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3 Powerful Practices for Experiencing States of Ecstasy and Bliss - Ecstatic Dance

By Indra

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Learning how to follow your Bliss Instinct lays the foundation of expanding your being, opening your body to your soul’s communication to experiencing yourself in your fullest potential. Following your Bliss Instinct is not specific to any particular area of your body, however, it is something that takes you from all aspects of your being and brings focus to what is required.

As pioneers we are bringing about energetic shifts for the entire planet through our inner work, and we need to understand the mechanisms of what is going on. Why are we even in a place where we feel disconnected from Bliss in the first place?

Making The Mold

The answer to that question can be found in the early molding of your personality as a concept. When you enter this world, the concept of who you are has not yet been formed. You are connected with your pure essence, and you know on a deep, cellular level that you are bliss. As you grow older, input from your native culture, your parents, and society shape the notion of you, and there is a “natural” emphasis on you being a separate person defined by certain defining traits.

The definition of you happens through the selection of the concepts available to you – you have a choice to be either good or bad, aggressive or soft, rude or polite, etc. However, although it may look like a choice, it really isn’t. What happens is that you are exposed to a number of concepts that you automatically accumulate as you grow older. That accumulation is what we know as personality, but none of these concepts of who you are will tell you that you are an amazing being that is connected to the entire cosmos through your body.

If you focus on your body, you will realize that a lot of who you are is a completely natural process. Your lungs expand and retract without you having to tell them, your heart beats, and your skin sheds old cells. If you did absolutely nothing and just allowed your natural impulses to be what they are, you would realize that who you are as a being has intelligence flowing through it. There is not much you need to do to keep your body functioning.

The reason we “get into trouble” is the fact that most of the concepts we are exposed to will define us by notions much smaller than our cosmic self: This is your name; these are your parents; this is the school you go to; you are good at sports; you are bad at mathematics. These are typically the kind of options you have – a narrow set of labels that define the person you come to believe is you, and so all of a sudden, you go from being everything to being something.

Within the limiting framework of these labels, you are rewarded for some things and reprimanded for others, and the concept of “I am me, not you” starts forming. With the sense of separation comes also a sense of insecurity. Potentially, that which is not you could threaten or harm you. It has the capacity to cause you pain, and a need arises to feel secure and lash out when that security is in danger.

You see what is happening? You are slowly being jammed into a certain personality type, and it is all taking place at an age when you don’t really have the consciousness or self-reflective power to decide whether it is something you really want. Before you know it, your true nature – this intelligent energy flowing through you – is replaced by something artificially created by the surroundings you were born into. It’s not that you did something wrong or you should have known better. This process, that sometimes I like to compare to a vector, is part of our heritage on this planet. It is like being onboard a ship, which was originally going in a certain direction, but at the very beginning of the journey, set off on a degree that was slightly off. If you stay on the ship long enough, you will end up somewhere completely different than what you had originally planned.

Deeply and instinctively, you are aware that the way that you are headed is not aligned with your true nature, and it is for this very reason you try to return to the bliss – to that place where you feel happy, content, and free. However, in our quest for happiness, the world outside – the inherited cultural programming – tells us, “Oh, if happiness is what you’re seeking, maybe you need to go to church! Or maybe you should go back to school and get yourself some education, so you can land a job that will earn you lots of money. Or, how about you get married and have some children before you get too old? That will certainly make you happy.”

Of course, the list of suggestions on how you become happier is endless, and both you and I know that so is the list of solutions and “aids.” Everywhere we look we see a litany of ads for drugs; drinks; products; and health, brain, and beautification remedies that are all designed to make us happier, healthier, wealthier, sexier, and slimmer, enticing us to follow what is normally considered the route to happiness. But truly, the path to happiness has absolutely nothing to do with anything else than you realizing that you are happiness. That you are the bliss.

The moment you go back to your true nature, opening yourself up to the flow of bliss, you will feel it streaming into your life!

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Knowing When You Are Aligned with Your Bliss Instinct

Being able to tell when you are aligned with your bliss instinct is simple: You feel good.

The Bliss Instinct is your true connection – to everything: to your higher self, to your truth, and to your life’s purpose. It is your connection to everything that is coherent and makes sense on a genuine, deep, palpable level. It is true sensibility for a soul. Anything else, which is not in alignment with your Bliss Instinct, is not sensible to you, and you will end up feeling tense, annoyed, unhappy, and frustrated or plain old bad doing something that is not in your truth. Through your body, your soul will constantly try to send you messages saying, “Something is not connected to the everything that you are – stop! Turn around; change direction.”

When you feel good, there is no confusion. This is your YES response: a sense of calmness, relaxation, peace, euphoria, or clarity takes over. What will surprise you—even if you have difficulty trusting yourself at first—is how quickly you will feel your bliss take over as your guide. You may feel that the chain of events leading up to your meeting a certain person has a magical tone – as if the universe were conspiring to move you in this direction.

On the other hand, if you are feeling resistance, contraction, or any negative sensation, these are signals of a NO response. Similarly, if you feel numb, or you don’t get any response from your body, the answer is NO. If your body is not feeling a full-fledged sense of joy, the path you are considering is definitely not worth pursuing. But never stop checking in with your bliss instinct because sometimes a “no” simply means not yet. The timing may not be right.

The body’s messages will come in a myriad of shapes and forms and can be anything from hypertension to a sore throat, to a swollen ankle or lactose intolerance. Maybe you’re thinking, “How can this possibly be my soul’s way of telling me to change course?”, but as you go deeper into your body, you will discover how these seemingly conditions are perfect reflections of the choices you make in your life and whether or not they are in alignment with your true nature. The disharmonies you experience in your physical reality, however minor they may seem, are directly related to disharmonies in your life (of which you may or may not be consciously aware.) Luckily, your body will tell you; the art lies in listening to your body, and learning to interpret what it is saying to you.

About the author:


Indra Love (deceased) was the founder of the Full Spectrum Bliss®, a teaching organization dedicated to raising consciousness by incorporating scientific, metaphysical and ancient teachings on “bliss” to enhance sex, love, beauty, health and longevity.

With a background in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Communication, USDA and CDC funded graduate research in Ag and Applied Sciences, and corporate experience in both healthcare and not-for-profit organizations, Indra, along with a team of like-minded people, devoted her life to teaching, research and development of the ultimate tools for human health, happiness and evolution — all of which can be achieved by following the “physical instinct of bliss”.

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