Full Moon in Aquarius – Illuminating Our Way Back Home

Full Moon in Aquarius – The Way Back Home

31st July 2015

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

We are faced with some very perplexing energy patterns at this stage of our cosmic cycle. The shift from what seemed a full-force ‘green light’ of collective manifestation and inspired action has quickly become a turbulent ride of internal backtracking into the shadowy depths (Scorpio) of our psyche. Saturn’s retrograde motion, which began on 14th March 2015, has reinforced a common theme: go back, polish off, revisit and finally master all the vital insights we have gained over the last 2½ years.

This swirl of energy, while restrictive, is aiding a far greater cycle and truly allowing us to access our deepest truth and bringing to the forefront the need to manifest our strongest internal desire — to live from the heart. And now, amplified by the energy of today’s Full Moon in Aquarius, Saturn’s message is extemely clear: structured and stable growth and expansion comes from patience, discipline, while consciousness expands in a different order to the way the linear human mind might want. Our evolution may not “look” and “feel” the way we had wished, but – as uncomfortable as this process may be – conscious evolution IS happening.

Planetary alignments reflecting our current evolution

The Water Trine: Chiron in Pisces Trine Saturn in Scorpio Trine Mars in Cancer

In our view, this alignment holds a strong presence for this Full Moon. To fully grasp the energy of this alignment and what potential it holds for us, we must make a consciousness connection to our pain, to our suffering and what it means to truly surrender. This intimacy with our emotional pain (Water) brings us into deeper connection to Source, as it is through our own pain, suffering and heartache that we gain more empathy, love and acceptance for others. The element of Water teaches us how to deepen our relationship to consciousness and how to embody empathy, for ourselves and other, how to cultivate acceptance and therefore forgivenesssomething that we must achieve in order to let go of the past and effectively create our future.

With the energy of the Water Trine alignment so dominant, this month’s Full Moon asks that we pay extra special focus to where we still have deep unresolved emotional wounds (Chiron/Pisces) that need nurturing and acceptance (Mars/Cancer) in order for us to truly heal.

In particular, Saturn in Scorpio is allowing our deepest underlying emotional layers to surface, in order for us to ultimately process, ground and clear. It is important to stay aligned with the lessons of these symbols at this stage, rather than to resist the process of emotional delving. What stems from these underlying emotions is an opportunity for self-empowerment and the cultivation of true empathy for ourselves and others; in alignment with our core feelings. If we are to live through the heart and not just mentally perceive our reality, we need to fully grasp these archetypes and the challenges/opportunities they provide.

But remember, our development of heart-consciousness and unity-consciousness is a work in progress, as is the human condition. This is a journey of healing duality.

Saturn (Scorpio) Square Venus Retrograde (Leo) and Jupiter (Leo)

This alignment is really testing us, bringing to the surface all the illusions, unresolved emotional patterns and outdated conditioning that does not support the new creative expression we are all feeling at this stage. This alignment is also, in our view, the culprit that is causing our feelings of being “stuck”, waiting for situations to unfold and events to happen. As we mentioned, the progressive slowing-down and/or halting of forward motion in our lives stems from our evolutionary necessity to establish stronger energetic foundations and to hold the space, facilitating the manifestation of these new energetic vibrations on Earth in the long term.

We have done a tremendous amount of inner work over the last 2½ years, with many upheavals and sudden changes causing incredible confusion and frustration. This cyclone of emotions is integral to the evolution that needs to take place — and IS taking place. Now, as we have faced and began to integrate with these life-altering events, we are now at a place in which we are finding our feet again and re-orienting ourselves to the new inner landscape that is present for us. Many souls during this time have found new friends, new living situations, established new relationships, new healthier eating habits, and even discovered a new sense of purpose and value. This alignment is calling in the question what matters most, and what we need to perfect, align and strengthen in order to be ready for the next stage of total emergence.

Uranus Retrograde in Aries Square Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn

As Uranus and Pluto our outer planets, they reflect to us long-term, ongoing evolutionary themes. With the final of seven Pluto-Uranus squares ramping up since March 2015, the Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn alignment has been a re-shaping our relationships to the internal structures through which we (collectively and individually) experience this evolution.

At this moment, the movement of Pluto (evolution) is in its final phase of this re-shaping process, bringing up aspects of our reality that we need to re-visit and re-define. This can be felt as deep emotional shocks, fears, feelings of anxiety, and a general sense of wonder or concern for what is going to happen next. This process has been supported by Saturn’s transit back into Scorpio (inner transformation). This final push of deep inner re-construction is facilitating the need for us to establish a strong stable and platform from which to the propel our new life’s direction.

Use this time to conclude any outstanding attachments and contracts that don’t support the new version of you, and spend time reflecting upon what is essential for the new direction you wish to embark on. The core theme of these signs is to establish emotional security, and to create healthy patterns of self-responsibility, freedom, exploration and self-discovery. These key inner components of our evolution lead us to feel less need to control others and help us to break any patterns of co-dependency that are holding us back, and prompt us to explore the potentials available to us.

