New Moon in Libra – Fear or Love?

New Moon in Libra - Fear or Love

24th September 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

The stage is set! The time is up! We are poised at a point in our collective evolution where the relationship we have with  ourselves and others will be illuminated. The extremes of love and fear will be ever present.  The new moon cycle is upon us again and with this comes a great opportunity to sow the seeds for new evolutionary growth. The planetary alignments with this new cycle bring along with them some profound opportunities for healing.

Happy Birthday Libra!

May the sun shine  warm  upon your face during this month!

Before I go into the details of this new moon cycle, I would like to really highlight a core theme for us to deeply reflect on…

The progression of the lunar cycle through each sign every month brings about awareness, which we use and integrate going forward into next new lunar cycle. The last lunar cycle was primarily about healing the illusions of duality and the separateness it brings. The importance this last cycle was to our collective and individual spiritual healing process. In short, the current placement of Chiron and Neptune in Pisces has been revealing to us the deep collective distortional imprints of man-made laws and religions, and the hold they have on our collective awareness. ie. the illusion that spirit and flesh are separate. That god is outside of ourselves. That we are separate from the universe and nature. That painful feeling of separateness.

The void we all carry with us on some level is ultimately the feeling of being abandoned by god (love). So with this lunar cycle we are now being asked to connect to others and bring these lessons into the world. We are being asked to choose love over fear. We are unified through the action of love. The connection that love brings to our life conquers all. Love is the universal binding element.

At the bottom line of this global awakening is the realization that we are not disconnected but deeply interconnected, and there lies the key to really healing through this New Moon in Libra.

Pluto goes Direct

It’s time for change! Are you ready?

This is an exciting time for us because for the first time since 2008, Pluto is done with the involution (breaking down) process of its passage through Capricorn. We are now very much aware of the distortions in the world and this process needed to happen. We needed to become aware of all of the outdated definitions and outmoded ways of the past.  We are now entering the direct phase of,  “okay let’s begin fixing this”. But we are right at the beginning so there will still be an extreme amount of uncertainty regarding the what’s and how’s. This is natural and it paradoxically drives us into new directions, to explore and figure that out.

As  Pluto’s cycle moves very slowly, taking around 22 years to pass through each sign,  its evolutionary appearance cannot be seen straight away as it can with nearer planetary bodies. With the gradual emergence of this energy comes the building of the new paradigm. Can you feel it? The first part of this long evolutionary journey is over. The breaking down energy has run its course, it is time to move forward.

On a personal level, Pluto, representing inner authority, has helped us truly  let go of some really distorted conditionings. A fresh new me is ready to be birthed out of this current alignment. Exciting is it?

And at the bottom of this whole process lies the truth; that we live in the universe and the universe lives in us. We and the universe are connected. And by owning  this truth, we are progressively taking our power back, taking our sovereignty back. Although it may be a slow and progressive process  –  it is still happening  –  and our job is to make sure we keep at it. Building on it. Being the change.

Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune and Chiron in Pisces

Alignment with our karmic journey

This planetary alignment will be reflecting to us some deep truths about the nature of our reality. This planetary aspect holds immense opportunity to heal of ourselves.

Sagittarius’ connection to Pisces reflects to us the natural law of becoming aligned with our multi-dimensional selves; the aspects of our creation that exist in the non-physical. The bottom line here is that we all have spiritual and evolutionary karmic passages that we come to earth to journey through, so as the human condition is limited through the experience of the 3  dimensional world, we are faced with the constant challenge of orientating our beliefs (Sagittarius) into an alignment with our karmic journey (Pisces).  In short, this is  the process of aligning our physical sense of self with a deep inner knowing of who we are.  This is also the connection that reflects to us where our intuition comes from.

The dark side to this aspect?  The illusions and distortions that have been keeping humanity ensnared. The false teachings and truths, of god being outside of you. The disconnection from our nature that plays out when we  give our power away to external authorities. The deepest layer to this planetary alignment truly lies here.  This is  what we are really healing at this point in time. We have  the opportunity to change that energy and align ourselves with our own intuitive guidance system —  the  sense that is in synchronicity with who we truly are.

So the message here is that, as we dissolve illusions and strengthen our connection to ourselves and honor our own inner authority, we align our own personal truths to our inner vibration, and truly reflect our natural spiritual selves to the world.  Trust and honor yourself!

“I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?” ~  Vincent van Gogh

Activation of the fire trine  –  Mars/Jupiter/Uranus

Feel your destiny, unleash your creativity and voice your truth!

