The Spiritual Warrior Learns Through Adversity

Learning Through Adversity - Invoking the Spiritual Warrior Energy

By  Open

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I’ve faced many challenging and difficult situations that I recall through my existence. It seems my life has consisted of a good deal of breaking through adversity; continually confronting and overcoming challenges. Since earlier times, many things have changed. Along the path, I’ve learned the art of divinely surrendering to the flow; of accepting life as it really is, initially at least, without trying to change it. I realised you have to be at-one with something – the One – to truly change anything.

Has this made life any easier? In many ways yes. But I love the complexity, challenge and opportunities in life; the chance to learn and grow. I also have a strong warrior energy.  Whether man or woman, cultivating the warrior spirit can be of great service to us all…

The Divine Blend

Frequently there seems to be a view in spiritual circles that the path to  Enlightenment  is one of softness, gentleness and light; that unconditional love is expressed only  through the softness of the ‘divine feminine’. This is an illusion! The soul has seven key characteristics, only one of which is the surrender of the divine feminine (See…  Seven Rays of Divine Impulse).

The ‘masculine’ warrior energy is the counterpart to the softness of the divine feminine and in truth, both sexes need it. It is just as vital for creativity and without it, we probably wouldn’t do anything effective at all. To be truly enlightened, is to be able to unleash, and allow to flow, all of the authentic characteristics of our soul, without limitation, control or hesitation.

Of course the warrior has gained much negative ‘press’ in life because of the distortions of it. Its energy has been used throughout the ages to gain power over people, to control and imprison them. This is a gross distortion of the energy, the purpose of which, is to invigorate, uplift and liberate. It is to breakdown lower harmonies yes, but not to create some other limiting status quo. Rather it is to continually provide new possibilities for growth and advancement. This authentic yearning is in every one of us, male and female alike, and to deny it is to deny who we are.

Invoking the Spiritual Warrior Energy

If we truly want to be fulfilled in life, it is going to involve us learning to work with our warrior energy. For those who do not frequently feel the arising of this powerfully passionate and creative yearning, it might mean invoking the warrior energy by doing things that activate adrenaline. It could be taking part in sports – including the martial arts – for example. If you’re young and fit, it could be something like mountain walking or climbing.

Learning Through Adversity - Invoking the Spiritual Warrior Energy (3)If we’re older and less agile, that needn’t stop you, a power walk in nature might be for you. Anything to get the lungs and heart pumping. Maybe watching emotive films would help – films like “Lord of the Rings” and “The Matrix” for example.

Once the energy is flowing, you’ll definitely feel it. It’s the kind of energy that wants you to jump and leap; to scream and shout.

When you feel it arising, the key is not to deny it, but to find a positive vehicle for its expression. Letting the energy come through, but in a harnessed way. We need to ‘open the internal pipe’ through which it is channeled by feeling it and working with it.

Denial is Dangerous

You may feel the pipe too constricted within you and it may cause you initially to tighten as it flows. That’s when the warrior energy turns into frustration and anger. If this happens, keep working with it. Work with people who’ll let you be who you are without judgment. When it happens to the friends in my life, I get them to don boxing gloves and spar (either with me or a punch bag). It’s simply amazing how liberating and enlivening it can be!

The key is not to suppress the warrior energy or try to make it dissolve before you are ready; denial is dangerous because the energy simply goes inside leading to repression, deep seated frustration and stress.  It’s why ‘heaping love’ on someone in this situation is dangerous too. If they’re angry and aggressive, we need to totally accept them as they are, but then find healthier ways of expressing the energy.

Keep finding the appropriate vehicle. We will each have a way appropriate for our lives and when we’ve discovered how to harness the energy, we become more at ease with it. We don’t tighten when it arises, we don’t get angry or frustrated and we certainly don’t use it to control or intimidate people. Arising anger is first harnessed, processed and then directed positively rather than at people.

In so doing, it becomes a powerfully creative force for good in our lives. It gives us the courage to surmount the seemingly insurmountable. In these often chaotic times of great challenge and change, it is the energy that can break down the limiting constrictions of the past and unleash positive force for growth. It is this energy that can open the breathing space for a higher harmony to emerge.

Tips on Harnessing the Spiritual Warrior Energy

Here are some tips gained from working with people on how to harness the spiritual warrior in you:

Learning Through Adversity - Invoking the Spiritual Warrior Energy (2)Invoke it:

if you have trouble raising the warrior in you and you feel any strongly creative and manifesting juices are lacking, then watch for the subtle rising of passion and bring attention to it. It could be something as simple as walking through the rain or it could be getting up early and power walking to the sound of the dawn chorus. Or it could be dancing passionately to your favourite boogie box tunes. Whatever generates that feeling of empowered invigoration

Unleash it:

denial is not a river in Egypt! If we try the ‘spiritual identity’ approach and put on the ‘Buddha-like-behaviour’ if it’s not how we’re truly feeling, then we’ll build either deep seated frustration or bubbling anger. Better to find a way of letting it out, but without directing it at anyone – unless they’re a willing facilitator

Contain it:

if the energy is running strongly through your ‘veins’, then building and holding it, so as not to let dissipate too soon will be of benefit. The key is not to get lost in it. Not to let it control you. Feel it, but then contain it within your consciousness. It’s something that comes from experience.

Channel it:

once the warrior energy is there, the key is to watch for productive and constructive ways to channel it. If you’re holding it within you, those opportunities are bound to materialise as a product of your conciousness. It could be through physical exercise, but it could also be some for of challenging action that requires commitment and courage – confronting a friend, relative or acquaintance with naturally arising confrontational news for example. It could be through the creative arts or caringly passionate sexual intercourse.

Master it:

the warrior spirit is one that requires much attention and care in its mastery. It is influenced, suppressed or harnessed through many of our daily activities from the food we eat to the colour of the clothes we wear. Of course it’s gotten pretty bad ‘press’ through the course of history, but make no mistake, those that work to harness it in a productive way will find it works creatively for you through the daily events of your life.

Healing the Wounded Dragon

Humanity is entering the cauldron of catalytic change. At a soul level, the strength of our yearning is collectively challenging a society founded on injustice and inequity. Meltdown is on the horizon.  How do we progress from here? We must recognise the outer reflection of our own internal darkness – the ‘raptor consciousness’. If society is to change for the better, we must first transmute these inner energies…

Video by  Openhand.

In the Eyes of the Spiritual Warrior

You know when you’re looking into the eyes of a spiritual warrior. They’re eyes that have seen it all: the pleasure and the pain, the success and the heartache. They’ve been broken and bowed by it all, yet they didn’t stop, they didn’t give in.

When you look into the eyes of a spiritual warrior, you see eons of earth shattering experience, humbly expressed through an immovable sense of self belief and presence. It’s definitely not something that arises overnight or simply springs up without courageously clearing the path before it. It is one that is forged in the crucible of life, with mountains of patience and persistence. Something, that at a  soul level, we each carry in abundance.

From my heart to yours,


Look Me in the Eyes

Michael Jordan…

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My soul is intimately connected with the higher dimensions where I find myself in communion with this benevolent presence most of the time. We ‘speak’ through the language of telepathic synchronicity: plain knowing of signs and symbols, an intuitive, objective interpretation of the flow of the moment which helps me understand and realise the various underlying impulses that are activating and influencing people’s lives here in the lower realm.  The Openhand Foundation works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

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