We’ve Entered the “Inflexion Point” in the 5D Shift – How Will It Affect You?

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The 5D Shift rolls on. And even though the greater picture might not be recognised or understood by the masses, nevertheless, it continues to influence us all, impacting every single aspect of our lives. Everything is consciousness. Everything is connected to the torsional flow which, no matter what density we find ourselves buried in, wants to compel our souls back to the source. For Gaia, the current transition means a massive shift of consciousness into the Fifth Density, which will leave no stone unturned.

Right now, I perceive we’ve entered what’s called the “Inflexion Point” in the shift. What is that and how might it be affecting you?

Manifesting a Consensus Karmic Construct

We know that reality is woven together by ‘strings’ of consciousness, that all life forms from the background ‘quantum soup’. Even though things appear as hard and separate and solid, these are perceptions in a consensus reality, which creates a karmic construct — a crucible — through which to learn evolve and grow.

We’re really walking through a hologram of light, which takes form according to our beliefs about the reality we’re travelling through. Beliefs are based on perceptions formed from karma, which may be viewed as subconscious judgments we make of reality. But as the karma unravels at a collective level, then so too does the old reality construct, thus making way for a new vibrational paradigm to take shape.

It’s clear to me, that even though the majority have not yet processed their karma relating to old 3D paradigm, that an unstable situation has been generated here on earth, and an event line now initiated of irreversible ‘trip switches’; which, through abrupt climatic changes, a pole shift, and dramatic changes to our biosphere, will come to cleanse the earth in the 3D. The karmic construct will break down, and the sentient life which is ready will be ushered into the Fifth Density. As it becomes increasingly untenable to live on 3D earth over the decades ahead, those that are not ready for 5D Consciousness will reincarnate elsewhere in the cosmos – a process which has happened many times before, bringing whole populations here for example, when the Sirius star system broke down 120 million years ago through a dramatic ascension. In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant!

I’ve shared an insight, from personal experience, into this momentous cosmic event in Divinicus: Rise of the Divine Human.

Emergence of the “Rainbow People”

I’ve just completed a World Tour, working with evolving groups in Europe, Canada, America and Australia. It’s always a great honour and privilege to be a part of people’s journeys as they dump limiting belief systems, integrate soul, and expand consciousness into a higher paradigm of being. It always brings great joy!

However, the 5D shift is no walk in the park! The movement of consciousness tugs on karmic tethering within ourselves, which has created relationships, careers and living circumstances. As we align with the shift, it challenges all those around us who still relate to the old reality. We’re each having to make challenging choices as we step boldly forwards.

A common theme amongst the “rainbow” people I’ve worked with, is the feeling of being “pulled in two different directions”. There’s often a sense of responsibility and compassionate connection to those still stuck in the old drama. At the same time, there’s a yearning to shift on, and live the new 5D consciousness of being, one that unleashes authentic self and compassionately connects us to the interests of all sentient life. As we make this shift, we become a mirror to all those around, one that’s not always convenient, and hence, especially now, you may find yourselves being judged and limited – held back – by the old consciousness. Just be aware this is likely to happen.

The “Inflexion Point”

I’ve been having a challenging time myself of late. Openhand, the organisation I work with, is going through its own transformation. It’s a shift from an old community construct, with quite a degree of attached inertia within it, into a dynamic movement of energy — a progressive flow into the higher paradigm of being. We’re now embodying and living 5D consciousness as a reflective bridge, to those ready and willing to make the shift in their own personal lives.

In the field I’ve felt the strongly resistant karma of the old construct, and at the same time, the vibrant shifting energy that wants to usher in a new beginning. Recently, I could feel a massive resistant blockage, which as I explored into, propelled me on an astral journey where I experienced becoming the shifting field itself. I traveled into a bottleneck, whereupon the words “Inflexion Point” were gifted by higher consciousness.

