The Top 20 GMO Foods and Ingredients to Avoid – and Why

31st July 2016

By Dr. Edward Group

Guest writer for Wake Up World

In the very short time since GMO foods were first introduced, they have tainted ecosystems, created financial strains for farmers, and introduced unnatural elements into the local, national, and global food supply.

GMOs pose a danger to all of us and the evidence is irrefutable. Environmentally, they have created superweeds that destroy farmland, and they have eliminated some organisms from ecosystems, leading to new superbugs to fill the void. Much talk also centers around the health considerations. Unfortunately, researchers who attempt to test the alleged safety of these GMOs – and have found them decidedly unsafe! – get shouted down by the rank-and-file industry yes men who are intent on protecting the empire. Despite this, the research has shown a dramatically higher risk of health problems from eating GMOs and research shown that toxic DNA from these plants may survive digestion. It’s even been found in the blood of pregnant women and their fetuses! [1]

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How Words Rewire Our Brains, For Better or Worse

31st July 2016

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“Just seeing a list of negative words for a few seconds will make a highly anxious or depressed person feel worse, and the more you ruminate on them, the more you can actually damage key structures that regulate your memory, feelings, and emotions. You’ll disrupt your sleep, your appetite, and your ability to experience long-term happiness and satisfaction.” ~ Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Waldman

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a harsh, angry word, you are well acquainted with the racing heart and rise in blood pressure due to the fight-or-flight stress response. On the opposite end of the spectrum, kind, loving and gentle words have a calming, spacious effect. Both scenario’s tend to be familiar ground in our day-to-day interactions. What we may not realize, however, is how words restructure the physical composition of our brains in an ongoing process. And it’s not just spoken words — the same is true for those that are in written form or thoughts of particular words. As it turns out, words hold incredible power — and can determine our level of happiness, health and success in both business and relationships.

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Are Psychic Readings a Diagnosis for Disaster?

30th July 2016

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Visiting a psychic can be a fun and exciting experience, but if you are not fully conscious, it can also be a very dangerous game, and, in fact, psychic predictions can be a formula for disaster.

Firstly, your future is not set in stone – before you lies an infinite number of possible paths, and with each turn “left or right,” and each choice “this or that,” your probable future shifts and morphs accordingly, and since your future is always changing courses, there is no possible way for anyone to accurately predict the journey or the destination. In addition, how you feel at the time of the reading influences the results, so having a headache or being worried about a deadline can impact the reading, and, of course, even the psychic’s own filters and issues can influence the outcome.

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6 Keys to Successfully Making the Shift to the New Earth

30th July 2016

By Jeff Street

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Look around. The great shift in the consciousness of humanity has hit critical mass and passed the point of no return. It’s been building slowly but surely, and now it’s about to kick into high gear. The next decade or so will be a period of enormous change and perhaps more than a little turbulence. Think of this as the process of humanity going into labor as it begins to birth a new earth reality.

In this article, I offer what I consider the six keys to smoothly and successfully making the shift to the New Earth and becoming a charter member of a wonderful new era of humanity. Before diving into the practical advice that I have to offer, I’ll briefly explore the shift that is underway.

As always, my articles are simply my perspective that I offer in the spirit of discovery and empowerment. Take what resonates for you, and leave the rest behind.

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The Metabolic Model of Cancer: How Nutrition and Diet Influences Cancer

29th July 2016

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Is it possible that chromosomal damage is simply a marker for cancer and not the actual cause of the disease? Compelling evidence suggests this is the case, and in the featured lecture, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gary Fettke reviews some of this evidence.

Having battled cancer himself, Fettke came to realize the influence of nutrition on cancer, and the importance of eating a diet high in healthy fats and low in net carbohydrates (total carbs minus fiber, i.e. non-fiber carbs). Fettke is not the only one promoting the metabolic model of cancer.

Earlier this year I interviewed Travis Christofferson, author of a phenomenal book on this topic, called “Tripping Over the Truth: The Return of the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Illuminates a New and Hopeful Path to a Cure“.

