Vegetable Extract Treats Autism Better Than Pharmaceutical Drugs

5rd August 2015

By Sayer Ji

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The CDC says there is no treatment for autism, but this vegetable extract significantly improved the condition in a recent clinical trial.

Presently, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is considered a condition with no known conventional treatment. According to the CDC: “There are no medications that can cure ASD or treat the core symptoms.” [1] With a prevalence rate in the U.S. estimated to be 1 in every 68 children [2], a growing number of families are actively searching for safe, affordable and effective interventions.

Thankfully, and despite the failings of pharmaceutical-based medicine, there are natural interventions that have been studied and appear to hold great promise. For instance, GreenMedInfo has indexed research from the National Library of Medicine on over 30 natural substances that may play a role in improving the condition. You can view these study abstracts on the Autism Spectrum Disease research database, and you will also find a list there of over 20 substances that should be avoided there, including heavy metals in vaccines and common dietary components like gluten.

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Canned – Do Energy Drinks Truly Give Us Wings, Or Is It All Just Bull….?

5th August 2015

By Katrin Geist, MSc

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

They have been on the shelves for years, touted to boost energy levels, increase alertness and wakefulness, and to provide cognitive enhancement. In short: to improve performance. Quite fitting for a performance driven, time-scarce society that seems to run on legal drugs such as caffeine, alcohol, and prescription drugs, suggesting a state of constant and ever increasing productivity as the gateway to lasting happiness.

Some people think there’s something amiss when they don’t feel stressed. Stress has become the new normal, the predominant being state for many. In go the cups of coffee to sustain us a wee while longer. In go the so-called energy drinks, too, their use and effects extending to ever younger customers (Ibrahim & Iftikhar 2014). But how do those drinks actually affect our physiology? How do they influence individuals, and perhaps even society at large? Do they truly give us a beneficial boost? Or is it all just bull….?  Let’s find out.

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Awake Up and Pay Attention

5th August 2015

By Paul Lenda

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The past is but a fluttering memory, the future is still a magical mystery, and the present is the true moment of direct experience of this thing we call Life. If we position our awareness towards something with attention, and intention, we can greatly expand our understanding of it. By having our attention in focus, we are attending to reality with our awareness. We selectively narrow and focus our consciousness and receptivity deeply within the present moment to expand our understanding.

A Zen Understanding

To help illustrate attention, here is a fantastic zen understanding of it.

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Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” 1,000 Times More Toxic Than Glyphosate Alone

4th August 2015

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“Glyphosate is definitely genotoxic. There is no doubt in my mind.” ~ Professor Christopher Portier, World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

During a mid-July scientific briefing in London organized by the Soil Association, Professor Christopher Portier reaffirmed the findings of the World Health Organization (WHO); glyphosate is a probable carcinogen that also damages DNA. When both these factors are found within a single chemical, regulators believe there is no safe level of exposure.

Even more disturbing is the data presented by Dr. Robin Mesnage of the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics at Kings College in London, which shows that “Roundup is 1,000 times more toxic than glyphosate alone.” He said, “Glyphosate is everywhere throughout our food chain – in our food and water. The lack of data on toxicity of glyphosate is not proof of safety and these herbicides cannot be considered safe without proper testing. We know Roundup, the commercial name of glyphosate-based herbicides, contains many other chemicals, which when mixed together are 1,000 times more toxic than glyphosate on its own,” as reported by GMWatch.

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Mandatory Vaccinations: Medical Fascism Approaching Fast!

4th August 2015

By Makia Freeman

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Mandatory vaccinations are afoot as California has just achieved the horrific distinction of becoming the first state in the US to introduce compulsory vaccinations for both children and adults (bills SB277 and SB792 respectively). This goes to show that the NWO (New World Order) agenda of collectivism and medical fascism is fast approaching.