I remembered from past ascensions — that there comes a point in any higher dimensional shift, where there’s a ‘pulling through’ of the old reality construct. It’s like a tug-of-war, where the resistance of the old consciousness is equally balanced with the pull to the higher paradigm. It felt like travelling through thick gooey treacle, and because of the compression of soul through this choke point, it became really hard to perceive my usual guidance mechanism — to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the diagramatic representation, we’ve entered the orange cross over panel, where a wave of souls are pulling toward the higher paradigm, but where the masses are pulling back toward the continuance of the status quo. Hence the very challenging energetic dynamic for all concerned (the status quo cannot ultimately persist, it can only delay the inevitable that’s now taking place)..

4 Key Ways the Inflexion Point might be affecting You:

How do conscious people deal with this crucial part of the shift? Here are four key ways entering the Inflexion Point might be affecting you and how to deal with them…

Firstly, many around you will be unconsciously feeling the affects of the shift. Especially they will feel the pulling away of the very foundations – the karmic consensus construct – in which they’ve been living. This will create anxiety, doubt and fear. They’ll be clinging onto the people and ways of being that they have been plugged into, yet are unable or unwilling to let go of. Do not let this hold you back! Let’s be compassionate, yes, but remember the most compassionate thing we can do is to boldly live and reflect the higher consciousness. It demonstrates the new possibility they can become.

Secondly, you’ll likely be judged by those around you. It’s because your very higher dimensional way of being offers an inconvenient reflection that people in your landscape then have to deal with. If they’re not ready to embrace the message, usually the knee-jerk response is to ‘shoot the messenger’, so as to not have to deal with the inconvenient truth of what’s going on. Remember one thing though: you personally create everything in your life that presents in the mirror. If you find yourself being judged, explore why you might be judging yourself?

Thirdly, the guidance mechanism that you’ve been used to following will likely become increasingly stretched and challenged. We’re entering a torsional vortex — the eye of the needle — where consciousness contracts down. Hence it can frequently be hard to see and feel the higher connection. Don’t give up! Even as you find yourself in challenging situations, remember why you embarked down this pathway in the first place. Collect essential “totems” – power animals, divine gifts and symbols which reflect what the higher dimensional shift means to you. Keep tuning in, keep connecting.

Fourthly, you’ll likely feel many times this sense of being pulled in two different directions — drawn into seemingly impossible situations It’s important NOT to try to distance yourself from the discomfort it generates. Instead, pause, sit in the impossibility. Go within, right into the heart of the tightness. You’re actually touching the convolution of the old consciousness inside yourself, and where it tethers into the field. Work within, explore any anxiety or emotional attachment. Work to unravel the blockage. This not only has a beneficial realigning effect in you, but also your surrounding field – you unleash the higher flow through it. (Check out Openhand’s Breakthrough Approach).


Rainbow People Facilitating the Shift

My friends, the only way out is through! There’s an incredible way of living and being, which you know in your hearts, that is yet to be fully actualised and lived. The new Fifth Density paradigm is a bounteous place of mystery miracles and magic. But we first have to assist Gaia in this massive shift – to play our part in this “pull through’ of consciousness, which is currently at the critical Inflexion Point. It won’t serve the earth, nor anyone on it, to slip back into the old status quo and try to perpetuate it by grasping at last ditch straws (be that by geo-engineering, GMO or controlling populations).

We must each now be bold, step up and play our part in the shift. If you’re reading this, the likelihood is you’re already an energy worker or are ready to become one. Know that the changes you make inside yourself, ripple into the field all around you. Know that you have the capacity to tune into choke points, feel them inside of you, and bring your consciousness to bear by unraveling them. Know that you’re bring a positive influence to all life around you. You are amazing!

And you are not alone. Although it’s typical that energy workers are spread to the four ‘corners’ of the earth, and thin on the ground, nevertheless, we connect through the ether to others all around the world — a family of “Rainbow People”, all facilitating the shift.

Take heart, take courage and be bold now. Let’s step out to seal our divine destiny!

In loving support,

(on behalf of Openhand)

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