Baptism of Fire for a New Humanity

new humanity

By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Mankind faces a very challenging future. With the collapse of the financial system possible at any time; with growing challenge to the industrial food chain and heavily overstretched energy supplies, what we’re faced with, is the very collapse of civilisation.  Some are even predicting that, due to the breakdown of the biosphere and damaging effects of nuclear radiation, the  near term extinction of the human race  is a distinct possibility.

But this will not be the end of it.  In my heart,  I know that’s not going to happen. I know that for those who have the courage and commitment, a new possibility exists:  a new humanity in a higher vibrational paradigm

The Magnitude of the Problem

Yes I do believe it will become increasingly challenging for sophisticated life to continue to exist in this physical realm on earth. When you look at the population boom that happened at the beginning of the industrial revolution, and at what’s been done since: the matrix –  the beast  – has been devouring the planet at an exponential rate. To an increasing number of people, it’s clear we’ve already kicked off  catastrophic climate feedback loops  which take the planet into a whole new level of escalating change. Like for example the release of methane gas from under the melting ice of the arctic, which according to the science, is at least 20 times more damaging over a hundred year period, and perhaps as much as 100 times more warming in the immediate years after its release.

There will be those hoping new technologies will provide new solutions. But to me, that’s because we’re not yet appreciating the entirety of the problem.

(See  the hidden cost of ‘free energy’).

The Solution is not finding some high tech, clever way of continuing with the consumptive status quo: the burgeoning human population and continued contraction of other sentient life. The problem is our very way of being on the planet which has set in process the risk of complete destruction of the complex and sophisticated biosphere itself.

When the plants and animals die, we die!

When you consider it deeply, when you get beyond the mind and what it would like to have happen now –  when you break through all layers of the ego  – including spiritual identities, then you realise this great cleansing process to come –  this Great Realignment  – is necessary to bring life back into harmony: to give Gaia a chance to ‘lie fallow’ and then reconstitute herself.

And so what now for humanity? What of the life forms that are now moving on at the rate in excess of 100 species per day?

A new humanity in a new paradigm

There’s a new possibility:  a new evolution into a higher vibrational paradigm. Back at the culmination of 2012, here at Openhand we felt the completion of  Gaia’s centering in the fifth density. We knew that would lead to the confrontation and breaking down of the old control based system – an  Interdimensional Opposing Consciousness  – which was trying to create a synthetic reality here with humanity enslaved within. It almost worked. Almost!

The strands of that matrix are being steadily unwound. Which is why in escalating numbers, people are breaking free and feeling liberated –  in a consciousness sense. It’s inspired ever increasing whistle-blowing and rebellion against the magnitude of the problem. The response of the powers-that-were, is to try to cling onto control, tooth and nail, but they are in disarray. Even if they still manage some New World Order, it will be feeble and short lived – the majority are steadily losing their fear and acquiescence to it.

And so this cleansing of that old consciousness will be necessary. It’s been totally endemic within the very life blood of the planet, like a virus. Gaia’s response has been to constitute a new paradigm for all life to ascend into, then to strip away the old consciousness –  the cancer we’ve been caught within.
As that is stripped away over time, other life forms are already moving on –  ascending into the higher paradigm. And that too is now the destiny for mankind –  at least for those who choose it. My heart knows this with some certainty, because I sense it as a key purpose of my incarnation:  to share this message and this opportunity with those who can hear.

Spiritual solutions to physical problems

There will be many who’ll want to cling to the old world – to try to fix it in some way. That’s understandable – it demonstrates a laudable, heart felt compassion for Gaia. I understand too that many will not believe what I’m saying. They’ll still struggle and effort to try to manifest a new reality here. But this is all about humanity now relinquishing control –  the karma that created the problem in the first place. We need to master the art of surrender, allowing the realigning flow to simply carry us. In short, we must get beyond the mind and into the soul, so it now guides the way.

And we must begin to help others realise the magnitude of what’s taking place. We must help as many as possible to prepare for the future and how to transcend the changes that are coming. Those who are already fully in the light, must come together in community with others and help them let go of the failing system. Even if people continue to work in the collapsing matrix a while longer, they need to break free of that old fear based consciousness within them, which is to be peeled off and fragmented like a worn out skin. It will be challenging. It will be painful in many ways. But it will also be the making of people. It will provide the opportunity to know ourselves experientially as what we truly are:  spiritual beings that are not limited purely by the physical.

From my heart to yours

(on behalf of  Openhand)

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