There is no more time to sit on the fence, debate things intellectually or hide behind the excuse that certain agendas and events are just unprovable conspiracies. Suddenly it’s getting pretty real. By introducing mandatory vaccinations, the Government is essentially claiming it owns your body, it knows best when it comes to medicine and health, that the science behind vaccines is settled, and that it has the right to violate you if it deems in doing do that it’s “protecting the greater good”.

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The Crashing Matrix and Last Ditch Trans-Everything Agenda

4th August 2015

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The outdated matrix programming by the engineers of deceit can’t keep up. The vibrational changes are exceeding their capabilities. The imitators of creation can’t maintain a current operating system any longer in the face of this massive Universal shift we’re undergoing. And it’s driving them nuts.

Just look at the desperation we’re witnessing. Crude military and police state maneuvers are only one aspect, of course working in concert with dastardly economic manipulations and an outlandish propaganda barrage. The biggest clues are seeing the previously incremental and now hyperbolic uses of technocratic programs, from mass surveillance and data gathering to the advent of cyber warfare and artificial intelligence, while crazed maniacs at CERN try to crack into other dimensions.

The magnitude and desperation of their insane agenda has become completely transparent to just about everyone.

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How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer – 2 Easy Recipes!

3rd August 2015

By Alex ‘Earthie Mama’ Du Toit

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Fact: Commercial hand sanitizers are chemically-scented and made with toxic ingredients. While, yes, they do kill certain bacteria and viruses, the unfortunate byproduct is that these chemicals also seep into the pores of the skin and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

The primary active ingredients in commercial sanitizers are Ethyl alcohol and Isopropyl alcohol. [1] Isopropyl alcohol is a petrochemical that is commonly used as an industrial solvent. It is a well-known neurotoxin, meaning it is toxic to the human brain and nervous system. [2] Ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol, is both neurotoxic and psychoactive. [3] 

Thankfully there are natural sanitizer alternatives that can help keep you and your children’s hands clean and germ-free, without damaging your nervous system in the process. And today I’m going to share with you two simple recipes I came up with that are effective and very easy to make at home! The first one is a gel and the other one is a spray. They both work great, it just depends on your preference.

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Starved For Love? Then Give It All Away!

3rd August 2015

By Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

From our first breath until our last, most of us will be on the hunt for a mind-altering, insanely intense love experience that will save us from the doldrums of life on earth. Typically we are seeking for consummation with the understanding that we might have to search for a while until we find “the one” to make our life complete. For what is our purpose in life without love?

Most of our search will be spent trying to find a permanent fix through material means, with sex at the top of the list as the way to solidify our “special relationship.” But our first clue that sex is not the cement of any relationship should be obvious with the current divorce rate parked at nearly 40 percent.

Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

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Creating Realities

3rd August 2015

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

If we are creating our realities, why are we creating realities packed with negative, painful and traumatic experiences? Why aren’t we just creating beautiful, wonderful realities for ourselves?

I’ll start by saying that we create our realities with our senses. We use our feelings, our sight, our smell, our thoughts – every sensation within our body contributes to creating our reality. In other words, your sensations are your reality. How you’re feeling is the projector through which you experience the rest of your life. If your projector screen is dirty, then you’re going to experience elements of that in your reality; there’s a frequency disturbance, there are lower vibrational manifestations in your life.

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Cannabis: The Most Important Vegetable on the Planet

2nd August 2015

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“If cannabis were discovered in the Amazon rainforest today, people would be clambering to make as much use as they could of all of the potential benefits of the plant. Unfortunately, it carries with it a long history of being a persecuted plant.” ~ Dr. Donald Abrams, Chief of Hematology Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital

Approximately 106,000 Americans die yearly from prescribed medications, according to the American Medical Association. Even more frightening, preventable medical errors account for a staggering 400,000 deaths in the U.S. each year — and is considered the 3rd leading cause of death. “It’s equivalent to 2,000 commercial jets taking off each year knowing that they don’t have enough fuel to complete their journeys,” notes Peter Edelstein M.D. “Would you allow your spouse to board one of those planes? Your friend? A stranger?”
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