Who Let the Hordes Out?

Who Let The Hordes Out - Isis Army5th July 2014

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Recent clearly manipulated developments have now officially gone way over the top. Once again, the most mind boggling aspect is the lack of public awareness and outcry, rather than the usual knee-jerk reaction of simply following the mainstream narrative being shoved down their collective throats.


Iraq is being over-run by a highly financed, equipped and organized medieval swarm, supposedly out of nowhere, while the massively militarized US presence does nothing. Even their proud, huge embassy compound personnel flee as if this is Iran 30 years ago and nothing ever happened at the hands of American and NATO forces the last 12 years in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the US is being overrun with immigrants who are not just flooding the borders as guards stand idly by, but appearing by bus and plane loads all over the country and are even being housed at military installations, while the UK and other parts of Europe are being similarly inundated, with the UK now issuing passports by the thousands with hardly a question asked to unlawfully invited immigrants. To top it off, the Ukraine is flaunting a US/NATO bolstered resurrection and restoration of violent feudal fascism mimicking the rise of Nazism.

Enough? Apparently not. They’re still undermining Syria, Venezuela, and large swathes of Africa, while clearly instigating turmoil in Pakistan and other regional states via Gladio style terror attacks and economic subterfuge.

And You Don’t Think This Is Coordinated?

As I said above, the most surreal aspect of all this is how there is virtually no voice for sanity amidst all of this. The mainstream media, official organ of the deeply embedded State and Globalist influences, simply presents the effects as “news” while there is precious little real analysis and certainly no dot connecting.   After all, the public has been hamstrung for decades by not having all the facts or hardly any real truth about what’s going on.

Let’s break down these recent major trends and developments.

Question 1:  Where is the massive firepower against this “threatening” al Qaida upgrade ISIS movement that they once used to eviscerate Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? Where is the great concern for this whole phony “war on terror” all this was based on? They’re suddenly throwing up their hands and fleeing as if Attila the Hun is coming over the mountains on magic flying nuclear elephants. Surreal.

Answer: Note the mental effect, therein lies the key. The people are supposed to think there’s a force of such massive groundswell momentum that this cannot be stopped. Besides, Al Qaida was a US creation all along but has been getting a lot of use by US/NATO forces lately so they clearly need a new, more ferocious “enemy” to threaten “American freedom” and a reason to arm the hell out of the next phase of their operation. Same old ploy. But you have to admit they’re going medieval now with the savagery of this latest phase, beginning in with the clearly instigated Syria “rebellion”.

Question 2:  Who gave the signal to open the floodgates on Mexican immigrants into the US and why isn’t anyone asking that question? There are vague references to Obama’s obvious intentions, while the so-called government is predictably making lame, unfocussed objections. Meanwhile the task gets accomplished before it can be stopped.

Answer:  Overrun the populace with whatever program you want and maybe slightly answer for it later. Same with any of these “executive orders”, it’s dictatorial control in the US and has been for a long, long time while keeping the populace placated thinking they have a say so and are being “represented”. Meanwhile they push through what they want and once done it’s too late.

Question 3:  Why would the UK government, and other European countries, just flood their land with immigrants at a time when the economy’s backbone has been systematically crushed and the middle and lower class are suffering terribly…even going to the lengths of hurriedly issuing thousands of coveted British passports when legal immigrants have been waiting for years?

Answer:  Same as above – flood the current social structure before anyone can do anything until it cracks and has to cry out to the State for salvation. Those who don’t conform to the system will be “dealt with” accordingly, either by economic emaciation, outright incarceration… or worse.

Question 4:  How can a clearly fascist, Nazi-rooted regime be openly backed, armed and supported by America and NATO and no one even notice this is a complete reversal of every so-called western “value” that was supposedly fought and sacrificed for?

Answer:  Because the fascist state never died, has always been, and is the prime directive of the new world order. Socialism and Fascism are the same, just different flavors. Again, they’re heavily depending on the success of the massive history, media and social engineering programs they’ve been shamelessly promoting for over a century, but apparently they feel confident enough now to come completely out of the closet.

All the while telling the mind-mush public this is whatever new flavor of “freedom defending” they want to call it.

This list goes on but you get the point. It’s manipulation of a dumbed-down, mind controlled, impotent populace – which they created for this very purpose. Apparantely no explanation or permission is necessary any longer as these world shaping events continue to be engineered and executed with abject disdain for humankind.

American Idle – Don’t Get Caught in the Coma

As opposed to but not all that different from “American Idol”, the American public is stalled out, limply idling in neutral… hypnotized and frozen in its tracks – a sitting duck for their current destruction and whatever next phases are planned. The manipulators must be grinning in glee with all they can accomplish with hardly a whimper from a once proud and relatively empowered populace. Their social, chemical and biological engineering programs appear to have worked.

This goes for the UK as well, and most of the western world. The over saturation of economic and personal freedom reducing maneuvers has taken its toll and now the mad dogs of war have been multiplied and morphed into a whole new onslaught. One designed to usher in the next phase of war and draconian control.

Who let them out? If this isn’t clear to you by now you are one of the hypnotically entranced who still rely on what the mainstream tells you, and base your ideas and opinions on that. You may have a few questions or doubts, but if you’re not outraged and absolutely dumbstruck at the impunity of these obviously staged onslaughts on civilization you have some serious research to do.

Start now. It’s never too late to wake up – at least individually.

As far as society as a whole, it’s going to take one massive wake up at every level to turn this around. At least we can have the peace that we’ve helped as many as we could to understand what’s really going on and make a difference on many levels.

That’s worth every effort we can make.

Keep your eyes peeled and heart open. And pass the word on.

Much love, Zen

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I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold.  My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you…. just wondering. Love Zen.

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