Beyond the Body: Releasing Ourselves from the Trappings of Duality

Beyond the Body: Releasing Ourselves from the Trappings of Duality

By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The Tipping Point

This question was posted in response to an article about turmeric, and the purported benefits one can derive from including it in our diet:  Is there a capsule or pill that contains all of the herbs, spices, and vitamins that will keep us well?

Perhaps if we use a particular spice or herb, adhere to a certain diet, or find a way to eliminate all known toxic substances from our lives, we won’t need other medicines to prevent or cure what ails us.

With so much focus on the material world, the health of our bodies, and what we can ingest to keep us at the top of our game, is it any wonder we’re confused and constantly looking for the next big thing to save us from the ravages of time?

At this juncture it becomes increasingly clear that we can be overwhelmed trying to decide how to stave off everything that could possibly go wrong with the human body.

Because we have the weight of the world on our shoulders, most of us will eventually reach a tipping point – a mental stress-out or meltdown – that could ultimately save us as it leads us away from the body and limitations of this physical world. For the answer we are searching for will never be found here.

The Turning Point

It may be hard to accept the fact that a temporary device, such as the body, is incapable of revealing a true answer. The reason is because, in and of itself, the body has no real function. This shouldn’t disappoint or surprise anyone, as it is easy to recognize that our true life takes place in the mind, which is the seat of thought and emotion.

By the same token, we can go with the most current trends and adhere to popular points of view to decide how to keep our engine running. But the truth is that we are barking up the wrong tree, and our only hope for healing is to release our false belief that the body can be maintained beyond a brief moment in time. One by one all of our pills and potions will fail us.

With this awareness, we can take the next logical step and acknowledge that the body is simply a vehicle for communication in this world; a means for one seemingly separate entity to give and receive thoughts, or share ideas, with another.

Understanding that we are not the body is critical to our personal spiritual evolution, and will release us from the trappings of duality that keep the world in agony because of its inherent conflict, which will never be resolved.

In order to turn away from the body as our ‘savior’, a couple of things need to happen. First, we will need to find it acceptable that the body can never really save us from, or for, anything. And second, acknowledge that our life takes place in our world of thought.

Until a person is comfortable with these ideas as the ‘real deal’ he or she will still be hooked on looking for something bigger or better to do with the body, with the false hope that it will hold out longevity, happiness, and save us for a better day. We are all free to spend as much time as we wish trying to make the impossible happen, but eventually the tipping point will give way to the turning point and offer us a hand up to our final destination.

The Vanishing Point

The point here is to recognize that our sameness is the key to our ultimate truth. We have this tendency through our human conditioning to focus on our seeming differences, which is the underlying cause of all the conflict in the world. For how could what is the same possibly be reconciled with what is different?

The invisible world of thought is the one area that needs our undivided attention and devotion if we are to experience the eternal nature and essence of our being. Truth is not split in two or in conflict with itself. Forgiveness is the key, or catalyst, which opens the door to the awe-inspiring truth that we are all the same because we came from One Source. Our shared reality is revealed through our Oneness, which is Perfect Love.

Practicing forgiveness undoes illusions so that only our reality remains. Our willingness to forgive everyone and everything makes this world vanish from our sight and replaces it with the gentleness and power of love.

Without the conflict of thinking we are multiple beings  –  mind, body, spirit – we can automatically be at peace. When complete forgiveness has replaced all grievances, the truth fills our mind and we experience the happiness and joy that are inherent in who and what we are. The physical world vanishes without a trace as the power of What Is verifies, once and for all, that Love is the Answer.

Peaceful Now

Music video “Peaceful Now”  courtesy of New Zealand/Australian indie artist Drew Bowden 3,  as heard on  Radio Showz.

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