5D Shift: Starsouls Mastering the Karmic Challenge of Sirius

August 11th, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

120 million years ago Sirius B dramatically exploded in a White Dwarf Ascension. How is that relevant to the situation on Earth right now? There are many parallels. The Sirius star system had humanoid populations not dissimilar to ours. They had sophisticated civilisation that provided a vehicle for evolutionary growth, AND, by their reckless exploitation of the biosphere, created an unstable – explosive – situation. Populations were shattered by what ensued. Many were karmically traumatised. It is this karma plenty of them brought to Earth to resolve out. Once more an unstable situation has been created, which energy workers must now step up to realign…

It’s the Karmic Influences we Bring Forwards that Matter

I have distinct past life memories of what took place back then in the Sirius star system. I cannot remember all the detail. Which is actually not relevant or necessary. Only the influences we carry forwards are important. We live in a spacetime continuum, where everything is interconnected and continually reshaping in this one moment of now. So as reality shifts, IT ALL SHIFTS. Meaning the energy that formed the reality of past events has also shifted. It literally means the past no longer exists – at least in the form it was back then.

The continual reshaping of spacetime continuum has a very important consequence for processing karma – do not get hooked up in the detail of what happened in past lives. The detail doesn’t matter. What matters are the karmic influences you brought forwards from past lives…
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We will however create similar circumstances as the past life karmic events. Karma continually reshapes new landscapes and new learning situations so as to integrate the attachments you might have had, thereby offering the soul another ‘bite at the cherry’, so as to self-realisae and integrate soul through those particular situations. When Sirius B exploded 120 million years ago, there were many related influences that Sirian souls have brought here to Earth. So how might we learn from their karmic distortions and evolve past them?

Unbalanced Energy Systems Risking Explosive “Inflexion Point”

On Sirius, an advanced civilisation had learned how to manipulate the field and create a seemingly endless supply of resources and “free energy”. But nothing is ever truly free! Each planetary system is a closed one, just as your own energy field – although interconnected – is sovereign to you. You have your own landscape in which to learn, evolve and grow, just as a planet does. Hence if you exploit the energy of the system, or bring other energy into it, then it will have an effect on the whole.

Read about the situation on Sirius and how it might relate to your personal karma…DIVINICUS: rise of the divine human

On Sirius an unbalanced situation was created, with an excess of energy being manipulated, and anchored into the 3D. It created a bottleneck, which restrained and constricted the natural flow of the system as a whole, which was always interconnected with the wider movement of the Universal Torus.

The system was brought to breakpoint. The natural aligned consciousness was wanting to move with the Universal Torus. Meanwhile the anchoring reality the Sirians had created, caused pressure to build into a very unstable “Inflexion Point” – with the energy pulling in two strongly variant directions. The result was catastrophic – the imbalance created a trip switch, igniting a breakdown at a molecular level, ultimately resulting in the obliteration of Sirius B, and anihilation of populations on Sirius C also – those of the planet Nibiru for example.

Understand more about the “Inflexion Point” in the 5D Shift Here

The Alarm Bells in the Earth’s Field are Sounding Strongly

There were energy workers incarnated there who knew in advance of the unstable situation as it built, just as there are here amongst us today. In some instances we were listened to. In some misunderstood. In others, judged and persecuted, just as here on Earth right now. If the message is too inconvenient, then “shoot the messenger” is an age-old reality avoidance mechanism. Nevertheless, we must continue to work to communicate the urgency of the situation, just as on Earth right now.

For the last three nights, I have have been propelled on astral journeys into various choke points in our energy field – bottlenecks in the flow like on Sirius. I can feel the strengthening Inflexion Point where the Old 3D Reality, and the perpetuation of the status quo, is pulling against the Shift into the new Fifth Density Paradigm taking form.

I became an expression of this dynamic in the field, and could clearly sense the torsional pull in two opposing directions. Although not unbearable at this point, it nevertheless sounded serious alarm bells. As I returned more into 3D form, it caused a huge sense of physical dizziness, making it hard to stand up straight.

In these instances with subsequent astral journeying, I was able to realign those particular bottlenecks. If you’re a field energy worker, or have the capacity to be so, then it’s about feeling the blockages inside of yourself, becoming as-one with them, then working to realign the energy in your own field, as if it is your blockage. Right now, my concern is the imbalance of the Inflexion Point in our shift risks becoming dangerously unstable once more, which is increasingly being reflected into 3D reality.

Take a look at the political situation for example, the mindless urge toward nuclear confrontation, the mistreatment of the animal kingdom or the out-of-kilter weather patterns or the astronomical imbalance between the haves and the have-nots. All of these are symptomatic of a very unbalanced karmic platform. As an evolving soul, your help and support is urgently called for. What can we do?

There are seven billion reasons to step out and become the spiritual facilitator you are.

There are seven billion possibilities to shine the light of all that you can become.

There seven billion ways to feel the love and supportive resource of the divine.

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Step out and Become the Miraculous Being that You Are!

The current situation on Earth bears many similarities to that on Sirius before it exploded, and fortunately,there are some key differences. One is the much greater acceptance of diversity – of ethnicity and uniqueness. Yes, there has been serious racism, and in some quarters of course there still is. However, minds and hearts are opening. The group consciousness is imagining greater interdimensional possibility. Humanity is challenging the accepted ‘wisdom’ of his true origins. More and more evolving souls are beginning to sense, and know, their connections to starsoul families.

Now is not the time to continue to play it small! Yes, you may still carry the karma of past persecution, both on Sirius, in other star systems, and here on Earth. But you don’t process karma by avoiding it! You have to step boldly in its direction, and unpack your fear of it.  Starsouls – and all souls realising themselves – have an incredible opportunity right now. Your gifts and energetic skills are greatly called for. You are the “Rainbow People” – the ushers in of a New 5D Paradigm on Earth. Are you ready to pick up the baton?”

All you have to do is dare to become yourself. Often the most incredible gifts of being, begin as a subtle vibration. Pay attention to these ‘threads of consciousness’ – dare to ‘pull on them’. They can lead to the most miraculous of gifts – being able to predict the synchronistic flow; to diagnose and activate someone’s karma; being able to realign old reality constructs; to channel higher dimensional wisdom; to be a beacon of light for the shift into 5D consciousness. There is nothing like divine service. In helping others, you always help yourself become more of you. Its a win win situation!

Spirit Warriors, Energy Healers & Light Workers: let’s Step up and Step out

I urge all souls who can resonate with what I’m saying to step up and step out. Let’s gather together and support each other to be more of the greater potential and possibility we can be. Let’s resonate dormant frequencies of beingness, to bring each other more alive. Whether it be here on the internet, or more ideally – additionally – gathering face-to-face in groups. Lets amplify and channel the light so as to stabilise the Earth situation whilst more souls can make the shift into 5D Consciousness.

The time is now. There is no other time!

If you resonate with what I’m sharing, then come and get involved with our work. It helps people process through this kind of ancient karma and to ascend out:
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In loving support

Open Heart

Originally published at www.openhandweb.org and reproduced here with permission.

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