The Mandala: The Sacred Geometry of Meditation

26th August 2016

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

A mandala is a visual symbol often utilized in meditation practices and teachings. The mandala symbol itself is a geometric construction of geometric points, lines, planes and solids which symbolizes our universe. These geometric symbols can be used as a visual meditation tool, called a yantra. Other designs can similarly be used as meditation tools, but may not be mandalas by definition.

Mandalas and all other yantras work as visual meditation points of concentration. Pictured (top) is the sri yantra: sri meaning ‘king’ or ‘most important’. Ancient yogis of India and Tibet considered it to be the most powerful of all geometric symbols, representing the geometric structure of the sound of creation — the Om.

Conversely, a mantra is the audio version of the mandala; an aural meditation tool. Whether the sound of the mantra is a single syllable tone, such as the Om, or a series of metaphysical musings, such as the ancient Gayatri Mantra, mantras are wavy linear expressions of universal connection, voiced as concentrated sound vibrations.

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A Massive Wake-Up Call for Humanity

26th August 2016

By Diana Rose Kottle

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Currently the planet is going through an epic energetic shift in global consciousness and frequency upgrades, unlike anything we have seen before, and it is happening rapidly. People are quickly awakening and gaining access to their own light, their own power, their own information, their own truth.

With this level of change, comes great challenges (opportunities for learning and growth) and disruptions that may rock you to your core, as you release the old and make room for the new emerging energies to come into form. The old structures must fall; the limitations must be released; the castles of corruption must crumble to the ground. Essentially, we must empty out the garbage first, removing the layers of trash from our lives that are clogging the pipes and stopping the flow, before we can be filled with and hold, the high frequency light that is available to all of us, now more than ever before.

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The Power of Forgiveness: The Transformational Effect of Letting Go of Resentment

26th August 2016

By Steve Taylor, PhD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Recently I met a woman called Sena, whose brother was killed 13 years ago. Tony, her brother, was working as a chef in the British army, when he was shot by one of the soldiers in his own unit. The soldier claimed it was an accident, that the gun had just gone off as he put it over his knees. He was eventually sentenced to two years in prison for manslaughter. The death was made even more tragic by the fact that Tony’s wife was pregnant with their first child.

Sena’s life was thrown into disarray. She had a psychological breakdown, couldn’t work or sleep, and was put on strong psychiatric drugs. She became timid, felt that she couldn’t face the outside world, and didn’t leave her house for months. It was made worse by the media attention which the incident caused. The investigation and trial lasted for more than two years, and as Sena told me. “We lived in a small town where nothing ever happened, so it was big news, and always featured in the local newspaper and on local television.”

Sena’s difficulties continued until six years ago, when she began to go through a process of healing, the main feature of which was forgiving the man who killed her brother. As she describes it:

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Depression and Anxiety are NOT Caused by a Lack of Serotonin!

25th August 2016

By Brett Jones

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Depression has become an illness; something that you must go to the doctor to solve. The definition of depression, according to Psychology Today “is not a passing blue mood but rather persistent feelings of sadness and worthlessness and a lack of desire to engage in formerly pleasurable activities. A complex mind/body illness, depression can be treated with drugs and/or therapy.”

Yet, as most who suffer depression know, taking antidepressants doesn’t solve the issue, it only places a blanket on the issue and numbs out our feelings.

Harvard professor Irving Kirsch writes of the “serotonin myth” in a peer reviewed paper entitled ‘Antidepressants and the Placebo Effect‘, which was based on many clinical trials. According to Kirsch, it’s not serotonin that affects depression at all:

“The serotonin theory is as close as any theory in the history of science to having been proved wrong. Instead of curing depression, popular antidepressants may induce a biological vulnerability making people more likely to become depressed in the future.”

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The Emperor Has No Clothes: The Doctor Has No Cures!

25th August 2016

By Tracy Kolenchuk

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Once upon a time (like almost yesterday, eh) in Canada, there was a parade in a small town. The local doctor was in the parade, in a shiny red convertible. As one family watched the parade, a small boy exclaimed “I want to be a doctor when I grow up, and ride in a shiny red convertible.”

His sister, about 13 years old, responded “I don’t want to be a doctor like him. He doesn’t have any cures!”

“Don’t talk like that,” the mother interrupted, “of course he has cures. Everyone knows the doctor has cures. He just doesn’t have them in the car, they’re at the pharmacy.”

