New Moon in Virgo – Alchemical Change

New Moon in Virgo - Alchemical Change25th August 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

Happy birthday Virgos!

When taking a look at the evolutionary cycle of the planets at the moment, we are faced with another impactful internal paradigm shift. This new moon cycle in Virgo holds for us powerful inner healing and inner transformation.

I personally am excited about this one!  We are continually shifting and changing inwardly, but every so often we get a shift that takes place which we feel intensely. I personally see this powerful shift having a direct connection to the healing process that is needed after the intense last 3 years of personal inner breakdowns.  Up until now that is what has been happening, the structure of our inner reality has been changing. The key to changing the world is recognizing that first change must come from within.

I will break this down for you, and hopefully offer some insights into how to approach this energy pattern.

Virgo New Moon

Ego re-adjustment.

Every new moon cycle reflects to us, on a smaller scale, the intention set in motion of the greater and slower moving planetary cycles of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus.

The theme of this month’s new moon will be about the archetypes of Virgo and the quincunx aspect. From an evolutionary point of view, our journey to this point has been about advancing the awareness of ourselves. From a new direction (Aries) to actualizing (Leo) we have been constructing a pyramid, placing our subjective sense of self (the Leo/Sun) on top. Now, through the Virgo process, we switch the ego from being on top the pyramid to the bottom,  by flipping our perspective. From this point of view it creates the awareness and desire to be of benefit or help to a larger whole, rather than just to yourself. This in turn starts the process of spiritual re-alignment and it works like this…

The polarity (opposite) of Virgo is Pisces. These symbols in the zodiac reflect to us how the ego begins the process of re-aligning itself. If Pisces symbolizes the night sky, the vast starry realm, then Virgo reflects the human on the ground, dwarfed by the enormity (at the bottom of the pyramid). This then leads to the process of the Virgo/Quincunx aspect of forcing introspective, self-analytical consciousness. We develop an awareness of lack or imperfection, which can then promote the step-by-step process of self-improvement. This is the ultimate lesson of the archetype Virgo/Quincunx, to empower yourself through self-improvement.   It is like the framework of a building which, depending upon how much effort is put into it, can become a hovel or a lovely home.

The Finger of God (Yod)

Uranus in Aries quincunx Saturn/Mars in Scorpio + Mercury in Virgo quincunx Uranus in Aries + Mercury in Virgo sextile Saturn/Mars in Scorpio.

This planetary alignment is named the Finger of God for a reason. It forces difficult situations upon us so that we are faced with the challenge to rise above them and to evolve the soul. It is asking us now to truly take hold of some transmutation by slowing down (quincunx), accepting aspects of yourself you would like to improve (Virgo) and when embracing your limitations (Scorpio), you ultimately allow yourself to be inwardly transformed. This is essential thinking to this pattern.

New Moon in Virgo - Alchemical Change - the Yod pattern

Example of the Yod pattern.

The Virgo New Moon brings with it a grounding energy, helping us see things in practical terms. So begin reflecting on your current desires, whatever they might be, then ask yourself how you can improve and make them real. By doing this you enable yourself to be open to new ideas and opportunities. From the point of view in which we are rebuilding a new paradigm, this would be an entirely necessary process.

Another way to look at this pattern is to the see the immense opportunity to heal. Here again we are in the situation in which we are adding to the framework that will eventually support our sense of self. Many of us are looking at the world through new eyes since being awoken. Think of this period of time (Virgo New Moon) as a trial and error period. We are learning to balance ourselves and re orientate to the rising frequency. These symbols reflect the potential for some intense inner alchemical transmutation.

This shift that is taking place is, in my view, going to be just as important as the Cardinal Grand Cross which happened in April 2014. The patterns I am seeing are telling me that there is another piece of the paradigm shift puzzle that is about to fall into place. Please watch the video below  for a visual on the chart.

Mercury Enters Libra, 2nd of September

Sharing and connecting.

With the movement of mercury into Libra we are given an opportunity to share our ideas and to connect with others. It’s time to do some networking. Libra is a part of the natural Air trine and implies the natural law of sharing. So the intention with this energy is to expand our perspective and help others do the same. As this is the self-improvement month, take a moment to reflect on how your communication with others effects them. Ask for feedback!

Jupiter Quincunx Pluto (Retrograde)

Transmutation of our philosophy.

Every 6 months or so the symbol Pluto moves in what is called “retrograde” motion. Now this simply means that the intention of our desires comes up for review. We rethink what we desire during this period of time and adjust it. So with Pluto’s connection to Jupiter here, we have the inward self-alignment (quincunx) of our philosophy (Jupiter) relative to our desires. This is a great chance to reflect on what your philosophy is and how it enables you to reach your dreams. Again, this is all in line with the main theme of this new moon… self-improvement.

Venus enters Virgo 5th September

“The value is in the effort”.

In addition to the theme of the new moon, we see another synchronicity taking place in September, as Venus moves into Virgo. The synchronicity here lies in the opportunity to see the value (Venus) in how we can improve things in our lives. Can you see how the universe is adding this layer? Just after the new moon, the effects and awareness will be present and so, by the 5th, it will be time to become aware of the value we are putting into the world; how to be of service and improve.

Sun/Moon in Virgo Oppose Neptune in Pisces

Lastly to round off this exquisite and intricate cosmic dance, we have the sun and moon in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Here again, the layer of growth comes in aligning your mindset to the totality of creation; to see the connection between you and the infinite universe. The key here is to truly surrender to the project at hand and allow for the water elements to guide you along the path of least resistance. As this shift takes place, recognize there is a higher plan working through us. You are connected to Source and Source is within you. You and Source are connected.

New Moon Mantra

Be heart centered.

As we are faced with things in life that we would rather shy away from, find comfort in knowing that this is all a part of the divine plan. Trust the plan! Flow with it! In the midst of change and crisis it can be difficult to see things with a clear perspective. Instead of focusing on the outer turmoil, turn inwards. Be grounded. Focus on healing yourself. Transform your pain into the strength you can use to help others.

It is time to become a light that helps guide humanity to a new awakened paradigm. It is time to become a part of the solution.

Be the change!

Love and Light,


The New Moon in Virgo  

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