Mars in Sagittarius – Your Ultimate Truth

Mars in Sagittarius – The Ultimate Truth

18th September 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

Mars in Sagittarius: 13th  September to 26th October 2014

What is your truth? Your philosophy? Your inner knowing?

This is a time of searching for the answers to these questions. We will be re-evaluating our beliefs and bringing them more into alignment with our new evolutionary stage, bringing forth the seeds for the next conscious shift.  This is an exciting time ahead for us. The movement of Mars through Sagittarius brings us the feeling of the fire elements: joy, positivity, optimism and hope.

In a recent article, The Activation of Life Force, I wrote that when Jupiter moved  into Leo (until August 2015) it would mark the beginning of activating our life force as a collective, and finding our inner sense of purpose. Well, with the current movement of Mars in Sagittarius, the beginning phase of this shift will be felt. This is a time in which we will begin strengthening our connection to spirit. This is the time to listen to your inner voice. Your intuition. That inner knowing that exists with you. This is your true guidance system.

Jupiter reflects to us our deep intuitive knowing. Jupiter and Sagittarius also reflect natural law. As humans we are hard-wired through natural law, the connection to Mother Earth/nature. So with Mars in Sagittarius there is an invitation to continue the progressive movement towards living in aliment with nature and natural laws. Becoming more synchronized with the universal cycles. Becoming more connected to your bio rhythms.

Ask yourself in all moments “What is natural for me?”

During this cycle it is important to recognize Sagittarius’s polarity, Gemini. This means that, as we find a belief system that is true to us, we must recognize and respect the diversity of other peoples’ truths.

With these two opposing energies, the danger here is that we may find ourselves forcing our beliefs onto others, to convince them that our truth is the ultimate truth, whereas all different perspectives actually reflect the totality of the ultimate truth.

Here are some of the influential aspects Mars will be making during its movement through Sagittarius.

Mars  in Sagittarius square Neptune  in Pisces

21st September 2014

This is a moment to reflect and inwardly connect to our spiritual center. This square will induce a sense of finding the answers from within. It will be very deep and will almost feel like you are lost. How Neptunian!

Use this time to reflect and practice the main theme of this Mars cycle through Sagittarius; the intuitive senses. We will be filled with daydreams and outer-body states of awareness. Be careful to not be over adventurous as it might be tough staying in the physical. Take this opportunity to rest and go within. Nourish your inner spiritual self. You will need it to really be able to take advantage of the change in energy when Mars starts to complete the fire-trine aspects in a few days’ time, allowing you to find the deeper meaning in your awareness.

Mars  in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces

4th October 2014

This will be the point in which all the lessons and awareness from the full Moon in Pisces that happened on the 9th of September will come to the surface. Our collective wounds caused by  the illusion that we are separate from Source will become more apparent, presenting an opportunity to heal through shifting our beliefs into alignment with natural law. Our connection back to Mother Earth will be strengthened.

This  will be a sensitive time, so  be careful to not project your pain onto others. See the pain in them, and connect through recognizing that we are not separate, by One.

Mars in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries

5th October 2014

This trine will drive a shift deeper into our hearts. The natural law of the fire trine in the zodiac reflects to us the feeling of spirit within us; that divine spark that drives our desires and helps us actualize ourselves.

The evolution of the fire trine works like this; from a young age we have a  sense of excitement of new beginnings (Aries). As our consciousness begins to expand it moves through Leo (self-actualization) and we being to become aware of our  own special destiny. As our consciousness expands even more it connects with Sagittarius, and it is here that we begin exploring that truth and linking that special destiny to our lives. This process helps us find meaning.

So, with Mars moving through Sagittarius for the next couple of weeks and then making trines to Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, we will receive  an  invitation to feel our collective heart beating. A sense of excitement, purpose and meaning will  be felt. The key to this whole experience is love; our collective sense of divine appreciation for one another; our heart filled care for ourselves and others.

Be courageous! Be bold! Be daring!

Be the change!


Mars in Sagittarius – The Ultimate Truth

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