The girls responds, knowingly,”There are lots of medicines in the pharmacy, but I can’t find any cures there. And, I checked all of the medicines in our medicine cabinet. None of them say ‘cure’ either.”

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Standing Up For Your Beliefs Amid Widespread Disagreement Is What Changes Our World

25th August 2016

By Josh Richardson

Guest writer for Wake Up World

A new University at Buffalo study that assessed bodily responses suggests that standing up for your beliefs, expressing your opinions and demonstrating your core values — despite widespread dissent — can be a positive psychological experience. 

Going with the flow might appear easier than sticking up for yourself when confronted with near-unanimous disagreement. But as uncomfortable as it may be to walk as the lone dissenter, it not only reinforces core values, it also creates a ripple effect where others take notice.

Our happiness, and ultimately our lives, are defined by the choices we make. When we allow other people to tell us how to feel, they are making those choices for us, and we are giving away our truth. And yet, there can be a clear divergence between what people do and say and how they feel, according to Mark Seery, an associate professor in the University at Buffalo Department of Psychology.

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The Alternative Media is Replacing the Mainstream Media: Here’s How You Can Help

24th August 2016

By Phillip J. Watt

Guest writer for Wake Up World

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for the alternative media. The last decade has seen an explosion in independent content that is not associated with the corporate media monopolies, as well as an associated growth in individuals joining the ‘truth movement’. There have also been many hiccups too, such as controlled opposition sites which lurk covertly in the shadows and provide misinformation as psy-op trickery to distract us from what’s really going on.

In utter defiance, the last five years in particular has really accelerated in terms of the traffic that independent journos and platforms have received. However, the last year has been tough. Real tough. In perfect response to that growing attention, the control-matrix and its technological arms have implemented algorithms and search parameters that have inhibited the reach of the free-thought mediums.

Simply, they’re trying to send the alternative underground to separate it completely from the mainstream, because they know that if it continues on the same trajectory it will replace the mainstream entirely. By keeping the alternative information strictly controlled – as they know they can’t yet stop it doing what it likes – their approach is to slow down the amount of people transitioning to the truth, away from the lie.

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Scientists Discover Gut Bacteria That Eat Brain Chemicals

24th August 2016

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Beneficial gut bacteria are the latest darlings of neurological health as researchers continue to uncover new and fascinating roles they play in our level of happiness, serenity and emotional well-being. Incredibly, a lack of specific types of gut bacteria (or excess of harmful microbes) are associated with autism, irritable bowel and chronic fatigue syndrome, along with a range of mood disorders — including anxiety, depression and poor response to stress. These microorganisms are so powerful that if they become imbalanced in the gut, it can mean the difference between living a joyful life or one where we can barely drag ourselves out of bed.

On top of that, cutting edge research just released by Northeastern University in Boston discovered a species of gut bacteria that “eat” brain chemicals — in this case gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. What has scientists excited about the finding is the results of the study add to a growing body of evidence that show gut bacteria profoundly effect our brain and mental health.

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Reading Signs and Synchronicity on the Spiritual Path

24th August 2016

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

As you inquire deeper into the real meaning of the moment, and of your life’s purpose, you’ll start to pick up signs and synchronicity, where the field seems to magically click in around you, as if by some pre-ordained force. What’s going on here? How might you best understand, and work with, the signs? They are powerful pointers to your journey of evolution, which we will explore here. This exploration also contains a video in the new Openhand Philosophy series.

Moving into Harmony

We live in a world that has become very disconnected from the divine flow. Humanity has created a system based on logical rules and regulations. Conditioning causes people to expect things to work a certain way, and to struggle for some desired outcome. All of this intentioning cuts across the natural flow of life. The result is, everything appears random and haphazard; there’s no apparent deeper meaning and therefore there’s a perceived need to try to control life, to get some kind of outcome.

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Top 10 Signs Americans are Living in a Police State

23rd August 2016

By Ryan Cristián

Guest writer for Wake Up World

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

There are some who would have Americans believe that certain kinds of change are necessary to the modern survival of this country. In this time of limitless and unforeseen possibilities, that statement is inevitably true. Yet this uncertainty is used to impose unnecessary restrictions upon the people. These restrictions have set the American nation down a dangerous path, slowly stripping it of that which was once the sole ambition of those who set out to liberate the oppressed: freedom.

Here are 10 signs the United States is now a Police State.

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