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Media Bias and the Illusion of Democracy

29th July 2016

By Ryan Cristian

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The mainstream media in the US has become a universal joke. Even those who regularly watch a given mainstream news channel will openly admit that every channel has obvious bias, and then justify their viewing it by saying, “but that is why I watch both channels; to hear both sides.”

This has become the common answer to how an American stays informed in this age of blatant pandering and misinformation. What should be shocking to anyone who can stand back and remember the honor-bound public service that was originally envisioned of media, is that the obvious bias has become so pronounced and commonplace that it is now an accepted part of the process. Many would propose that the news had never lived up to those grandiose idealistic pillars of impartiality and morality that were visualized, and that may indeed be the case. Yet that does not change the fact that these people were given a mandate they have failed to live up to, and likely never even feigned an attempt at — once they recognized the value of selling their interests to the highest-bidding corporate sponsor.

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Do We Really Practice Yoga In The West?

29th July 2016

By Dr. Itai Ivtzan

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Yoga is one of the most prominent well-being practices today. Even if you are not currently practicing, or have not practiced in the past, you have probably thought about joining a Yoga class. In the US alone, it is a market that is worth $9 billion a year, with over 20 million regular Yoga practitioners; and 45% of the population show interest in trying it out. As incredibly popular as it is, we need to better understand the Yoga that is being practiced in the West.

In what way does it relate to the Yoga that originated in India, thousands of years ago? 

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Why Do So Many Americans Defend the Failed Capitalist Experiment?

28th July 2016

By Paul Buchheit

Guest writer for Wake Up World

People vastly underestimate the wealth gap in the United States, guessing that the poorest 40 percent own about 10% of the wealth — when in reality the poorest 40 percent own much less than 1% of the wealth.

Capitalism has worked for big business and for the people with stocks and estates. But for the past 35 years our economic system, stripped of sensible regulations, has poisoned the U.S. nation with deadly inequality and driven much of middle America to an ever-widening lower class.

Yet for much of the nation the delusion persists, against all common sense, that deregulated free-market capitalism works, that it equates to true Americanism, and that people have only themselves to blame for their failure to thrive in this expanding world of wealth. The reasons for this delusion are not so hard to determine…

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Making Any Kind of Art (at Any Skill Level) Reduces Stress Hormones

28th July 2016

By April McCarthy

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Whether you’re Van Gogh or a stick-figure sketcher, a new Drexel University study found that making art can significantly reduce stress-related hormones in your body.

Although the researchers from Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions believed that past experience in creating art might amplify the activity’s stress-reducing effects, their study found that everyone seems to benefit equally.

“It was surprising and it also wasn’t,” said Girija Kaimal, EdD, assistant professor of creative arts therapies. “It wasn’t surprising because that’s the core idea in art therapy: Everyone is creative and can be expressive in the visual arts when working in a supportive setting. That said, I did expect that perhaps the effects would be stronger for those with prior experience.”

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How a City in Denmark is Fighting Terrorism With an Unconventional Strategy — and Winning

28th July 2016

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“Every minute, I just imagine him in that solitary confinement, facing 20 years, because I cooperated with the government. It’s a horrible feeling. I can’t get rid of it,” said Sal Shafi, father of Adam, a 22-year-old American suspected of Islamic extremism.

Last year Mr. Shafi phoned the American embassy in Cairo, Egypt while visiting family because Adam had disappeared and flown to Turkey, apparently to witness the plight of the refugees there. After the family’s return to the United States, Mr. Shafi was contacted by the FBI. Against the advice of his attorney, he answered their questions on several occasions. “We don’t have criminal minds,” Mr. Shafi told the New York Times. “Maybe I’m naïve. I’ve never dealt with the authorities before. I wanted to cooperate.” Shortly thereafter, agents showed up in the early morning hours with guns drawn, looking for Adam. Arrest and prison time is the only option in America for suspected radicalized individuals. If Mr. Shafi had known how the situation was to play out with his son, he would have chosen a different path to help Adam. As it stands, he warns “Don’t even think about going to the government.”

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