How To Naturally Treat Head Lice – with Coconut Oil!

30th May 2015

By Audrey Lefebvre

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Coconut oil, an essential in any natural health or beauty regimen, has a long list of applications ranging from a facial moisturizer to treating lice. Yes, you read that correctly — Coconut oil can be used in the treatment of head lice.

So how exactly does Coconut oil treat lice?

Coconut oil is fatty in nature (good fat that kills bacteria). This “fat” is what makes Coconut oil effective against lice at least 90% of the time without the use of any lice shampoos or harsh synthetic chemicals. How? Coconut oil literally suffocates the lice on the scalp. Its fatty content does not allow the lice to grasp hair. Even after washing your hair, Coconut oil persists on the hair shaft, making it a perfect continuous treatment to get rid of head lice.

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The Dark Side Of The Internet

30th May 2015

By Bernhard Guenther

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Carl Gustav Jung suggested that everything we feel about (or see in) another person is comprised of about 75% of our own “stuff” – our infamous shadow (i.e., the unconscious aspects of ourselves) – which we project, in either positive or negative ways, onto others.

In reality, such perceptions really have nothing to do with the other person. A more accurate indicator of an individual’s character and intentions are based on one-on-one interactions with them in real life, from a place of grounded awareness of self and the experiences which accompany that ‘work’.

As you can probably guess, shadow projection is even more amplified within the sheltered realms of the online world in comparison to “real” face-to-face interactions.

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Taking Responsibility For Our Energy

30th May 2015

By Christina Lavers

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

For some, what I am about to share might seem radical, ridiculous, or even crazy, and for others will appear self-evident. I feel compelled to actively put it out there because I feel in many respects it is a crucial key to shifting our reality; the more people who take it to heart, the better our collective outlook will be.

At an early stage in my journey I became aware of the fact that each human is in fact a fractal of the whole. Deep within the vastness of our being we each contain every essence, every type of energy from the most sublimely divine to the most wickedly depraved. Initially when this realisation came to me it was quite abstract and there was a distance between me and the idea. However, as I explored the deeper regions of my being I found myself coming face to face with aspects that showed me that this was not just some faraway concept, it was a hardcore reality.

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Waking Up From The Biggest Illusion In The World

29th May 2015

By Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We live here on Earth, together with billions of fellow human beings. That we live is an irrefutable empirical fact. Similarly, the fact that other people live on Earth, too, is also an empirical fact.

We do not merely live, however, but we are also personalities. We are personalities who are similar to each other in various respects, and largely different from each other in other respects. That we are personalities, different from each other is also an empirical fact for us.

Out of these two experiences, however, only one is true, the other is deception. Only one is a fact, the other is an illusion, and the biggest illusion in the world at that.

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The 3-Minute Ayuervedic Secret to Health and Longevity

29th May 2015

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

When was the last time you had a really good look at your tongue? It’s normally something we take for granted. However, the appearance of the tongue is considered an important diagnostic tool in Eastern medicine. Alongside pulse, nail and facial diagnosis, experienced Ayurvedic practitioners use tongue analysis to detect health issues that may take years to show up on conventional medical tests.

All the same, once we establish the basic gist of tongue mapping, it’s an easy enough practice to do on our own.

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Sleep Loss May Cause Brain Damage and Accelerate Onset of Alzheimer’s, Two New Studies Show

29th May 2015

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Could poor sleeping habits cause brain damage and even accelerate onset of Alzheimer’s disease? According to recent research, the answer is yes on both accounts.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Sigrid Veasey, associate professor of Medicine and a member of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology at the Perelman School of Medicine, this is the first time they’ve been able to show that sleep loss actually results in the loss of neurons.

A second study also suggests that if you sleep poorly, you’re at increased risk for earlier onset of severe dementia.

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Astrology Update – Spiritual Reflection and The Final Mastery

28th May 2015

By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Feeling overwhelmed, confused, stressed, hesitant? How is your physical health?

As we move along this 2015 timeline, we are progressing through an interesting configuration of energetic patterns that are really shifting and shaping our evolution. We are experiencing some very contradictory energies, and this is causing chaos and confusion to arise. The influx of “GO!” energy we felt at the start of this year filled us with an incredible sense of excitement, motivation, and feeling of possibility. While that energetic surge is still being felt, this recent shift in energy has caused an internal feeling of confusion.

On the one hand we are feeling big bursts of enthusiasm while on the other, it seems like everything is mundane and difficult; and this feeling of conflict is manifesting in both our physical and energetic bodies.

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5 Ways Air Pollution is Destroying Your Health

28th May 2015

By Dr. Edward F. Group

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

You probably already know about some of the dangers that severe air pollution exposure can cause and how places like stoplights at intersections can increase your exposure to harmful air particles up to 29 times more than the open road. While these facts are startling, you probably don’t know about the almost invisible dangers. [1] Namely the numerous diseases and cognitive issues now being linked to air pollution. Here we’ll get into five ways you’re letting air pollution destroy your health.

The Hidden Dangers of Air Pollution

Despite the slow turn to more sustainable forms of agriculture and industry, air pollution is still a big problem. Here are just some of the ways air pollution negatively affects your health.

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How to Really, Truly Surrender to the Divine

28th May 2015

By Lissa Rankin MD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Those of you who have been following my blog and reading what I post on Facebook know what a profound influence Tosha Silver has had on my life and my work. The way in which we met was magical.  Christiane Northrup and I had been teaching a class to the Whole Health Medicine Institute. Christiane insisted that all of us go out right that second and buy Tosha’s book Outrageous Openness. I bought it instantly and was halfway through reading it the next day, when I was on a plane to LA to film a documentary, when I got online on the airplane, looked up Tosha’s website, realized she lived right across the San Francisco Bay from me, and decided to write her a gushing fan letter. It went something like, “OMG, you don’t know who I am, but I’m in love with your book, and I live in San Francisco too, and we should . . . um . . . totally be BFF’s!” I signed up for her newsletter list because I knew that whatever Tosha was drinking, I wanted a Big Gulp of it.

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