This is a time to step boldly into the new identity we been presented with and infuse our daily lives with the heart-centred unity consciousness we have discovered through this process.

Full Moon in Aquarius – The Way Back Home

Full Moon Message

The Full Moon in Aquarius brings with it many stories and gifts of insight — too many to cover in one article. However the themes we personally feel are most important to this alignment center on two core truths.

Many of us during recent times have been experiencing a variety of emotional shocks; events are not unfolding in the way we want them to, we feel blocked, our projects are stunted, and we are experiencing heartache and loss, even feelings of giving up completely. Scorpio’s relationship to Leo (self-actualization) teaches us that having an open and sensitive heart can and will bring sadness and the human emotions of loss, betrayal and abandonment. It is in this realm that we learn what to trust, and what not to trust. This relationship also teaches us about the law of impermanence.

Our dreams and desires are what we experience ourselves through. Our feelings of loss, which relate directly to our achievement (or lack thereof) of those dreams, teach us that at any point things can and do go wrong. But they also teach us that we should not wait for better’s days to take right action or to live our lives to the fullest. Seize the day! Remember what we are being offered here; as we experience emotional shocks, the shattering of our illusions and the breaking of our hearts, we are offered the potential to merge deeper and deeper with the ultimate and underlying reality of our being — and that is to heal the heart, personally and collectively. Work to bring the deep love, empathy and compassion in your heart into your reality, and allow it to guide your actions. This is the key ingredient.

As we step into this higher state of being, we become co-creators of our reality. We have a very powerful gift, each and every one of us. Release yourself from the shackles of self-defeating thoughts and feelings of lack. The emergence of a new paradigm is present with us, and this is the time to begin actively anchoring the concept of unity consciousness into reality and our personal spiritual journey. And we begin this by understanding our relationship to our universe.

We exist in a dualistic universe. In order for consciousness to experience itself, it needs a mirror; a polarity. Without darkness there can be no light. Everything that exists in our physical universe has an opposite, and yet everything is but a different expressions of the same thing — a manifestation of the One; the totality of creation. When it comes to the human experience and our physical reality, we have experienced ourselves only in such a dense, slow-vibrational state that we have falsely come to know ourselves as physical beings, rather than the multi-dimensional energetic beings that we are. In this slow vibration, we rely only on our 5 limited senses and perceive things, and each other, as separate from ourselves. We therefore have a great deal to learn and integrate about the true nature of creation.

At this point in our evolution, we have assimilated an incredible amount of understanding of the polarities within creation. We have been those very polarities and have known and felt them within us. We still do, as it is part of our 3 dimensional experience. Our challenge is to experience reality beyond those polarities; to engage the universe on its own multi-dimensional terms, and not just within the limited range of our physical human sense.

We have recently entered a new evolutionary cycle. One that has never before been explored, and is completely new to humankind. There have been many prophecies about the evolutionary era we have recently entered, passed down by ancient cultures that understood what lay behind the veil of our existence. Many of you have had direct experience of the nature of this shift in consciousness, and sense (as we do also) that our new evolutionary direction is to return home to the source of creation. Yet, we are just at the very beginning of this journey; at the turning point between polarities. We are leaving a cycle of separation behind us, and re-orientating ourselves toward unity. As is the nature of polarity, our experience of separation has prepared us well for the next phase. Our work now is to assimilate and unify the polarities within us.

Throughout its history, humanity experienced it all. We have lived in perfect instinctive harmony with nature, guided by our heart-connection. And (under patriarchal rule) we have lived in total discord with nature, favouring the easily-led human mind over the intuitive guidance of the heart. Yet humanity has (arguably) never existed in a time where these two opposing energies are fused into harmony with each other, rather our experience of polarity has led us from one extreme to the other. Many still advocate one polarity over the other; matriarchy or patriarch; science or spirituality. However our collective and individual strength is to be found when two opposing forces unite in balance. They naturally amplify each other and create a powerful vortex of energy, eliminating the sense of loss and lack that polarity and duality inevitably created. As our history has shown, when these energies become out of balance, our evolutionary momentum is lost; but, when we maintain balance – Yin and Yang – these opposing energies feed and nourish each other, creating an energetic momentum and a stronger, more positive energy field.

This is how we create. We can see this clearly in nature, as life itself is created when we unite the feminine and masculine energies.

It is when we can fuse all opposing energies within ourselves that we activate our connection to Source. By creating balance within, and projecting it without, we will not only heal the world around us but we will begin to create a whole new reality around us.

It is time to remember who we are; to let go of our ego attachments and illusions of separateness; to acknowledge and heal the wounds of humanity, and balance the duality of our old reality into the unity of the new.

It’s time to return home.

Simon & Jennifer

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