5D Shift: 7 Ways for Dealing with Depressive “Grey” Energy in Your Field

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A lot of people in The Shift are reporting a good deal of depressive “grey” energy around them in the field at this time. It’s heavy, dense and demotivating. It makes people feel stuck, depressed, and somehow the usual creative flow of divine manifestation is retarded.

It means that things we might reasonably expect to come to fruition, don’t.

What might be the cause of this and how can we deal with it?

Like a grey mist, with no apparent explanation…

Increasingly awakening people are discovering that there’s an intervening energy in the field which seems to block them at times, and divert them from what they feel as their natural evolutionary path — the one of expansion into interconnectivity and lightness with the Universe.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s only your own karmic density, but somehow this denser “grey” energy just seems to swamp you at times, like a grey mist, with no apparent explanation. Everything seems to bog you down. Suddenly you feel disconnected and demotivated.

It’s no secret any longer that there is an intervening “Opposing Consciousness” in the field, which is at large across the earth, and is influencing life here — preventing it from following its natural evolutionary path, clinging to the old, unconscious paradigm. It’s come from different constellations within the cosmos, and this particular one, from the constellation Orion. 

(Please note: I accept that some reading might still be skeptical at the presence of ET entities influencing the field around us. If that’s the case, then it can help simply to view it as an energy or consciousness.)

Fingerprints of Early Civilisations

In Openhand’s new documentary PARADIGM SHIFT, we’ll be exploring the sources of this energy, why it’s here and the copious evidence for it. Like for example, that the Great Pyramids of Giza are perfectly aligned with Orion’s belt, but not just that, exactly as it was in the night sky at its lowest point in what’s termed “the Precession of the Equinoxes” in 10450 BC, when the pyramids were most likely built. It’s now abundantly clear, that a highly sophisticated Extra Terrestrial consciousness helped build the pyramids and shape early civilisations, with very advanced technology (check out Graham Hancock’s book Fingerprints of the Gods).

As impressive as many of these megaliths are, when you truly explore the impact of them on your consciousness, so often I find it is limiting and debilitating — enslaving. Yes, some of them might heal the physical body, but then Homo Sapiens is clearly a hybrid that has been adapted — downgraded — from Original Humans. I’ve talked about the evidence for this in the Openhand book DIVINICUS (Check out a free 7-part serialisation of DIVINICUS here).

In fact you see the finger prints of this ET consciousness everywhere in society these days, from mobile phones to wifi, from GMO to geoengineering “chemtrails”. They’re all energetic frequencies that have the effect of lowering one’s vibration, which causes a disconnect from the divine flow.

Like Lost Children

Many awakening people are becoming aware of this Intervention now and how it affects them, and so they’re minimising their exposure to such technology and non organic food for example. But even so, many report that plenty of times, an inexplicable grey energy will sweep upon them for no apparent reason. It stops their flow, makes them feel blocked, depressed, demotivated and even at times having suicidal thoughts and feelings. Why so extreme?

These feelings definitely characterise the presence of the greys from Orion. In my direct knowing, having had countless interactions with these entities in the field, they’ve been an enslaved species themselves — sadly harvested souls — extracted from their original civilisation by an Interdimensional ET group called the “Annunaki” from the planet Nibiru (this also agrees with the great work Zecharia Sitchin did). Together with the reptilian or ‘raptor’ energy on earth, an alliance was formed here to exploit the environment, it’s resources and the people.

Many today speculate that it could only have been an advanced species that created early civilisation, but then wonder where did they go to? The answer is simple: open your interdimensional sensitivity — you’ll ‘see’ them all around!

To me, when I feel the Greys, I feel their sad disconnect from the divine, their “pain of existence” that they labour with, like lost children, who’ve accepted their paternal controllers as a shadowy substitute for their original divinity. When this consciousness comes into your field, you’ll often feel a sense of lostness, pointlessness, listlessness, a loss of hope, the sense of “why am I here?” I feel this energy strongly prevalent within the field at this time — I do believe it’s why people sometimes feel suicidal.

I feel a great deal of compassion for these lost souls, and a calling to support their realignment with the divine source and reconnection with the natural cycle of reincarnation. There are many energy workers in the world with similar motivations.

Dealing with Grey Consciousness when it comes calling

The crucial thing is to understand these feelings might have an external source, and although the consciousness might be attaching to you, if you explore and increase your awareness of it, then you can eject it from your being or realign it through your field — reconnect it to the divine flow, thereby also performing a selfless wider service to the divine.

When this energy comes calling, it is essential not to simply try to ditch or suppress it — not to distance in denial, because that only creates an identity, which has the effect of separating you from The One. The key is to penetrate right into it, with acceptance, knowing your inviolable presence and connection to the divine. I find that tends to punch holes in the energy itself and begins to reinstigate the flow.

Here are 7 ways to deal with the depressive grey energy when it comes calling…

  1. Accept that it is happening, and that there might be an external cause for it.
  2. Become increasingly intimate with the feelings, honouring them through expression.
  3. In the height of the feelings, soften right through, with complete acceptance, into the presence of The One.
  4. In this state of complete acceptance, know that this energy is not you, and it does not define who you are.
  5. Now begin to feel the Universal Toriodal flow spiralling clockwise upwards through your being, which begins to reconnect the grey energy back with the source.
  6. Ditch any resistant denser energy by feeling a counter clockwise flow, down into the earth and all the way to the galactic core (the sense of deep foundationary denseness).
  7. Begin to feel again the sense of creative flow returning to your life. Turn your attention to deep consciousness bodywork such as yoga, dance and brisk walking in nature.

Points 5 and 6 above are quite advanced energy work.

Here below is a guided meditation, which explores and explains how to get the Universal Toroidal flow moving through you, and how to relocate entities and implants that might be in your field: Removing Implants and Entities Guided Meditation

Awareness is the Key

I feel it is essential now to bring this awareness into the group consciousness. Even if some might still be skeptical about the negative interdimensional intervention of some ETs, nevertheless, if we bring increasing awareness to what has happened here on Earth, then we can explode some of the myths, we can equalise and normalise in the situation. Which means we become abundantly equipped to deal with it.

If we don’t glamourise and sensationalise, but at the same time, be quite down-to-earth about this intervention, then we’ll find we have ample energetic power to dispatch it from our being, and to relocate it back with the usual cycle of reincarnation — to reconnect it back with the source.

Many sentients amongst us are feeling a lot of this energy around in the field at the moment. I believe it’s because the Grey consciousness is looking for a way of reconnecting back with the divine. I feel it surrendering, which is tremendous news for humanity and the planet. So if you feel the sense of this kind of depressiveness in your field and lack of motivation, grey energy might well be the cause. By bringing awareness to that however, you can readily dispatch it and reinstigate empowering flows of divine 5D energy through your life.

This phenomenon will be explored in more detail in Openhand’s upcoming documentary PARADIGM SHIFT…

Check out Openhand’s upcoming World Tour exploring what’s happening in the PARADIGM SHIFT and how to play an active realigning part in it: PARADIGM SHIFT World Tour Details

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