5D Ascension: Energy Workers Unite In The Field in Pivotal Times

December 7th, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I can feel we’ve reached another of those crux points in the shift and within society, for which we as energy workers, need to be forewarned and prepared. The shadow narrative is unravelling at the seams, and so new mandate machinations are thrust upon some nations, whilst others are feelings rays of sunshine breaking through. However, we must be clear to tune in, harness and amplify the field itself, because only it truly knows where it wants to go.

As energy and lightworkers, this is exactly the point where we can be bringing forth major energy shifts and gains worldwide. Let’s convene!

Freedom was ALWAYS Yours!!

I’ve been seeing Scorpion medicine plenty recently and in December Mars moves into Scorpio at the eclipse on December 5th. Strong energies are building, which could produce some serious angst on the surface of society, which the controllers will likely attempt to marshall in a way that serves their agenda.

Meanwhile I can also feel waves of regret circling the field from plenty who went down the “juiced” agenda – especially as the multitude of vaxx injury stories circulate widely, and now it’s clear, that the all promised passport “freedom” was never in the offing as constant boosters become the requirement.

Freedom was ALWAYS yours anyway!!

This precipitates the sense of reconciliation – standing strong in our aligned truth, yet being prepared to help others see past the delusion. Natural immunity always was, and is, the aligned way. Detox is necessary now, and very possible, providing there’s commitment and focus…

Here’s how to undertake essential societal detox.

Containing Explosive Energy

What’s necessary is pushback, but without explosion. The infusion of energy needs to amplify and strengthen – which can happen with the Mars energy. You can embody and hold it within, but crucially WITHOUT it becoming violent. As energy workers we need to find vigorous ways to embody it – sacred dance and chanting for example. This helps contain and channel it in a more widely manageable way.

Scorpion suggests there will be some kind of “sting in the tail”. Meaning something that was previously unseen will trigger. This could be from either side: the controllers trying to stir up angst OR it could also point to a triggering in the field itself – pent-up energy releasing. Could that be more volcanic action?

The strong compulsion from the Benevolents in the ether is for groups of energy workers to come together and help usher in these strong energies but in a benevolent way – with creative expression. And also to work with the sense of reconciliation – letting go of any judgement of groups or situations. We just need to take each moment as we find it.

Consciously Co-creating with the Divine

Have no doubt that when you go into meditation, if you’re not trying to consciously control the field, then you can become as-one with it, which means you become a conscious co-creator with the divine. You become the most powerful animator of it possible. You’re actualising what wants to happen. There is no more powerful work that can be done.

So let go of the mind’s intention, although do be informed of what you see and feel. Then the soul will start to activate naturally. You’re now bringing your energies to bear in a positive way.

I’d say what’s needed now in society is: strength but without violence; coherency of direction but with reconciliation to the wayward; containment and then creative channeling.

Remember always: the 5D Shift is in the driving seat It always was. And we as energy workers are the chaperones of it. Let’s come together in the field at this next crucial juncture and do all we can to support the peaceful emergence of these infusing powerful energies. To inspire you, here’s my sharing from the Sword and the Stone Tour which includes the kind of approach and guided meditation that you can undertake…

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Bright blessings to all


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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