Meditation: Six Senses Walk

May 25th, 2021

By Open

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Want to revitalise your senses? In our society there are endless distractions which tends to overload our senses – we quickly become desensitised. This makes us less aware of the truth of the moment, what the energy is really revealing to us so we don’t witness the magical wonders and synchronicity of life. So how do we turn down the noise and reconnect so that we may feel the truth and beauty once more? This six senses walk will help.

Pick a walk that you like to do of about 2 miles or so in duration. Ideally it should be in nature but it could also be done in a city park or along the banks of a river.

Sight: The eyes tend to focus on the most prominent object in front of them. It is possible however to see all in the periphery too. If we can switch to delocalised viewing by seeing everything in the periphery, there is less tendency for our consciousness to be locked into the point of focus. So walk for a few hundred yards seeing as much as possible in your complete field of view without focussing on any one thing. You may find you’re suddenly drawn to something – like a bird for example – but then quickly move back to the place of expanded vision. Observe colours, shapes, contrast, shadows etc.

Sound: For the next few hundred yards, focus on the sense of hearing. Listen out for birds or the rustle of trees, the flow of water for example. Practice connecting with subtle sounds too like the breeze across your face or the beating of your own heart. It helps to have the mouth slightly open because the sounds reverberate around it. Taste Take a piece of your favourite fruit with you. Stop in a quiet place. Before you take a bite, contemplate the fruit deeply, feel yourself connecting with it. Observe the colour, fragrance and texture. Move your consciousness into your mouth as you bite into it. Focus on the tongue moving it through the food as you chew. Be fully in the taste of the fruit and chew fully before swallowing.

Smell: The sense of taste and smell tend to go hand in hand so move to this next. Focus for the next few hundred yards on breathing deeply through the nose and picking up all of the scent that you can.

Touch: Pause for a moment and connect with how your body is feeling. Your muscles for example or the rise and fall of your lungs. Then expose one of your arms and gently run your finger tips up and down it as lightly as possible. Do the same to the other arm. Now focus on your walking – be fully connected to the experience as the weight moves gently from one leg to the other. Be fully in control as you lift and place down the feet. Be fully conscious of every feeling within the movement. Do this slowly for about 50 yards.

5 senses together: Next bring everything you have practised together taking in as many of the sights, sounds, flavours, smells and feelings you can. Be fully observant like this for the next few hundred yards. You may find you tend to focus on something in particular but if so, keep moving back out to expanded, non localised observation.

Sixth sense – Intuition: By now, hopefully you should find the mind has become much more still. In this place, it is easier for our higher selves and guiding consciousness to ‘speak to us’. This may be through the movement of an animal, insect or bird. It could be through cloud patterns or even the number plates on passing cars. The purpose of such guidance is to help us release tension and efforting inside so that we may feel more joy and unconditional love for all life. So as your attention is ‘pulled’ to the circumstances surrounding you, have ‘one eye turned inwards’ and notice how it is making you feel. Attune to these feelings and over time they will help you unfold your authentic inner beingness.

This process can be used to answer a specific question in life that is important to you at the moment. This can be initiated by posing the question internally “what is the energy of the moment revealing to me now?” Then if you feel yourself being drawn to something in particular, just make a mental note of exactly what you notice without necessary trying to understand the purpose – be patient though, it requires much perseverance to fully understand what is being shown to us. It is very similar to learning a new language.

In my experience any guidance received always invites us to confront and release inner attachments that we may unfold and expand our inner authentic beingness. Enjoy!

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