Amazing Discovery: Plant Blood Enables Your Cells To Capture Sunlight Energy

22nd May 2015

By Sayer Ji

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

What if conventional wisdom regarding our most fundamental energy requirements has been wrong all along and we can directly harness the energy of the Sun when we consume ‘plant blood’?

Plants are amazing, aren’t they? They have no need to roam about hunting other creatures for food, because they figured out a way to capture the energy of the Sun directly through these little light-harvesting molecules known as chlorophyll; a molecule, incidentally, which bears uncanny resemblance to human blood because it is structurally identical to hemoglobin, other than it has a magnesium atom at its core and not iron as in red blooded animals.

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Naming and Taming Worry and Anxiety

22nd May 2015

By Debbie Hampton

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

While worry and anxiety can both make you miserable, they are two distinct concepts occurring in different parts of your brain. You can have worry without anxiety, and anxiety without worry, but one often triggers the other, and they tend to be bosom buddies, unfortunately.

Worrying is thought-based, occurs in the mind, and involves your thinking brain, the prefrontal cortex, interacting with the limbic system, which controls basic emotions and instincts. The same circuits in your brain that perform planning and problem solving allow worrying. When these parts are busy worrying, you can’t use them for better things. Worry keeps you from focusing on and putting energy into what’s important, can make it harder to connect with others, and is just flat-out exhausting!

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Science Ain’t Always Scientific – The Myth of Objectivity and Impartiality

22nd May 2015

By Brendan D. Murphy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“Real scientific endeavour does not dictate what “should” be. Ideally, it designs a sound protocol through which nature can reveal what is.” ~ BDM

Doesn’t science state that paranormal occurrences are impossible? Philosophically, science can no longer maintain that position — not if it wants to appeal to today’s evidence. Evidentially speaking, many so-called paranormal phenomena have been irrefutably scientifically proved.

The body of mainstream science has a history of becoming quite hysterical in the face of information seemingly competing for its “target demographic,” or even just information that doesn’t conform to the dominant paradigm in operation at the time. As such, it is organized science that has often proved and continues to prove to be the biggest adversary to impartial discussion and consideration of novel data — an alien concept to many people due to the way science, particularly in the mainstream, has been mythologized as a totally dispassionate and objective enterprise that only cares for so-called truth (though the anthropogenic “global warming” scandal no doubt helped undermine that myth!)

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You Are The Infinite Explorer

21st May 2015

By Paul Lenda

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

How does anything ever change on this planet? Through people empowering themselves with the conviction that one person can make an impressionable difference in something. This internal belief has the power to do everything from disempowering corrupt systems to nurturing consciously evolved social ideas.

Yet, with the awareness of this power should come the awareness that we cannot force sleepers to become awakened. A sleeper is someone who has not yet realized that every single aspect within this vast and infinite matrix of consciousness that observably can be called the Universe/Multiverse is interconnected. Let the sleepers enjoy their rest… their slumber will end soon enough, when the time is right.

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Stepping Aside – Letting Universal Intelligence Take The Lead

21st May 2015

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Can you think back to a time in the past when you really wanted to create a life-change but had a definite sense of there being both a literal and a vibrational gap between where you were and the situation or place you would much rather be?

In the intuitive coaching and strategising I do with clients day to day, I notice that this is precisely the gap that creates some of the most potent varieties of anxiety and fear. When someone steps into an initial consultation with me,  it isn’t uncommon to hear questions such as: Can I really do this? Can I really have what I want? What will others think? Will anyone ‘get’ it? Can I afford it? or How will spending money enable me to create the change I want?

As a universal human experience, it is invaluable for us to closely explore the underlying dynamics of being at this place; a place where you feel the urge to upgrade your relationships and experiences but don’t know quite how you will make it come about. If you are at this place right now, there are a few really key things for you to consider…

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10 Crucial Questions Your Doctor Should Ask You (But Probably Doesn’t)

21st May 2015

By Lissa Rankin MD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We all know what it’s like to fill out detailed forms about our medical history at the doctor’s office. But is your doctor asking you the questions he or she really needs in order to get a good read on your health?

At the Whole Health Medicine Institute, the training program my team runs for doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, energy healers and other health care providers, we teach healers how to ask patients the right questions. But in case your doctor isn’t asking you the questions that might illuminate potential root causes of your illness, try asking yourself these questions…

1. What is your body saying no to?

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Why The World Needs Healers

20th May 2015

By Gogo Thule

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In an age of DIY, information overload, and a growing consciousness around our understanding of self as a multi-dimensional being, it’s easy to believe that you can figure damn near everything out yourself. And since we have been deceived in great unjust ways I completely understand a need from many to rely on self and to reject leaders or organized and institutionalized structures.

When it comes to spirituality I now see that some have come to the conclusion that there is no true need for the concept of gurus or that the journey within is greater when done yourself. I agree that a large and potent part of our Earth journey is one that only we, as an individual can take; that discovering your god-given power and connection is a blessing only you can truly uncover. Though I believe that the ‘guru’ is within, in a sense, I also deeply believe that the guru is everywhere, that teachers and guides are a beautiful part of our journey but most importantly we are one and we need one another.

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Dancing With The Hologram

20th May 2015

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

You have to admit, even if a lot of it is a construct for some seemingly unknown purpose, this is an incredible world we’re inhabiting. This spontaneous creative Force we’re engulfed in and intrinsically interwoven into is absolutely spectacular despite all the obstacles we encounter.

That there’s an invasive parasitic force at work trying to gum up the works and usurp this magnificent design and claim whatever weirdness it simulates as some sort of alternative reality is absolutely ludicrous, yet this is the contest humanity and our planetary existence finds itself in.

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Walmart Closings: Far More Than Just “Labor Activism”

20th May 2015

By Makia Freeman

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The closing of Walmart stores in the southern US states has caused a big stir and plenty of speculation recently. With 5 of its stores in 4 different states, each shut down for 6 months, it is patently obvious the reason for the shutdowns has nothing to do with the ludicrous official story of “plumbing problems”. However what the real reasons are, is still up for debate.

Researchers over at Prison Planet (for whom I have great respect) had suggested some weeks ago that the motivation for the Walmart closings were due to labor activism, yet from the evidence at hand I would suggest that is only one of many reasons, and a superficial one at that…

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