The Importance of Confronting Cravings in the Shift

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I felt to address the importance of confronting and breaking cravings in the Shift. What do I mean by this? What’s the dynamic?

I’m finding the noise of the Old Paradigm getting ever louder. It seems there’s growing fixation with excessive consumption, excessive entertainment, distraction, denial, deferral and investment in everything physical — especially for the younger generations, even though they’re coming in with more awakeness. Society is finding ever more sophisticated ways of hooking people into the system. The system itself is progressively morphing into ever more technologically sophisticated iterations. It appears to be consuming consciousness within it.

Another dynamic I witness is that, for a broad group of awakening people, there’s still a strong investment in that high-tech reality. Even though many see the disadvantages and the downside, the disconnect from the natural authentic, there’s nevertheless a widespread want and desire for many aspects of the system itself.

This dynamic perplexed me for a while. But now more and more, I see the realignment taking place of various waves and groups who will likely head in different directions to create different reality constructs. I see the strong likelihood of human colonies on Mars, for example. I find much discomfort in the possibility, because of the likelihood that the synthetic reality created would likely be quite removed from the natural authentic, and thereby quite difficult for souls in such realities to realign. And yet of course I also realise that if a being is choosing this journey, then they have something to learn from it. If it’s what they’re strongly choosing to experience, and there are enough beings wanting that, then it’ll likely be created — if not there, then somewhere else.

For those yearning to ascend into a more aligned 5D reality consciousness, one that’s more divinely connected to the flow, we’re going to have to be increasingly mindful of the noise and distractions of the lower densities — and this is on the increase. Specifically there’ll be the control dramas of those around you, for which you may find yourself compelled by aspects of truth (since all reality constructs are founded on some truthful inquiry). In working with various people, I’m hearing a pattern where the lower paradigm densities and noise are drowning out the more subtle frequencies forming in the new vibrations. I’d say there’s a question of ‘loyalty’ and attentiveness building. When you inquire within, where is your true loyalty?

There will be many around you, even awakening people, who are still quite invested in ‘the system’; who will attach to “healing the Earth” (for example) by reforming society through ever more sophisticated ‘sustainable’ ways, yet overlooking the fact that the Earth has a natural alignment and balance for ALL sentient life — beyond society — not just for human life. Nevertheless, their arguments are very convincing because there are degrees of truth in them.

What I observe this tends to do, is to hook in those who might be on an ascending pathway — loyalty becomes stretched and bent (often by excessive empathy, acceptance and compassion). My encouragement is to work to be really clear with yourself what your soul yearns for. Maybe it is a more sophisticated sustainable yet synthetic reality? If that’s the case, then so be it. But many drawn to the Openhand work naturally yearn for the more aligned and authentic way of living and being — one that’s respecting and embracing all sentient life. In this case, I can see that it requires increasing attention and embodiment of the higher frequencies, loyalty to soul families taking greater precedence, and the vibrations of the New Paradigm that are strengthening day by day.

Not that we shouldn’t still enjoy the physical — the risk would be to deny key aspects of the soul too. The key here is transcendence — effectively tantra. You embrace the physical experience, and yet feel through it, to connect up the vibrational loop into the higher dimensional experiences and back to the source.

It’s essential also to confront cravings — comfort eating for example. Often such behaviours conceal several layers of conditioned pain that we’re reacting to. Often people eat when they’re not actually physically hungry or in need of sustenance. Or else they’re eat food that is not nutritional, yet placates a feeling of emptiness. I switched to OMAD fasting (one meal a day) a few months back, and found it tremendously expanding and vibration raising. And despite having looked deep into diet over many years, I still found there were cravings to overcome…

A key one, was the need for some kind of physical experiential ‘completion’. The less you eat, the more time you have, and the stronger your energetic flow becomes. It invites you to put this extra attention somewhere. Pranic breathing has become essential in that. Increased time in meditation and stillness, feeling the completion within, but also gaining sensual completion elsewhere — the scent of a flower for example, feeling the sun or wind on the skin, or a deeper attention to simple acts of nature around. Of course it’s also essential to spend time sitting in the contraction that needs any completion at all — breaking through the feelings of these contractions that can then take you into the Void of Presence. The point being, it’s essential to allow the contractive pains, not placate them so much, but spend time inquiring deeply through them and challenging the judgments the mind makes (around the judgment of ‘hunger’ for example).

My encouragement to all on an ascending path, is to really penetrate the increasing noise of the 3D, to work through any contractive cravings and engrossments. The more you work on this, the stronger I find you connect up with the higher dimensional flow, and the sense of loyalty to one’s real ‘home’ and soul family strengthens. It makes it much easier to set boundaries in the 3D and mediate through the various challenges we’re tending to experience. It gives you a solid anchor, so we’re much less swayed by the machinations and drama of the 3D.

Wishing you all well on your continued journey.

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