5D Shift: Aligning Your Focus and Orientation in Planetary Transformation

May 17th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The accelerating shift is driving everything that’s happening on our planet right now, including the shadow’s ever shape-shifting attempts to control it, with first this drama and then that. It’s easy to get drawn in, as you feel compassion for the innocents caught up in it. This is where we need to be crystal clear on our focus and orientation through this great planetary transformation that’s unfolding.

Infinite Creative Potential Exists Inside You

To understand our aligned orientation we must recognise the bigger picture that’s driving everything. Let’s recap: at the big bang the universe exploded into being and unleashed flows of consciousness, like ripples on a pond. It was done without intention – or else who had the intention and where did the ‘creator’ come from? It just happened. And that creative potential and movement still exist inside of you. It is who you are, constantly being actualised into form.

When you let go of the need to control life, the release steadily unwinds you, taking you on a Journey of Enlightenment where ultimately you become The One, inside of yourself; you lose attachment to identity, it feels like no one is here. The divine paradox is, that in touching this void of nothingness, you simultaneously realise the infinite potential of The One – the unlimited creative possibility that caused the bigbang. Your soul then writes a story – a flow – which is divinely and uniquely yours.

This ‘Enlightenment’ is not the end of the story. It is only the beginning of the authentic one. You then begin to recognise sense of purpose, unveiled as divine service to the whole. It is only when you let go of the life you thought you were creating, the real work and the real service come gloriously into view.

So how do you live that here and now? How do unfold your real life-story?

You are a Divine Paradox

In this big explosion of consciousness – the big bang – you have essentially two contrasting flows creating relativity: one outwards forming the multiplicity of separation consciousness, and the other inwards, reconnecting with the source – like the undertow on a pond. These relativistic flows create the miraculous awareness of life experience. However, in many places, unity consciousness gets stuck within the separation consciousness creating eddy currents. It’s where the universe becomes convoluted and distorted.

It is this convolution that the shadowside of the Universe, and in society, tries to hang onto and control. The Black Snake energy, for example, cannot let go of the creations it originally crystallised from the quantum soup – it twists and turns, deceives and delludes, so as to maintain control. Although it will all ultimately fail.

The Law of Attraction draws streams of Unity Consciousness – as souls – into these convolutions to expose and illuminate them. We each incarnate into these whirlpools of distortion so as to bring realignment by finding the light and forging soul through them. But you do have to focus on your shadow to bring this about! It helps enormously to have a working understanding of the Torus – that which truly drives the bigger picture.

The Universal Torus – The Big Apple

Science and spirituality are now beginning to converge on a working model of the universe called “The Torus”. Essentially the big bang is now drawing into a form of interrelating flows of consciousness – a good depiction of which is contained in the video below. Consider the golden light as Unity Consciousness and the blue as Separation Consciousness.

One way to appreciate the Torus in its outer form would be as a continually vibrating and pulsing apple – a “Big Apple”! This Torus possesses the Void of the One – infinite potential running down through the core. Rotating torsional force flows into the Void.

Naturally working to unravel discord

Within this depiction, souls are streams of the flowing light. But the Torus is not yet fully formed. It’s not yet perfected with balanced harmony in all places. That’s where you and I come in. Where the soul is not self-realised – not realising of the One ‘Torus’ Self – identities are created. These identities cause friction and disharmony in the flow, felt within us as pain, frustration, tightness, anger, worry, fear etc, etc, etc.

This disharmony and discrepancy in the macocosym crystallises as distorted, karmic realities in order to work them through. Such as what we’re witnessing on earth right now where the soul of humanity is working to release itself from unconsciousness that has been projected outwards into society as loss of sovereignty and thereby being controlled.

The universe, of its own natural accord, by its own natural mechanism, is working to unravel that. The energies are working towards a balanced torus – harmony in all places, what some call ‘nirvana’. And this happens by each individual soul incarnating as a cell of the bigger picture within that dynamic. Each is working to bring a spark of light to break down the darkness of the karmic construct.

Here is a depiction of the torus with both the microcosym of a man (connecting through the chakras) into the macrocosym of the universal torus… 

Coming into Universal Alignment

I put it to you that you will be most aligned, most in the flow, and most within internal harmony when you’re aligned with this macrocosym – it’s an entirely natural movement back to the core – Ascension – which just feels ‘right’.

To experience this movement Torus of energy is to keep opening the chakras to allow this universal consciousness to flow into and through you. Then observe its ‘pull’ guiding you through life. It’s so sophisticated you can even experience it walking in town or in the supermarket. The flow exists everywhere!

What I observe, is that if there’s any separation from this, an identity forms, which then hurts – specifically because it feels like dissonance from your destiny. But if that which is separate – ego – lets go and chooses to flow with the mainstream of one’s soul, you ultimately come into alignment with the entirety, inside yourself. And it feels simply ‘right’.

Living the Torus in Daily Life – A Spiritual Compass

The question is, how do you make use of this the whole time?

Essentially you open up to the flow of the mainstream of soul, felt as a sense of ‘rightness’: this is how to express now, and from that, this is the way to go now. It’s felt as the landing of higher knowing or a pull through the heart.

1) As you follow this movement more and more, you’ll hit ‘choke points’, where identity switches you off, gets stuck, or gets confused into thinking you must have or do something particular within the ‘matrix’.

2) you realise these chokes points are not about the practical outcome of them. Rather they are about unravelling the pain of identity and false self within them. Paradoxically, as you do this, new more aligned outcomes happen that lead you to greater harmony in life.

3) As you wind out of the choke points caused by identity, you’re looking for the real gold in the situation, which is the new element of soul that wants to now come through. This is the real ‘game changer’. Life and the Torus is all about the integration of this Unity consciousness. So you’re now looking for the new aspect of beingness that wants to come through.

4) You embody and express this new beingness, then reality transforms around you, progressively, step by step in all your life’s circumstances, from relationships to jobs and general living circumstances.

Setting Your Compass for Correct Orientation

Following this alignment described in the four steps above won’t necessarily make life easy, but it will forge the soul and you will find the best pathway through life’s turmoil on the planet. It’ll feel like sailing through a storm, but in a resilient way, and with the clear sense that you’re aligned with the bigger picture – the one that’s really moving things.

My encouragement to you reading is to beware of the purposeful distraction out there in society right now and to be really clear where your orientation and focus are. That way, as things topple around you, you’ll still come through shining and successful.

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Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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