The natural law of the fire trine in the zodiac reflects to us the feeling of spirit within us; that divine spark that drives our desires and that helps us actualize ourselves.

The evolution of the trine works like this; from a young age we have a sense of excitement of new beginnings (Aries). As our consciousness begins to expand it moves through Leo and we begin to become aware of our special destiny. As our consciousness expands even more, it connects with Sagittarius (the search) and it is here that we begin really exploring our  truth and its link to  our own  special destiny.

So with this in mind, it is clear that we now have the chance to align our inner authority (Pluto direct) with the recognition of our inner guidance system (Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune and Chiron in Pisces) to the spirit of our density (Fire trine Mars/Jupiter/Uranus) of our dreams and desires. Start making choices now to bring you closer to your dream! The liberation of man-made distortions begins now!

‘’I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” ~  Vincent van Gogh

Lunar South Node conjunct Uranus in Aries, quincunx Saturn in Scorpio

A leap of faith

Liberation and breaking free from the conditions of the unnatural laws and distortions of man-made authority are now being emphasized. The full phase inconjunct reflects limitations and feelings of entrapment. The Saturn function in Scorpio, inconjunct the nodal axis, reflected to us the deep truth that the distorted authority/powers are not letting go of their illusions of power.

This aspects will no doubt bring about frustration, anger, and powerlessness. This in turn will lead many  people to eventually break down their false sense of faith in external authority, and induce  the core-evolutionary intention of  Pluto through Capricorn. That change and power comes from within. We need to be looking inwardly and forming a new relationship to ourselves; building new communities and developing a deep unifying connection to our fellow man.

This aspect supports and induces the action of the people taking back their power. This change can bring up strong feelings of insecurity as we take our first steps in a new direction. It is completely natural to experience this as we have nothing to attach ourselves to. We are stepping into the unknown, so to speak. It is new and fresh, and anxiety can be a part of this process. The paradox here is that, again, that lack of knowledge is the very thing driving us to discover what is out there.

On a more personal level, we are starting a new cycle, and self-discovery is the theme. Being reborn.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” ~  Vincent van Gogh

New Moon in Libra


From an evolutionary view point, the phase after Virgo reflects to us the process where we begin to meet the world as a social equal. Libra reflects to us the need to create balance and harmony relative to extremes. It is the process of seeing things as equal through extremes, binding the illusion of separateness. In Libra we are learning how to give, not just to take. To listen to other people in a way that is true to their experience of reality instead of just filtered through our own expectations.

An intention with Libra is to learn about relativity. Where we seek to evaluate ourselves through comparing and contrasting ourselves with others. We are also, in contrast to Libra’s  polarity Aries, learning to become aware of the needs and realities of other people. This reflects the Libra lesson of learning to give to other people, as in the previous growth cycle of our subjective awareness we have been taking from others.

One of the main themes that will be arising from this new moon is the increased awareness of the polarization between unity consciousness (love) and fear-based separation conscious. As Mars moves through Sagittarius this will become very apparent. The Libra theme holds immense insight into the nature of how we can actually move forward here. The north node of the Moon (our karmic potential) acts like a compass guiding us forward.

The first thing to note here is that the ruler of the Node (Venus) is in Virgo, which is making an opposition to Chiron in Pisces. This means that we are being asked  to discern from the illusions of separateness in the outside world, and to recognize what  is fear-based consciousness and conditioning; to inwardly heal from such illusions by connecting the heart with the spirit; and to now start integrating  these dimensions of our spiritual selves into alignment with our hearts.

Also, Pluto will be making squares to the Sun and Moon and Uranus. This alignment is reflecting to us the need to individuate ourselves, to question the underlying beliefs that have underpinned all prior actions, to  detach from what one has created and the social sphere in which one participates. We will seek equality and demand justice. This is a wonderful opportunity to start showing up, speaking up, and expressing your originality.

New Moon Mantra

As we are asked to share and express our new found beliefs, do not be disheartened by the voices expressing fear. Instead, use the awareness as a mirror to show you how much closer to love you have come. Feel and express that love and you will soon find that you are connected to a unified field of healing love energy.

We do not need to fight the negative, only to share our awareness through love. Connect to yourself and express your divinity! Let’s start building a world for ourselves and our children! Let’s purify ourselves of today’s  distortions so that our children do not need to! Let’s connect to each other, all over the globe, to spread the word, spread the love and heal the pain.

Step into the light! Feel your way! Be inspired!

Be the change!


Libra New Moon Astrology Report | September 2014

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