Breaking Through: Betrayed, Abandoned, Cast Adrift, and then… Reborn!

Awakening - Betrayed, Abandoned, Cast Adrift, and then... Reborn!

27th July 2016

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Do you feel sometimes like you’ve been betrayed, abandoned and cast adrift on the ocean of life? It’s like nothing seems to add up, life doesn’t always flow like it really should, and there are ‘shadows’ everywhere who seem to make it their purpose to slow you down.

Don’t worry, even though sometimes you may feel alone and cut-off from the wider universe you know as home, you are not powerless — you have gifts beyond measure, and as long as you let the flow speak through you, it will find a way to connect you back up to the source. If you let the fullness of you express, it doesn’t matter what odds are ranged against you, you’ll overcome any obstacle and challenge they throw in your way…

An Almighty Shit Storm

Right now in this Great 5D Shift, the energies in the lower densities are being well and truly stirred up. Sometimes to me, it feels a bit like being in an almighty shit storm, with big clods of density whirling all around. You’ve got to learn how to duck and to dive, to dodge the ‘bullets’, at times become the ghost in the machine — as nothing — but then stand and fight when given to.

It requires all your sense and sensibilities — all your heavenly faculties.
But then that’s what spiritual mastery is all about.

So if you’re feeling a bit bruised and battered at times. If you have to crawl up into a ball and lick your wounds, withdraw for a little while, that’s entirely okay. Just as long as you then find that ‘umph’ that gets you up out of bed and ‘punching’ back again.

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

I know it’s especially tough when you feel like you don’t really belong here — it’s like ‘home’ is a place faraway in the cosmos, a different density of much greater harmony. As the mind is filled with dense frequencies of thought and word, it can be incredibly challenging even to recall the astounding beauty of home, with its much subtler, light vibrations.

But you’re here for a reason. Even if you don’t always remember why you accepted this mission. You did nevertheless — otherwise you simply wouldn’t be here. It’s time to leave, only when it’s time to leave. Until then, you have a purpose, both for yourself, and those around you. You have special gifts, special frequencies that can break down the density of the field and transmute it to light — to unleash the flow.

Never, ever, underestimate the incredible impact your energy can have on this place — way beyond the written or spoken word. Way beyond your gender or physical strength — these both pale into insignificance where spiritual mastery is concerned.

The Last of The Great Betrayals

I think sometimes one of the great betrayals in this place is within the spiritual mainstream itself. No surprises that this would be the last line of defence for the Opposing Consciousness.

To my mind, the spiritual mainstream sometimes makes spirituality lame and well, dull, to be perfectly frank. You’re supposed to be all soft and surrendered, like the Buddha, wearing robes and smiling all the time. I’m not knocking the Buddha energy, it’s wonderful of course, however it’s only one aspect of the soul’s rainbow of frequencies, and if you’re conditioned into being this way or that, if you’re suppressed into a particular form of what you should or shouldn’t be, even though it’s a spiritual box, it’s still a box, and it’s still very limiting.

The soul is spontaneous, free and in the moment. It’s beyond control and limitation. It is fearless. It is not afraid to express the truth and authenticity. Sometimes it is strong, powerful and out-spoken. Sometimes it is being the shiva, the catalyst that pushes all the buttons and explodes all the mines. That’s entirely necessary too.


Attaining the Middle Path… By Exploring the Extremities

The Buddha spoke of the ‘middle path’, but he didn’t mean a lame one, of non-committal, of only half measures. He was referring to being aligned with the mainstream of who you are. Often you’ll have to push into the extremities of being, in order to find the core truth of you — this middle way. You’ve got to push to the limit, so you test where you become distorted and unbalanced. Only then can you work to reclaim new aspects of soul gold, broken off and buried in the sediment of life.

It could be in meditation, cleansing and fasting — push to the limit. It could be in catalysing through strong expression, so as to stir up the density around you and break it down. It could be in sexual intimacy — fully expressing yourself but without distortion. It could be within manifestation, shaping the field to unleash powerful flows of creativity. And it could be of absolute acceptance — realising that at the deepest levels, this is all just a relativistic ‘game’.

All of these will require the full spectrum of the soul, not just the surrendered quality often spoken of.

Dive Fully Into Your Experience — Breakthrough!

In this challenged and challenging reality, sometimes to me, it feels a bit like being caught up in some spy drama. You have a mission. It’s not always clear what the parameters are, or how you should be. You may not even be entirely sure who you are or where you came from. It doesn’t matter. Dive fully into your experience. Explore. Push the boundaries, unravel the shadows and their distortions. Above all, unveil your gifts and let them loose in the world.

This is the way to truly find yourself again.
This is the way to truly know yourself again.

From the sense of betrayal and abandonment here, in this challenged and challenging place, it is time to reclaim the fullness of you. It’s time to break through!



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