Full Moon in Pisces – The Crisis Point

The Full Moon in Pisces - the Crisis Point

10th September 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

Astrology does not enact life, we do. The zodiac reflects to us what is happening within us. It is simply a mirror that helps us become self-aware. We use it like a guidance system.

So how does it feel? Shaking hands with god, source, and the universal life force?

Yup that is right. The Pisces archetype reflects to us the ultimate meaning. The overpowering force that is creation. The aspect of life that forces our subjective ego’s to surrender to something outside of our control.

The Pisces Virgo axis

If we look through a microscope and closely observe living cells, we can experience the complexity of something so small. If we stand one night and gaze up at the starry sky marveling at the infinite universe we can surly be met with an overwhelming sense of enormity. The relationship of Virgo to Pieces reflects to us the relationship of the microscopic in the enormity of our cosmos.

With the main theme for this lunar cycle being about Virgo/Pisces, it is important to recognize the other alignments taking place. The whole theme of this month’s cycle is about right action, surrendering to larger forces and becoming aligned with our own inner authority.

So let’s piece this together.

Jupiter in a waning square to Saturn

Refurbishment and innovation.

This aspects has been going on for quite some time now. This cycle reflects to us how we are throwing off outdated definitions and conditionings that no longer serve us in our lives. It deconditions us and helps us innovate our own style of doing things. This is how we individualize ourselves. This cycle helps us break free from old outdated and crystalized structures that no longer serve us and then to implement changes in our life to better suit ourselves.  Jupiter and Leo.

The aspect (waning square) is considered a crisis in consciousness because we do not yet have the understanding of how the outcome might be so it causes insecurities and uncertainty to arise. So you might be feeling the pull in a new direction but not quite recognize how to implement it. That is okay, be patient, the fire elements will soon be giving us that needed shove into the new. Just sit back and experiment with the new structures and new ways of living for now.

Pluto Capricorn in a confrontational aspect to Jupiter in Leo

Recognizing our limitations. This is a very challenging aspect because, our imagination is boundless and yet our incarnation on earth is limited within the physical laws of existence. It can feel like we are being blocked in some area of our lives. Like something we are pushing for is simply not coming to fruition.

The purpose of this aspects is teaching us limitation and helping us see things from a realistic perspective.  We sometimes have idealistic ideas about our path to whatever we desire, but if we are not also paying attention to our limitations we can easily find ourselves confused or become dishearten as we are met with the reality. On the other hand we must take into consideration to recognize if these limitations are natural or not.

As we all know, our current establishment (Capricorn) has many distortions that we are subjected to. We cannot simply step outside the system and chose not to be a part of it. We are still bound by the laws and restrictions within it, however unnatural they may seem. This aspect is bringing the awareness of the outdated system and the effects it has on us and our world. With this knowledge we are able to make choices to move away from, and stop supporting, the outdated structures one step at a time. This  will inevitably lead to their fall. We are living in some extraordinary times. It is a constant process of shifting and changing. Don’t lose faith! There is a point to all of this.

As the outer reality merely reflects the inner, we are feeling these limitations within ourselves as well. But this is where we hold the power to eradicate the outdated systems. We are being offered the chance to become fully aware of the limitations we put on ourselves. We are being offered the gift to decondition ourselves from these outdated structures. So try to focus in on yourself and ask yourself what outdated aspects of your personality are holding you back.

What can you do to shift your perspective?

Uranus a self-reflective aspect to the Sun

Continuing with the theme of this monthly lunar cycle, we have a gibbous phase in conjunction from Uranus to the Sun. This aspect forces inner self analysis and self-adjustment. It helps us stay grounded. It implies limitations; the need to be practical.

So what happens here for us is that we are asked to shift our awareness into alignment with acknowledging the larger forces operating in our lives. To align with seeing that the path to our destiny requires step-by-step, paying attention to detail thinking.

It is easy to become frustrated with these energies. The trick here is to be patient. As difficult as it may sound, it is the best course of action. It is about finding out the best route possible and then taking it, versus just blindly moving in a direction. Can you see the synchronicity with the above paragraph? The acceptance of limitations.

