alive in this Grand Galactic Convergence. Which world will you choose?

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Bright Blessings


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