There’s No Stopping Gaia Now – The 5D Shift Moves Through the Gears

By Open

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The underlying field is shifting in intensity now. You can see it reflected in the craziness at large in the world, as (some) leaders are challenged by events beyond their control. Of course it gets played out in the microcosm, in the only way their consciousness can handle — playground, bully-boy threats and tactics. The ego does this when it senses a loss of power — when the identity is challenged. To me this is just the fizz and the froth, stirred up by great waves of energy, which are now being unleashed in Gaia’s higher dimensional flow. It’s vitally important that we don’t get blinded in the drama, distracted from the blindingly obvious. We must look through the words, wailings and flailings. We must see that which we are not, and attune instead to that which we truly are…

Mother Earth is already saved

Many people in the spiritual mainstream still speak of ‘saving Mother Earth’, that we must apply our energies to healing this great divine soul. I say to you… She is ALREADY saved!

She has now entered an irreversible event line, which will see the 3D cleansed of distorting density, and her magnificent 5D higher self unleashed, in all her renewed splendor.

And there’s nothing anyone, nor any ‘geo-engineering‘ organisation, will be able to do to stop it.

Although understandable, it’s still a degree naïve to think that such a starsoul as Gaia, billions of years old, would somehow depend on the helping hand of humanity (or else be controlled by it) when he’s been around mere nano seconds, in the great cosmic timescale. Yet there is a degree of truth in the misconception — Gaia is holding the space for enough souls to unwind themselves from the density, so that the shift may be as gentle, and all-encompassing as possible. (Here’s a perspective on the Shift from 3D to 5D Earth.)

Do not be distracted from the true Source

The important thing now, is that we recognise the underlying movement of energy, the intensity to which it has escalated — reflected in the insecurity shown by the controllers of society; then to progressively allow that energy to carry us internally, to break the bounds of the old consciousness — the anchoring ties — so that our very souls are set adrift, on the surging tide of the realigning flow.

So what about the machinations and machismo shown by our world ‘leadership’ — what part does that play in the Great Shift? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. The only thing that it can really do is to distract — to make the drama and spectacle so loud and noisy, that you stop looking within, to where the real truth lies.

And this will always be a choice — YOUR choice.
Your consciousness — YOUR soul — cannot be boxed and controlled by anyone,
unless YOU allow it to be. Remember, the Great Shift is an internal one, determined by YOU alone.

(Also see: How to Follow Your Path of Light through the Accelerating 5D Shift.)

Forging of the Soul

That’s not to say the internal shift isn’t reflected into the outer world – of course it is. And it’s in the interplay — the apparent reality of it — that we get to decide who we are, and thereby forge the soul. So it’s not about disconnecting from the theatre, it’s about playing your role in it, but then rather than creating a tepid soap opera drama, what great masterpiece are you given to manifest?

Who are you?
How great can you really become?
What is your soul truly wanting to express?

Right now, all possibilities are open, all landscapes taking shape, that you may forge who you truly are, in this great spectacle unfolding before, and around, us. Watch-out as the machinations of the powers-that-be become ever bolder. But do not fear this either – as spiritual people, we know only too well, that those who try to control, are only ever caught up in greater karmic knots themselves.

So do not be blinded by the drama, do not be hoodwinked into believing it is more important that it really is. Above all, whatever rocket-sized false flags they try to unfurl, do not be distracted from the one true source of authentic creation – your very own being, at the core of you. (Also see: How Finding the Deeper Meaning Can Lead to a More Fulfilled Life.)

The rapid Shift into Higher Dimensional Consciousness

However, this doesn’t mean that somehow you disconnect from the outer world — who would be deciding to do that? Is not the One intimately engaged, right up until the very end? Does not the gazelle give of its all, right up until the moment where the physical is truly lost?

This is where there is the maximum gain to be had. For thousands and millions of years, the change on our planet has been relatively gentle and progressive, apart that is, from occasional big shifts — 5 mass extinctions to be precise. Now your eyes will lay witness to one of the greatest transitions possible — the rapid shift into higher dimensional consciousness.

The mirrors will thus get ever stronger as the old reality unwinds itself. Here is the opportunity then – the potential for rapid spiritual growth within yourself. Surrender. Let go into the strengthening flow of evolutionary change. Your soul will speak, ever louder, until it’s primal scream becomes undeniable. Go with it. Express into it. Unleash it. And this could just become the most miraculous shift of your existence…

In loving support,

(on behalf of Openhand)

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  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Our first mother was told, Ye shall be as God. It was a lie. It still is.

  • Nicole

    As I read your article today, felt joy especially about the geo-engineering. Great article on a full moon pulling us to higher ground. You stated in the article “And there’s nothing anyone, nor any ‘geo-engineering‘ organisation, will be able to do to stop it.” KARMA

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and love for all humanity as you point for many to look and see.

  • Jim Lampert

    I tell you this. We either believe in ourselves or else all is just wishful thinking. You make what you believe on the material plane.

    The material world is all “make believe”. We will literally experience that which we believe. It’s called the “law of attraction”. If you put out negative energy, the negativity comes back to you in your experience of “reality”. And the same goes for the positive. Indeed, we do reap what we sow.

    The “apocalypse” translates in the ancient tongues to “the lifting of the veil”. This began in the 1960s, but that was only a harbinger of what is to come. It was just a “first glimpse of Eden, where we raced down to the sea. Standing there on freedom’s shore. Waiting…” Words are only symbols. “Let the sun shine in”!

    I call it: “The return of the ancient wolf kingdom”. But it’s really remembering. We never left the Kingdom. We just went insane and thought we did. When the veil lifts, we are restored to our right minds.

    The universe is like a sandbox. And its atoms are like grains of sand. Can a grain of sand be loving? No, but a child’s hand can lovingly build sandcastles. But alas, “castles made of sand will all melt into the sea, eventually…”; as “All things must pass…” in the material world. But when the castles are washed away, what remains? Only the spirit of love that made them, which is the one true reality.

    How can we need what we are? When “All We Are Is Love”.

    The advent of the ancient wolf kingdom is not contingent on our egos or anything we do. “Do not be so arrogant as to believe God’s plan is not going to work”. Is one of my favorite quotes from a “Course in Miracles”. Which is an enlightening book. The blue meanies already lost. They were never real. Just a nightmare. We are waking up. Good morning!

    We can love each other even if we dislike each other’s egos. The egos will fade away over time, so forgive them, and only our real Self that is the love that has no opposite will remain.

    Ship…out of danger?

    Affirmative Captain!

    Spread the word. Peace, Love and Music.

  • Jim Lampert

    “Enlightenment is like a ceiling fan. It has three lights representing the Holy trinity. A fan that spins representing the karmic wheel and cycle of birth and death. And two cords you can pull. One turns on the light. The other turns on the spinning wheel. We get to choose the cord we pull.”