Venus in Virgo

Helping us to see value in right action, this placement is a supporting one. While we are realigning and adjusting ourselves, Venus joins in and helps us see why we need this perspective. We solidify the value in right action; of correct and appropriate choices. If you have or are experiencing crisis, this would be a good opportunity to analyze and re shape the way you go about the process.

Full moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces

An invitation to shake hands with Source, god, universal life force.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Can situations become overbearing and make you feel like no matter how much you try to organize, arrange and or control things, it just seems to disappear out into the abyss?

Welcome to the Neptunian realm.

The sheer enormity and enveloping energy consumes and overpowers everything. It is the manifested and the unmanifested. All that is and all that can be imagined. This is the unified field of consciousness. This full moon is extremely potent and contains some deep opportunities for healing. It brings into focus and amplifies the Neptune in Pisces story. True to Neptunian fashion the, cycle of Neptune in Pisces is shrouded and cloaked in mysticism.

What is it actually doing for us as a collective?

At this point I would like to share with you a perspective on this transit and how important this Full moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron really is.

The Neptune cycle through Pisces is making us feel extremely sensitive to our environment. It is also offering compassionate love and healing. A part of our healing process moves deeply into the collective distortion that essentially began with the illusion that ‘’god’’ exists outside of ourselves. Through the atrocities of war, famine, destruction and general madness in life it becomes so easy to feel completely abandoned by ‘’god’’. This distortion aids us in now feeling betrayed by this false idea of god and that it does not exists and that we should not believe in this. This rejection of god only carry’s on the disconnection to the true source within ourselves. Leaving a gaping hole in our souls.

The movement of the asteroid Chiron through Pisces reflects to us this collective, and individual wounding. One that reaches very deep into our current conditioning. We all experience this on some level. We have lost our connection to god which means we have lost our connection to ourselves. This runs so deep within our consciousness that this is the very reason we look outside ourselves for answers, to authorities who claim to have the expertise that you yourself are lacking for your existence here on earth. This is why we override our instincts with logical ideas that we have been conditioned to believe. This is why we have allowed the people in power to make decisions for us. This is why we have allowed our earth to be polluted, our food to be poisoned, our land and natural resources to be claimed. This is all because of the illusion of separateness  – the distortion that tells us humans are separate from nature, that  Spirt and flesh are not connected. That we are not connected. Race separation, gender assignment, economic status etc. This sense of separateness keeps us from the love that we are all so desperately seeking.

Chiron, has been moving through Pisces for some time now and the way that we have been aided in healing is by learning to become compassionate towards our world. Allowing us to see the wound in ourselves and to heal it with compassionate understanding for ourselves and through that also towards each other. This requires first the acceptance of the other dimensions of your multi-dimensional self. i.e. your emotional body, your inner voice, higher mind. These aspects exist. The wound again is that we have severed this connection for such a long time that only through intense turmoil do we look within to find the source.

The main element with this full moon was to align yourself with a knowing that something beyond your physical knowing exists. That there is actually not some creator that exists outside of yourself but your own soul guiding you along the path it chose. So in effect your connection to source, to god, to yourself, and your relationship to the universal life force are one.

Full moon Mantra

As we are experiencing limitations, blockages, being overpowered by circumstances, inner pain and trauma surfacing in waves the most important thing to remember is to breathe. When focusing on the details of life becomes too overwhelming, take a step back to reflect on the larger picture. Lift your chin up and remember why you are here. Connect to Love, wherever you can find it. We are all surrounded by it in fact, we just need to look a little closer, to change our perspective. Follow the path of least resistance, accept the changes that are happening within and around you! Remember that you are an infinite being. That you have everything you need in every moment of your existence. That you do not need to quieten the voice inside you to give way to a louder one. That voice is your soul. Listen to it!

Be the change!

Love and Light,


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Simon Vorster

Simon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer and teacher who has been practising astrology for over 10 years. Simon’s work is rooted in helping souls de-condition the self and empower the soul into making new conscious choices. His soul work, sharing his thoughts and insights and using the powerful tool of evolutionary astrology, is to help others find their own spiritual paths, live in the moment and understand that they are able to change and effect their own evolution.

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